The Kettlebowl's 3rd Birthday Bash Powered by Sun Life Malaysia #LiveHealthierLives

Last Sunday, I attended The Kettlebowl's 3rd Birthday Bash held at Copper Mansion in Petaling Jaya. So for this 3rd birthday bash event, they collaborated with Sun Life Malaysia to reinvent the way we celebrate fitness in conjunction with World Health Day.

Cool looking Land Rover Defender at the main entrance of the event venue, Copper Mansion

Sun Life Malaysia is proud to be a part of a first of its kind fitness event with a stellar line-up of instructors, each class presenting a unique workout experience as they synergize different fitness principles into one massive fitness party. For those who are not familiar with Kettlebowl, they are an organisation that provides variety of health & fitness programs, making them a one-stop-solution for all your wellness needs.

Upon arriving at the event, the place was packed with a lot of fitness enthusiast and everyone was eager to participate their fitness session. The first fitness session was the RELEASE: RISE AS ONE
A 90-minute session specially crafted by Tissie Chan, Nor Soraya & Sandra Woo. Those who were into yoga will definitely love it! I also met up with a couple of bloggers at the event and they were too seems pretty excited for the fitness session. So while waiting, I managed to snap a few photos with them and the event place.

As what I have read, Sun Life Malaysia is committed to empowering Malaysians to live healthier lives through a variety of outreach initiatives. From children to the elderly, they have engaged with Malaysians from all walks of life to build awareness on healthy living and to encourage more active and balanced lifestyles that will benefit long-term health. Sun Life Malaysia’s efforts on this front cut across all forms of health – financial, physical, mental and spiritual. 

Check out the 10 fun facts about exercise. Do you even lift, bro?

Sun Life Malaysia also offers a comprehensive range of life insurance and Family Takaful products and services to Malaysians across the country and is focused on helping Clients achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives. Sun Life Malaysia distributes its products through a range of distribution channels including bancassurance, direct marketing, telemarketing, agency, telco-assurance and government and corporate business.

The Brighter Lives Bike by Sun Life Malaysia and Biji-biji Initiative

This is probably the most interesting part which I get to know while waiting for my fitness session to begin. Sun Life Malaysia together with Biji-biji is introducing the Brighter Lives Bike. 
Here participants can ride on the Bike pedalling to their hearts content to build up a sweat and get in some great holistic exercise.  This is to demonstrate the power of each individual in the communal effort to go green and reduce energy consumption.

The riders will also be helping the less privileged, as the kinetic energy built up will be converted into electrical energy that will power a portable battery which will subsequently be donated to communities with restricted or minimal access to electricity – to give them Brighter Lives. 

I managed to hop on the Brighter Lives Bike and gave it a go along with a friendly stranger. It's like a game of snake (just like the one on the legendary Nokia 3310) where we need to cycle as fast as possible to catch our opponent's 'tail'. It was quite fun I must say.

To cool myself down after the cycling on the bike and thanks to the hot weather, I decided to try out the ice-cream from Calli. It was pretty good! :D

Time for my session, we were welcomed by this special appearance by the local stand up comedian, Kuah Jenhan where he cracked a lot of fitness related jokes. I thought the part where he talks about when he was fat and wore boxer the funniest.

From left: Maybelline Wong, Chloe Lisann and Ishaq Vadillo 

So it's time for my session to begin and it is called the SYNC: MOVE AS ONE. The session is about 90-minutes of PURE ENERGY hosted by 3 powerhouses. In this session, rhythm is not just a dancer. Rhythm is EVERYTHING. Incorporating elements of pilates, boxing, functional fitness and dance, it is about getting in sync with the beat and moving as ONE.

Image credit to Betty Liew

Look at our cheerful and happy faces. We seriously didn't know what to expect.

The workout was pretty intense especially the one that involved a lot of hip movement and squats but I had a lot of fun! I guess it's time for me to be actively working out again.

Aside from the two fitness session, g The Kettlebowl Legacy Challenge– our very first on-ground fitness competition in collaboration with Aviron Racing & Concept2. One workout, one shot, one chance to find the fittest, fastest, strongest athlete to claim the title as The 2019 Kettlebowler. The format of this competition is simple – 2 categories (Male & Female), 1 workout, 1 attempt. 

For those who are a fan of the latest tech and apps, you can Activate your life with SunActiv! A simple smartphone application where every step you take will count towards redeeming great lifestyle rewards. On top of it, you can access online system to find and book healthcare professional anytime and anywhere plus be connected to latest medical news and wellness offerings. Wait no more, download the apps for free from Google play and Apple AppStore now.

Here are the purpose and ambition of Sun Life Malaysia:-

Helping our Clients achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives.
To be one of the best insurance and asset management companies in the world.

For further information and update about Sun Life Malaysia, you can log on to their website at

.: Peace Out :.


  1. Hi Isaac! Wow!!! So many people! You're looking good, more muscular, I see.

    1. Yeah there's really a lot of people there. I'm getting fatter actually :(

  2. What a healthy weekend activity eh!

    1. That's right. We missed you. Why you never join us? HAHAHA


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