The Launch of Second Edition of Clinical Practice Guideline to Address the Rise of Chronic Kidney Disease

The Ministry of Health (MOH), the Malaysian Society of Nephrology (MSN) and the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) collaborated to launch the second edition of clinical practice guideline (CPG) on management of chronic kidney disease (CKD) recently.

Established by the members of the development group from MOH, Minister of Higher Education (MOHE) and private healthcare, the CPG serves to assist practitioner decisions about appropriate health care for chronic kidney disease such as identification of risk in developing CKD, screening and early detection of CKD, treatment of early CKD to prevent progression, management of CKD and more.

From left: Dr Sunita Bavanandan, President of Malaysian Society of Nephrology; YB Dr Lee Boon Chye, Deputy Minister of Health, Malaysia and Dato’ Dr Zaki Morad, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NKF launching the Second Edition of Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) on Management of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

The second edition of the CPG was launched on the World Kidney Day, an annual global awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of kidney health. In line with the theme this year – “Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere” – the launch highlighted the increasing burden of kidney disease and the need for strategies for kidney diseases prevention and management on a national level. The event at Putrajaya also included a host of talks and case discussions on chronic kidney disease from a clinical perspective.

Some of the talks included “Delaying CKD Progression” by Dr Lim Soo Kun from University Malaya Specialist Centre, “Counselling on Renal Replacement Therapy Options” by Dr Sunita Bavanandan, President of the Malaysian Society of Nephrology, “Referral for CKD” by Dr Kong Wei Yen from Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, as well as “Special Issues in CKD” by Dr Ching Chen Hua, Chairman of the CPG Development Group which saw the participation of over 200 healthcare professionals.

The launching of the CPG on Management of Chronic Kidney Disease (Second Edition) today is an important milestone in the development of kidney care in Malaysia. The primary objective of the CPG is to educate healthcare providers hence ensuring that optimal kidney care is provided to everyone, everywhere,” said YB Dr Lee Boon Chye, Deputy Minister of Health, Malaysia.

YB Dr Lee Boon Chye and Dato’ Dr Zaki Morad with the newly launched CPG Package witnessed by Dr Sunita Bavanandan

“Diabetes is the leading cause of advanced kidney disease worldwide. In fact, Malaysia has among the highest rates of Diabetic End Stage Kidney Disease or ESKD in the world, with a staggering 65% of all new ESKD cases being due to diabetes in the year 2016,” emphasised Dr Sunita Bavanandan, President of the Malaysian Society of Nephrology.

Hence the key objectives of World Kidney Day include the following: to encourage preventive behaviours, educate all medical professionals about their key role in detecting and reducing the risk of kidney disease, encourage systematic screening of all patients with diabetes and hypertension for CKD, encourage transplantation as a best-outcome option for kidney failure and to stress the important role of local and national health authorities to control the CKD epidemic. 

Statistically, 850 million people worldwide are now estimated to have kidney disease from various causes. CKD causes at least 2.4 million deaths per year and is now the 6th fastest growing cause of death. Meanwhile in Malaysia, there are more than 40,000 dialysis patients with more than 7,000 new patients every year.

“NKF thanks the team that worked tirelessly on this revised CPG. Our dialysis centres nationwide are the heart of NKF’s mission. This CPG will help our dedicated healthcare professionals to further improve the management of chronic kidney disease among our patients,” shared Dato’ Dr Zaki Morad bin Mohamad Zaher, Chairman of Board of Directors of National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia.

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