Tiger Uncage Street Food Media Preview at Tiffin Food Court

On the 24th of October, I attended the Tiger Uncage Food Street media preview which took place at Tiffin Food Court in Petaling Jaya. Tiger Beer Malaysia has kickstarted its Uncage campaign with the launch of its brand film featuring three Malaysian uncaged heroes.

(2nd from L-R) Tiger Uncage Street Food Heroes Herukh Jethwani, Jun Chan and Im Cheah, with Jiri Rakosnik, Marketing Director of HEINEKEN Malaysia and Pearly Lim, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer, at Tiger Uncage Street Food Media Preview

Im Cheah, Herukh Jethwani and Jun Chan shared their experiences of challenging street food conventions and the ways they overcame their fear to follow their dreams. Tiger Beer wanted to give media a sneak peek of what these uncaged heroes have in store for the upcoming Uncage Street Food Festival later this year and hosted an intimate get-together for guests to meet the inspiring Malaysian chefs.  

HEINEKEN Malaysia Marketing Director, Jiri Rakosnik, giving his speech to guests from the media at the Tiger Uncage Street Food Media Preview
Members of the media were treated to specially curated dishes over a couple of ice-cold Tiger beers at the exclusive preview. Im, Herukh and Jun prepared two exclusive dishes each for the event and shared their experiences on how they overcame societal pressures to pursue their dreams and find their tiger within.

Im Cheah presenting her unconventional street food creations at the Tiger Uncage Street Food Media Preview

Im, a full-time ‘baconist’ prepared her famous bacon and sambal ikan bilis popcorn, as well as a pork bacon and gula Melaka (palm sugar) popcorn variation, and a dessert dish ‘Going Bananas Over Bacon’ that incorporates bacon ice cream and pisang goreng (banana fritters) topped with sticky-sweet rum gula Melaka caramel.

Herukh Jethwani presenting his unconventional street food creations during the Tiger Uncage Street Food Media Preview

Herukh, an adventurous chef who refuses to play it safe, prepared an innovative mini tandoori pork ribs tacos sautéed in crispy prawn chilli, garlic and curry leaves dish, and his famous Siew Yoke Briyani, for guests to enjoy.

Jun Chan presenting his unconventional street food creations at the Tiger Uncage Street Food Media Preview

Jun, a chef with a passion for soul food prepared his exclusive ramen burger with Tiger Beer cheddar cheese sauce, and a dish called ‘Main Bola’, made from egg plant, minced brisket meatball, sweet potato gravy with a local touch of belacan sofrito, ayam kampong egg and salted egg crumble. 

Im Cheah's Pork Bacon & Sambal Ikan Bilis Popcorn and Pork Bacon & Gula Melaka Popcorn (missing in the picture), both paired really well with Tiger Beer.

Jun Chan's Ramen Burger with Tiger & Cheddar Sauce which is definitely a unique dish

While helping themselves to the one-of-a-kind local delicacies prepared by the chefs, members of the media had the opportunity to mingle with the uncaged heroes and learn more about how they challenged street food conventions, as well as hear from Jun’s parents on their experience. Tiger Beer then revealed the exciting surprise by announcing the dates for its Uncage Street Food Festival, which will be held on 1st and 2nd December. 

Jun Chan's Main Bola dish

My favorite dish goes to Herukh Jethwani's famous Siew Yoke Biryani dish. The rice was so fragrant and the siew yoke was nicely done!

Fans will be able to enjoy the signature dishes by these uncaged heroes alongside a variety of street food delicacies by other local vendors such as myBurgerLab, The Porki Society, Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches, Pho King and Makirito, under one roof. Foodies are in for a treat, and can be part of this unique experience as these chefs challenge local street food conventions with their one-of-a-kind delicacies.

Herukh's Mini Tandoori Pork Ribs Tacos dish which was good too!

Im Cheah's Going Bananas Over Bacon dessert, a great final dish for the evening.

“Food plays such an important role in our everyday lives as Malaysians, especially street food. As the Uncage platform is about uncaging your passion, we wanted to share with Tiger Beer fans not only the stories of our heroes, but their creations. These innovative dishes are the end product of challenging culinary conventions of street food and following their dreams, and we hope that this will inspire Malaysians to awaken their courage through our platform,” said Pearly Lim, Marketing Manager of Tiger Beer Malaysia.

Jun Chan talking to blogger Choulyin Tan about his unconventional street food creations.

Through its Uncage campaign, the local brewer is addressing an important question, that is, ‘why are Malaysians so afraid to follow their dreams?’  With this at the core of the campaign, Tiger Beer hopes to inspire fans to follow their dreams, even if that means defying societal expectations. Courageous fans that wish to join in on the fun can do so through the online ‘Find Your Tiger’ quiz to discover which of the six tiger personalities they fit.

Tiger Beer fans and foodies alike who want to be part of this Uncage campaign can also be on the look out for more information on Tiger Beer’s official platforms for more delicious updates on the upcoming Uncage Street Food Festival. 

My favorite graffiti artist, Kenji Chai enjoying the unconventional street food creations at the Tiger Uncage Street Food Media Preview

For more information on the Tiger Uncage campaign and to watch the campaign video, visit www.facebook.com/tigerbeermy, or www.tigerbeer.com.my.

Fans who wish to participate in the ‘Find Your Tiger’ online quiz, can visit https://bit.ly/2pL43Ug to get their personalised gift, which can be redeemed at the upcoming Uncage Street Food Festival in December.

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