EATZ@HongKong at The Gardens Mall (Food Review)

If you're a fan of Hong Kong cuisine like me and enjoy shopping and dining around Mid Valley City, here's a new makan spot for you to check out. Located at the lower ground floor of The Gardens Mall, the newly opened restaurant EATZ@HongKong offers a wide selection of menu from chicken chop to egg tarts or some even will fancy their Polo bun and cheese-baked rice.

Holding a bottle of EATZ@HongKong's HK Signature Ying Yong which is packaged for takeaway purpose.

According to Ms Valerie Choo, Managing Director of Simply Awesome Sdn Bhd,"Hong Kong has witnessed an ever-evolving menu every decade with the earlier years somewhat replicating a British-style café". Hence the food and beverages concept in EATZ@HongKong are crafted to satisfy every customer.

EATZ@HongKong is spearheaded by Head Chef Kak Noor, the kitchen churns out fresh buns and toasts straight from EATZ@HongKong’s ovens and whilst many a grilled-meats come highly recommended, meat-free dishes are available too. Fresh ingredients are key and diners can be assured that all of the sauces used are made in-house to the exacting standards of the Head Chef.

Says Kak Noor, “The Malaysian palate is a particularly special one. From sweet to salty, to sour and spicy, we enjoy a variety of flavours, and classic Hong Kong cuisine is especially tantalizing to our taste buds for various reasons. Firstly, the Cantonese flavours are very much a part of our local Chinese food but a more noteworthy reason is our shared history of colonial rule. Distinct tastes favoured by the ‘Mat Salleh’ has played a highly significant role in what we now refer to as Hong Kong cuisine.”

Let's take a look at some of the dishes that EATZ@HongKong has to offer.

Egg Tart (RM3.80) – Freshly baked sweet egg custard in a delicate crust.

Cheesy Ball (RM15.80) – EATZ's version of Chewy balls filled with cheese.

Red bean rice pudding "Put Chai Ko" (RM7.80) – A pudding dessert made from white or brown sugar, long-grain rice flour with a little wheat starch or cornstarch.

Cheese-baked Chicken Cutlet with Rice (RM22.80) – Golden crispy chicken cutlets with cheese-baked fried rice in your preferred sauce which is either white, tomato or Portuguese. You can also choose to go for spaghetti instead of the white rice.

Mala Spicy Fishball in Dry Noodle (RN15.80) – Dry Nissin Noodle with Mala Spicy Fishball which I enjoyed a lot with a side of steamed vegetables.

Fish Fillet Spaghetti (RM22.80) – Golden fish fillet with spaghetti, cream sauce and a side of steamed vegetable.

Baby Abalone Dried Scallop with Egg White Fried Rice (RM28.80) – Stir-fry rice coated with egg white, mix with dried scallop and baby abalone. This simple and aromatic fried rice are one of their must try dishes.

Curry Seafood Rice (RM26.80) – Rice topped with seafood in EATZ special curry sauce.

Ms. Souffle (RM15.80) – A delicate. light. fluffy baked dessert. made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites. This is many times tastier than the pancake souffle I had in Hoshino Coffee.

My favorite dessert at EATZ@HongKong goes to...

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream and Caramalized Banana. I couldn't find the price of this in their current menu but I am sure this will be available soon.

HK Cold Milk Tea and Coffee on Ice Bed (RM9.80). Also comes in HK Milk Tea or HK Coffee.

A photo with Ms Valerie Choo, Chef Johnny Wong and bloggers at EATZ@HongKong 

EATZ@HongKong offers a full spectrum of dining choices, be it breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or just a light meal. All prices are subject to 10% service charge and 6% SST.

Address: LG-240, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall, MidValley City
Phone Number: +603 – 2201 0886
Operating Hours: 8.30am – 10.00pm Daily

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