Ipoh's One Day Food Trip and Ipoh Parade Youth Short Film Festival 2018

Not long ago, a couple of friends and I decided to head to Ipoh to find some of the good eats around the city. For those who are familiar with Ipoh, the must have dishes are definitely the 'Nga Choi Kai Fan' or beansprout chicken rice, Dim Sum and many more! The challenge for us this time is to find halal restaurant as we have a muslim friend in our midst.

Before we started our journey to Ipoh from Kuchai Lama in KL, we decided to drop by for a quick breakfast. We had roti and tosai at Restoran S BRJ III which is located at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park.

It was rare sight for a mamak shop to have an aquarium with an Arowana fish and I am pretty sure it's bringing a lot of good fortune to the restaurant. The food was quite decent and very affordable.

A wefie with the Arowana! Haha...

After we have filled up all our stomaches, it's time to start our exciting journey to Ipoh. I was really anticipating to have some good food in Ipoh and maybe I'll end up with food coma!

Despite traveling on a Saturday, the journey to Ipoh from KL was quite smooth and there was a slight drizzling rain along the way. Anyone still remember this old IPOH sign? It took us more than 2 hours and we finally reached our destination. We reached Ipoh around noon and so the sun was up and really bright.

Since it was so hot that day, I suggested that we should drop by at the nearest shopping mall first to cool down our body with the free aircon. Haha! We all had our lunch at the Next Food Avenue in Ipoh Parade. They have so many food varieties and it took me quite long to decide what to eat. I love to eat waffles and so I saw an aunty selling the waffle together with the corn in a cup. I would like to get both but I still need to get a proper lunch dish as I was quite hungry at that time.

After giving some thoughts, I finally ordered the mee goreng petai from one of the stalls. It's only RM6.50 but the portion was large enough for me. The rest ordered noodles, salmon steak and also som tam for sharing. As I was enjoying the food, I heard music and cheers coming from the ground floor of the shopping mall. So after finishing the food, I decided to have a look from the food court area all the way down to the Main Court area.

Apparently there was an event called Ipoh Parade Youth Short Film Festival 2018 was going on that day. The film fest was part of Ipoh Parade's continuous engagement with the society at large, especially youths, who are great instigators of change when it comes to media consumption and for whom the media is adapting to.

I am into short films, theatre and performance art, we all agreed to stay in Ipoh Parade for a bit to watch the short films done by the participants. 

Baki Zainal, a multi-talented guy was the host for the Ipoh Parade Youth Short Film Festival 2018. "This film festival had been in the pipeline for a couple of years now, and we were simply waiting for the right opportunity and right partner to work with to launch it. From the start, we knew who are target audience was, and we were also very aware how the lines are beginning to blur between media consumer and producer. Technology has allowed for this evolution in media consumption. Thus, in that very same light, so would we have to evolve and reinvent ourselves in order to remain relevant in the eyes of an increasingly young audience," said ARA Country Head for Malaysia, June Lim.

I was quite impressed with some of the storytelling and video production quality particularly the one above by Cheah Seang Hong, entitled "Home". All of them were really talented and I can see that there's potential in them to be able to produce something on the big screen. Below are the winners for the Ipoh Parade Youth Short Film Festival 2018 according to the three different categories.


Champion: School Life My Life by David Lee Lek Wee
1st runner up: Eat It, Clean It by Henri Lee
2nd runner up: Why Do We Love Malaysia by Eunice Chan
Conso 1: My Day by Evon Chan
Conso 2: My School My Life by Chan Kagami


Champion: Roti Kosong - Muhammad Umar Akmal bin Zairul Hisham
1st Runner Up: A Journey to the Heart of Malaysia by Ian Phang Khai En
2nd Runner Up: Diabetes Awareness by Eliza Goh
Conso 1: Reunion by Leong Yiq Zhenn
Conso 2: The Voice by Nicholas Tan


Champion: Home by Cheah Seang Hong
1st Runner Up: Apai by Muhammad Irfan bin Muhammad Nizam
2nd Runner Up: Merdekaku In London by Aras 2 Production
Conso 1: Sebuah Kepulangan by MUHAMMAD HAKIM BIN HASNAN
Conso 2: 05 by Soong Kah Yan

A group photo of all the Ipoh Parade Youth Short Film Festival 2018 winners!

The aforementioned partner was Persatuan Penggiat Filem Perak, who had assisted Ipoh Parade in reaching out to the greater creative community. Lim said as owners and managers of five malls in Malaysia, ARA has constantly looked for ways to tap into communities through novel and meaningful approaches. 

An energetic dance performance to conclude the event. We left Ipoh Parade and headed straight to our next food destination which is the famous Funny Mountain to have a taste of their taufufah, soya bean milk and also grass jelly water.

We managed to grab a few boxes of the crispy kaya puff from Sin Eng Heong. It's just around the corner located close to Funny Mountain. If you are a fan of kaya puff, I recommend this place to you. Super crispy, not too sweet and cheap too! RM10 for a box of 10 pieces.

This is it... Are they super overrated now? No. 

Are they really that good? I don't know how to tell you but I really like it. Their taufufah is really really smooth... so smooth that I don't mind to go for a another bowl. It's RM3 a small bowl. Might be a little pricy for some but it's good. For the final food destination, we actually wanted to try the Nasi Ganja at Yong Suan but unfortunately they were closed on that day. 

So we quickly googled for the halal dim sum place nearby and we found Greentown Dimsum Cafe. It's located near to Ipoh Parade and they have outdoor or indoor seatings. The dimsum selections were pretty good but too bad some of them were sold out in the morning.

I rarely eat halal dim sum and I have an impression that halal dim sum is not as nice as the non-halal ones but the one there was actually quite good and the price is affordable too. Dim sum can be really expensive especially in KL these days. I like their porridge and fried radish the most. My stomach was about to explode trying to clean up the dishes. Certified food coma!

So the last food destination concludes our one day food trip in Ipoh. Although the trip was short but I enjoyed myself exploring the city with my friends and hopefully I can find more new food to try on my next trip to Ipoh. Have you been to Ipoh? What's your favorite food or do you have any hidden gem to recommend? Do let me know in the comment section down below.

.: Peace Out :.


  1. When are you going again? I wanna follow!

  2. Looks like you hit a lot of yummy spots.

    1. Yes indeed. I'm sure we would have been to more if time permits :)

  3. Congrates to all the winners. :) It is a good platform for young minds to spur of course. :)

    1. Did you watch the video? I think they can really shine if they brought it up to international level

  4. Good to know that halal dim sum tastes equally as good as the non-halal ones...still I believe non-halal one is better. Bahahahaha :D

    1. Of course the non-halal one is still the best. Dim sum is kinda invented with pork meat and pork fillings. Just like bak kut teh! HAHA

  5. wow that's a tour to Indonesia too here there are lots of good places too :)

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