Foot Health Talk Show at Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre

On the 17th of March 2019, I attended a foot health talk show which was held at Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre in Seksyen 19, Petaling Jaya. The talk was conducted by Dato Dr Edmund Lee who is the orthotics specialist at the centre. I personally do not really know the importance of taking care of my own foot health which will affect my overall health.

A photo with Dato Dr Edmund Lee

As I sat in to listen to this talk show, I realized that not only we need to treat the issue that our feet are facing but also to prevent them from causing health problem in future such as knee problem or back pain. I have back pain since many years ago and it gets when I sit at my office desk for long hours. Aside from good sitting posture, foot health also play an important part of preventing back pain from happening. 

I did not know that foot health must be taken care of beginning from young age and Dr Edmund explained that children should go for a foot health check if you think they are struggling with flatfoot, tripping or poor coordination, foot pain, toe walking, pigeon toe, knock knees or bow legs and growing pains in legs. He emphasizes a lot that healthy foot = healthy body.

There are three levels which are categorized as mild, moderate and severe. For mild case, your child can go for the Sunfeet stability school shoes. For moderate case, he/she will have to go for the Sunkidz custom fit orthotic/Sunfeet medical orthotic. As for the highest level which is the severe case, he/she must go for the 3D custom made orthotic for a more effective measure. They use an unique biomechanical assessment system (Dr Edmund Assessment System) to assess and diagnose causes of patients’ lower limb and biomechanical problems.

I like how the entire talk show did not focus entirely on the products from Sunfeet itself but Dr Edmund also suggested some of the healthy food and diet that we can follow from time to time to boost our foot health. We can eat more ginger, turmeric, olive oil, mint leaves, broccoli, avocado and many more.

Aside from that, there are also some supplements that we can consume which can be easily bought from the local pharmacy such as Super Pharmacy that is located right next to Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre.

I too get to do the foot health screening. According to the foot analysis report, my left foot has a high arch level while my right foot is perfectly balanced. 

So sometimes when I walk on the uneven walkways, I can feel that my back hurts which is most likely caused by the high arch pressure on my left foot. It was indeed a really informative talk show and I learnt a lot from the talk show.

Below are some of the products that can be found at Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre.

A selection of shoes for men. 

Colourful shoes for the children. 

Various kind of prefabricated custom to foot type orthotics from The QUADRASTEP® SYSTEM. 

I recommend you guys to bring your family to check out Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre if you are currently facing problems such as knee and back problem, Scoliosis, Plantar fasciitis, flatfoot, heel pain, leg length discrepancy and so on. You can always consult the specialist at the centre to get the best solution for your problems. Details of the centre as below:-

Sunfeet International Rehabilitation Centre
Block C, 18 Jalan 19/1, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opening hours: 10AM until 7PM (Daily)

Contact: 013-5283939/ 013-9122939

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  1. Wow! You're so thin, half the guy's size! LOL!!! I wish we had this here - I do need to look for good footwear - all the commercial ones are kind of unkind to my delicate feet.

    1. I'm actually at my heaviest right now and it's reaching the optimum weight soon so basically I'm almost at the right size. Same here... I do a lot of walking and sneakers are not that comfortable to walk in.

  2. Actually it is quite true that we need to take care our feet since young. I wish I knew this earlier.

    1. Same here... at least the younger generation will have a better foot health from now onward

  3. Now only I know that there are things we can eat to improve foot health! :O

    1. That's so nice right? Some of them are my current favorite food! HAHA


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