NKF Glow Run Illuminates MAEPS in Support of Kidney Health

Last Saturday, I participated in the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia’s (NKF) Glow Run which was held at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS). The venue transformed into a lustrous night of radiating fun and excitement for the NKF Glow Run. Taking on a carnival-like atmosphere in conjunction with the NKF's 50th anniversary, the event featured among other activities, a luminous 5km fun run route lined with neon lights which saw more than 3,000 participants celebrating life in an evening of pure amusement, laughter, sweat and sheer exhilaration.

The collection time for the race kit was between 5pm to 6.30pm and I arrived at the venue around 6pm. After collecting the race kit, I changed my shirt to the running tee and pinned the race bib onto it.

While waiting for the next event agenda to begin at 7pm, we took the opportunity to explore around and we managed to check out the food trucks and food stalls.

The food offered were actually quite tempting especially the one above which was selling Korean mozzarella cheese sausage stick. I had a big lunch and just decided to go for something like which is the muah chee (glutinous sticky rice) with crushed peanuts and black sesame seeds.

The NKF Glow Run was aimed at promoting kidney health among young adults while increasing awareness of the prevalence of chronic kidney disease in a fun-filled and exciting manner through interaction with lights, which was undeniably a radiating feature of the entire event.

From left: Mr Daryl Yap, President of Volkwagen Club Malaysia handed over the NKF Glow Run signed banner to Mr Chua Hong Wee, Chief Executive Officer of NKF Malaysia.

From left: Dato’ Danny Cheng, Organising Chairman of Next Drive Group and the Next Drive Group team handed over a dialysis machine to (Navy Blue Top) Mr Chua Hong Wee, CEO of NKF Malaysia.

(In Head Scarf) Mr Simon Wong, President of HTC Motorcycle Club and some of the HTC Motorcycle Club members presented a dialysis machine to (Navy Blue Top) Mr Chua Hong Wee, CEO of NKF Malaysia.

Runners and participants were arrayed in neon-coloured liquid and body paint while the vivid theme of light continued throughout the circuit. Another highlight of the event was the lantern light station adorned with colourful glowing lanterns which was also used to deliver messages on kidney facts while serving as a quirky photo opportunity. 

In fact, the entire event itself proved to be picture perfect and Instagram worthy with illuminated photo booths and LED swings adding to the vibrancy of the night’s programme, which also included a night market, food trucks and a music festival featuring DJ Alexis Grace, one of Malaysia’s top DJs. 

The event also witnessed the consummation of a car exhibition featuring a convoy of high-end luxury and sports cars, Volkswagens and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Leading up to the event, the convoy made prior stops at 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, and IOI City Mall, promoting kidney health and raising awareness of kidney disease before finally culminating at the NKF Glow Run. 
A wefie with the bloggers who were also participating in the NKF Glow Run

“A great amount of effort has been put by the NKF team and various partners to ensure that the NKF Glow Run is a unique, excitement-filled and exhilarating event. Though this event was a joyous celebration of life, it also carried with it a rather serious message of the importance of preventing kidney disease as well as raising funds and hope for 1,700 NKF dialysis patients,” said Chua Hong Wee, Chief Executive Officer of NKF.

The run started at 8pm and we managed to squeeze into the first wave of the run.

“Through this event, we are pleased to announce that NKF has successfully raised a total of RM 120,000 cash and 3 dialysis machines worth RM 121,900, thanks to each and every one of our donors. The funds will certainly go a long way in giving our patients a new lease of life,” he added. 

My race bib and part of my hands which were shot with neon spray during the run and this is how it looks like under the black light.

All proceeds garnered from the NKF Glow Run will be channelled towards subsidising dialysis treatment for more than 1,700 poor patients who are currently undergoing treatment at the 28 NKF dialysis centres across Malaysia. The event also saw the handover of 3 dialysis machines by H.T.C Motorcycle Club, Global Heal Group and Next Drive & Friends to NKF.

Here's the NKF Glow Run medal!

There are currently more than 50,000 dialysis patients in Malaysia with 7,000 new patients every year. It is estimated to double more than that by 2040, which puts Malaysia in third place of the world’s highest kidney related diseases. To find out more information on these and future NKF activities or to donate towards the organisation’s efforts, please visit http://www.nkf.org.my or call 03-7954 9048. 

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