Guardian Empowers Women to Balance for a Positive Difference #BalanceForBetter

Living up to its commitment of all-rounded wellness for consumers, Guardian Malaysia celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting a special two days, one night stay at The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort for their five selected Influencers – Sazzy Falak, Atita Haris, Tash Yong, Jorise Lee and Elecher Lee, two popular YouTubers – Nisha Ezzati and Aisyah Habshee, together with 20 winners from their public campaign. The purpose of this unique retreat was to help the ladies achieve wellness in every aspect of their lives as they combat high levels of stress and emerge as healthier and more beautiful version of themselves.

Happy faces of the participants and Guardian Malaysia representatives at the ‘Balance For Better, Guardian Women Empowerment Program’.

Indeed, women shoulder many responsibilities and hold a lot of economic power in the present world. It is no wonder that there is an old saying stating that women can hold up half the sky. Recent studies on universities in Malaysia indicate that female undergraduates occupy more than half their intake since 2015 while some of the top positions in both civil and private sectors are taken up by women. It is therefore, of no surprise that a report from information and media company, Nielsen points out that Malaysian women rank as the 16th most stressed women in the world.

Group photo of Guardian Representatives (from the left), Chin Phooi Yee, Fong Su Peng, Brand Manager, Health & Beauty Own Brand Malaysia & Brunei,Michelle Yeap(kneeling), The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Chefs and Dr. Andrew Chiew (kneeling on the bottom right) with all the participants of the ‘Balance For Better, Guardian Women Empowerment Program’ cheering after the completion of the ‘How To Prepare a Clean Eating Meal’ Session.

Guardian Malaysia, Brand Manager, Health & Beauty Own Brand Malaysia & Brunei, Ms Michelle Yeap Hoon Li stated “The roles of women in today’s society have changed tremendously. Therefore, the ability to multitask is essential to live up to the job description of homemakers, breadwinners, mothers, educators and etc.,” She went on to say that all this contributes to a constant source of stress for women. 

(From Left to Right) Kathy Wu, Nurul Dizamira Atika, Sakinah, Sazzy Falak (Malaysian actress) and Manisah posing with their handmade Berries Healthy Bowl during their competition in the ‘How To Prepare a Clean Eating Meal’ session.

“In conjunction with the objective of International Women’s Day (IWD), Guardian Malaysia challenged women to take positive action in creating a better world for themselves through practical steps. In line with that, the campaign was specially targeted to empower ladies with a means to find the ideal balance between work, leisure and relaxation,” Yeap explained. 

Participants paying attention to the chef’s cooking methods during the ‘How to Prepare a Clean Eating Meal Session’.

During the Guardian Malaysia campaign period, all female followers on their social media were invited to comment below the IWD post with the reason why they were keen to win the all-inclusive wellness trip. They would have to end their entry with the hashtag #BalanceForBetter”. Twenty winners were then selected to join the Guardian Women Empowerment Program “Balance For Better” from the 8th to 9th of March 2019.  Other sponsors of this event included Derma365, Happy Mask, Nature’s Heart, BeYoutiful and Botaneco Garden.

Moreover, Guardian Malaysia called upon all women to strike creative poses and share them on social media to build awareness and show their support on the actual date of IWD 2019, using the same “#BalanceForBetter” hashtag.  

All ladies geared up for a test on their core strength and flexibility during the yoga session instructed by yoga instructor, Mr Mohan.

During the carefully curated retreat program, both influencers and the winners underwent an inspiring journey with interesting and relaxing tips or activities to unwind and care for themselves in their daily life.  Professionals provided step-by-step tutorials in different sessions to target various needs. There were beauty consultants who helped them understand their skin through talks on skin care related topics. On top of that, a delightful beauty class was held to educate participants on makeup techniques and advise them on different grooming styles for different occasions. Furthermore, a professional speaker was invited to share about stress management issues.

Jorise Lee, one of the influencers practicing yoga early in the morning at La Plazze, The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort together with the rest of the participants.

In addition, participants went through an enjoyable practical session of learning to prepare and assemble a well-balanced meal for clean eating that they could incorporate into their lifestyle. Another highlight would be the “Sound Therapy Session” where participants drifted into another world while their bodies, minds and souls were being treated by clinically proven therapeutic and healing sound therapy. 

Of course no wellness program is complete without a yoga session either. On the last day of their stay, the ladies were guided through a morning session of this 5,000 year old mind and body practice. Combining a mix of physical postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation in diverse styles, it was needless to say that the ladies felt uplifted, relaxed and held a decidedly more positive outlook in life at the end of all the sessions. Echoing the objective of this campaign, the ladies were certainly determined and confident to change their life for the better. 

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  1. Many Guardian outlets here, one round the corner from my house. Never heard of them hosting any such nice events though?

    1. Did you visit the Guardian outlet frequently?


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