Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Max Official Price and Availability in Malaysia

At the recent Apple event, the new Apple iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Max were announced. As usual, there's a couple of upgrades here and there on the new devices but nothing too exciting to me other than the additional camera lens on the respective devices.

Here's a photo of the event showing the new iPhone and the prices in American dollars. If you're visiting USA, it would be great to purchase the new iPhone there at a lower price after conversion into Malaysia Ringgit.

All the devices were priced slightly lower than last year's model and here are the official Malaysia retail price which will be available from 27 September onward:-

Apple iPhone 11
📱64GB - RM3399
📱128GB - RM3599
📱256GB - RM4099

Apple iPhone 11 Pro
📱64GB - RM4899
📱256GB - RM5599
📱512GB - RM6499

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max
📱64GB - RM5299
📱256GB - RM5999
📱512GB - RM6899

Colour options as below:-

iPhone 11 - Purple, Yellow, Green, Black, White and (Product)Red
iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max - Space Gray, Silver, Midnight Green and Gold

iPhone XR, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will continue to sell and their prices have been lowered.

I think the iPhone 11 will do well here. What do you think? Are you planning to upgrade to the latest iPhone? Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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  1. For a while, I was shocked to see they are so cheap! In USD, nampaknya!!! :D

    1. I'll add to cart immediately if that's in ringgit! Haha... The fact that Apple dropped their price for the new releases is a welcome news.

  2. damn, i wish the video on S10 would work the same way as the i11's

    1. Yeah eh... the video features quite impressive this time and all the cameras can shoot in 4k 60fps including the selfie cam! The video editing apps also has been improved significantly :)

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    1. You're most welcome. Will you be getting one for yourself?

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