Food and Wine Pairing at Ambrosia Wine and Tapas Bar, Taman Danau Desa

I've always been a whisky and beer person but a few years ago I have developed a new passion towards wine. It's suitable for any occasion, any time and any where in comparison to my whiskey and beer drinking habit. So recently, I was invited to a food and wine pairing at Ambrosia Wine and Tapas Bar which is located not too far from Kuala Lumpur city centre, Taman Danau Desa to be exact.

Ambrosia Wine and Tapas Bar does offer a wide variety of wine and back in September this year, they had a makeover not only for their brick and wood surfaces interior but as well as their food menu and expansion of wine selection.

On that evening, we paired the food with three bottles of wine which are the Pioneer Road Cabernet Sauvignon, Sfera Shiraz and last but not least, the Woodstock Semillon Sauvignon Blanc.

We started off with the Woodstock Semillon Sauvignon Blanc. Originated from Australia. It has the grape variety of 25% Sauvignon Blanc and 75% Semillon. The blend is composed of 25% Sauvignon Blanc and 75% Semillon. Bright very pale straw colour with water like hue. Fresh, grassy, unripe gooseberry and tropical fruit nose, showing good varietal character, however, there is little power or strength. Light gooseberry and tropical fruit aftertaste.

For the first dish, we had the Mussels with White Wine. It's a perfect match I would say and the mussels were definitely a great starter before indulging the rest of the heavier dishes.

Next we had the Deep Fried Pork Belly which was one of my favorite dish at Ambrosia Wines and its savory taste paired very well with the sweetness from Woodstock Semillon Sauvignon Blanc.

The Shiitake Mushroom, Bacon and Tomato Spaghetti was a delightful plate of pasta. The taste was very well balanced with a generous amount of bacons. I love bacon and it can go with absolutely anything, even with ice-cream and cakes!

For the second bottle of wine, we had the Pioneer Road Cabernet Sauvignon. Originated from Australia, selected Shiraz from premium vineyards throughout Langhorne Creek was vinified using a combination of fermentation styles and American oak, to highlight the regional characteristics. The wine has lifted aromas of spice, dark cherry and plums, with a rich, full-flavoured palate of forest fruits and vanilla, finishing with soft tannins and excellent length. It tastes great now and will reward patient collaring. In general, I would choose Cabernet Sauvignon over any other wine.

Pineapple Pork Pizza with Bacon, Jalapenos, & Cilantro (or also known as Chinese parsley). I am totally fine with having pineapple on pizza. I personally enjoy the sweet and savoury taste of this pizza and then again, there's bacon. Oh, have I told you that I really love bacon? Hahaha...

This is the Smoked Duck Spaghetti. The duck meat was really tender and juicy I must say.

Here's an interesting dish, the Strawberry Pork Ribs. I personally do not like eating strawberry, but I was surprised that the combination of pork ribs and strawberry works very well.

As for the final bottle of wine, we had the Sfera Shiraz. Also originated in Australia, there is great intensity of fruit in 'Sfera' that showcases the excellent viticultural practices that we strive for. The intense fruit is matched by concentration of colour with excellent palate and flavour complexity, largely attributable to the quality of winemaking. 'Sfera' Shiraz is a fantastic expression of the uniqueness of Wirrega Vineyards.

The second pizza we had was the Greek Lamb Pizza. The crust was crispy and the mouthfeel on the lamb was pretty good.

For those who enjoy jalapeƱos and bacon, you can try this Fried JalapeƱos wrap with Bacon.

The Deep Fried Pork Ribs was quite amazing. Somehow I felt that this dish can go even better with a glass of icy cold beer. That's just how I feel. Haha.....

These mentioned wine selections above are exclusively carried by Ambrosia Wines and they are currently on promotion with special discount. Pioneer Road Cabernet Sauvignon: RM128.00 (before 10% off), Sfera Shiraz: RM168.00 (before 20% off) and Woodstock Semillon Sauvignon Blanc: RM118.00 (before 30% off). For more information on Ambrosia Wine and Tapas Bar, you can check out the details below.

Ambrosia Wine and Tapas Bar
Address: 11, Jalan 1/109f, Taman Danau Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 3PM until 1AM
Phone: 03-7972 6648

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  1. Oh my! The pork belly! Slurpssss!!!!

  2. Wine with pork belly, send some over!

    1. Ady inside my tummy! You should go and pay Ambrosia a visit soon bro! :)

  3. I have been going often to that area recently to tidy up my condo for my new tenant. I want to thank my agent for the great help and should treat him to wine & pizza at Ambrosia Wine! I like your delicious food photos.

    1. Ohhh... that's so nice of you. I want my own condo too. Haha... so when are you treating me as well :P

  4. I love wine and dine, especially during festive season and special occasion. :)

    1. Same here.... but I'm fine anytime of the day too! HAHA


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