Starbucks Keeps Summer Going with Three New Limited-Time Offerings

Sit back and relax with the new range of beverages which are sure to offer a truly unique experience. Introducing three new exhilarating beverages to spoil your taste buds, the Double Ristretto Blended Cream, Teavana™ Frozen Mango Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls and Matcha Blended Cream are the stars of this season. Rolling out from 23 July 2019 onwards, these new beverages reflect refreshing and bold flavors, perfect for a hot sunny Malaysian afternoon. 

The arrival of the brand-new summer beverages will give a modern twist to your Starbucks experience: 

New! Double Ristretto Blended Cream – Inspired by the popular Italian coffee-based dessert Affogato, the Double Ristretto Blended Cream is the perfect coffee treat on a hot summer afternoon. The summer beverage is crafted by pouring two bold shots of ristretto over an icy and creamy white chocolate mocha blend that creates just the right mix of quality coffee and decadent cream.  The Double Ristretto Blended Cream is available blended and in Tall size only.

New! Teavana™ Frozen Mango Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls – Icy, refreshing and packed with antioxidants, the Teavana™ Frozen Mango Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls will surprise and delight your palate like never before. This refreshing beverage combines aromatic mango puree and citrus mint green tea, enhanced by a splash of hibiscus tea that creates a beautiful cascade. The beverage is topped with jewel-like pearls of pomegranate juice for a tart kick of flavor. The Teavana Frozen Mango Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls is available iced only. 

New! Matcha Blended Cream – The Matcha Blended Cream is everything you need to help savor your day and ease your mind this summer. It’s a touch more Zen with every sip you take! To create this tasty wonder, luscious white chocolate mocha sauce is blended with ice and poured over aromatic pure matcha to give you an extra treat to celebrate the summer.  The Matcha Blended Cream is available blended and in Tall size only.

Not forgetting the wanderlust enthusiasts, who can catch a glimpse of the famous Emerald City with the brand-new summer merchandise collection inspired by the birthplace of Starbucks: Seattle! Utilizing shades of green and mint, the Emerald City Starbucks Merchandise Collection features iconic landmarks across of the city that will transport customers to where it all started for Starbucks. Induce a feeling of wanderlust and global adventures this season with the one of a kind Emerald City merchandise!

Starbucks is also introducing the new promotional whole bean coffee, Single-Origin Series Brazil Minas Gerais. The medium roast has a milk chocolate body with a nutty texture and a soft sweet finish. Recommended to be brewed in a coffee press, this Brazilian Arabica coffee highlights the sweetness and fruitiness of naturally processed Brazilian coffees.

The season would not be complete without new Starbucks Cards. Leading from last season’s Anchor Aweigh theme, Starbucks rolls out its Nautical Starbucks Card featuring the tail of a whale diving into white-blue stripes of ocean. Additionally, the Besties Starbucks Card is the perfect gift to celebrate World Friendship Day with your BFFs as the card can be broken in half to be used by best friends. With a minimum activation of RM30 per card, be sure not to miss these adorable newly-launched Starbucks cards.  

The handcrafted Double Ristretto Blended Cream, Teavana™ Frozen Mango Hibiscus Tea Drink and Matcha Blended Cream are priced at RM 18.55 onwards. The Emerald City merchandise collection is priced from RM48 onwards, and the Single-Origin Series Brazil Minas Gerais is priced at RM45. The all new summer offerings will be available at all stores starting from 23 July 2019, while stocks last. 

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  1. alamak! got some more offer ah? today we just went to get the buy 1 free 1. LOL

    1. Today got promotion Grande for RM13 via Starbucks app! :D

  2. The 3 flavours are exciting and nice! I must try. Our summer is whole year long!

    1. Let me know what you think after you tried them ya!

  3. Replies
    1. Yup, nice shades of colour and very useful too! :)

  4. Wah... interesting! I wanna try the Mango hibiscus tea. :D

    1. Yeah. Have you been to the store before? Try the drink and let me know what you think. :)

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