The Official Press Conference of RAGE Coffee in Bangsar Branch

Last month, I was invited to the official press conference of RAGE Coffee which is held at their Bangsar branch in Menara UOA. For those who are residing in the Klang Valley area may have heard about RAGE as they are one of our home-grown tech startup which has reinvented the local coffee scene with a refreshing new cafe concept and mobile application, DrinkRage.

From left: Jevin Singh, CEO & Co-Founder of RAGE; Makissa Sophia, Chief Community Officer of RAGE + DrinkRage App

Their tagline “RAGE to #NeverSettle” is aimed to assemble go-getters, dream chasers and entrepreneurs to do what they love, and #NeverSettle, while fuelling themselves with specialty coffee and other sumptuous offerings.

RAGE is the brainchild of Jevin Singh, and it aims to be much more than your typical instagrammable cafe. What sets RAGE apart from your copy-and-paste coffee chain is their focus on technology and community. With their app DrinkRage, they don’t aspire to only sell you coffee, but rather deliver inspiration on demand. Within the app, there is also a specific community tab which allows fellow RAGERs to sign up for events and build relationships with people who enjoy the same cup of coffee.

Upon realising the energising power of caffeine to keep the working crowd constantly revitalised, RAGE is among the first in the market to develop an application called DrinkRage, which allows RAGERs to pre order their drinks and even get it delivered. To ensure maximum freshness, RAGE uses a micro-delivery model within a geofence from each RAGE outlet. At the moment, delivery areas are mostly targeted at high density office areas such as KL Sentral and Bangsar LRT station. Members can now get their caffeine fix in just a few taps and have it sent to their doorstep without having to leave the office! 

People are forever in a hurry and with so little time to waste, RAGE aspires to be a part of a solution that helps make the experience of ordering coffee and other caffeinated beverages, a smooth and efficient transaction. Upon placing an order, RAGERs can expect their coffee to be ready for pickup when they arrive or delivered within 20 minutes by an assigned runner.

For those who dread the morning coffee queues, DrinkRage offers you the perfect pre-order solution. And those of us who aren’t lucky enough to have a dedicated runner to pick up coffee for us, DrinkRage offers you the perfect “tea runner” on demand while in the office.

As a brand that advocates building meaningful relationships and facilitating stronger connections, communal seating is conveniently offered at RAGE’s flagship store situated in Menara UOA Bangsar, which encourages interaction between all guests of the outlet.

A game of ping-pong, anyone?

The brand is also heavily invested in curating workshops in hopes to support aspiring individuals and tie the working community closer together. From movie nights to personal branding and motivational talks, RAGE has curated a fascinating lineup of interactive activities in store for all its members. To stay in-the-know, RAGERs can check out the DrinkRage app and sign up to join in on the conversation.

RAGE is also a strong proponent of working with other local businesses and places strong emphasis on participating in the circular economy. Circularity has never been more prevalent and necessary than it is now, therefore RAGE has taken the initiative to put systems in place. Collaborating with eco and chemical-friendly beauty brand ‘The Mineraw’, RAGE’s coffee waste is the star and vital component in their body, face and lip scrub produced by these ethical connoisseurs. 

Of course, most important of all, customers can rest assure that good quality coffee comes at an affordable price range and it doesn’t stop there –– vegans and lactose-intolerant RAGERs are given an extensive range of alternatives to dairy milk such as oat milk, soy milk and even coconut milk! 


Some of the canapé served during the event and I've also ordered a couple of drinks from their menu.


All recipes in the RAGE menu are meticulously crafted, seeking to offer customers the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. The flagship store in Bangsar is also vegan-friendly as they serve plant-based food and to keep taste buds aroused, the RAGE menu is constantly reinventing itself.

Spreading energy and motivation at five locations in less than two months, the ambitious startup aims to have a total of 50 outlets in full operation by H2 2020, and hopes to encourage more individuals to punch through the fatigue and revitalise themselves by using the DrinkRage app.

Trying out the punching bag at RAGE Coffee Bangsar

For orders made via the DrinkRage application starting from 22nd of July to 18th of August, members will get a promotional rate at RM 5 (Black Coffee), RM 6 (White Coffee and Matcha) and RM 7 (Specialty Drinks) across all outlets!  *Alternative milk options will cost an extra RM2.

To find out more information about RAGE, you can head to their website at

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  4. Interesting! But why there's a punching bag in a cafe?

    1. It's their concept... sometimes when you are stress at work, you just want to rage it outside the office while enjoying a cup of coffee, so that's why the punching bag is there.

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