Naughty Italian at Mainroad, Jalan Ampang (Food Review)

Back in September of 2019, I was invited to check out some of the Italian food by a local chef. The place is called Naughty Italian which is located at Mainroad, Jalan Ampang. Unfortunately this place is now closed in 2021, probably due to the pandemic but nevertheless I am still posting this just for my own keepsake. So here are some of the food that I had when I was there.

For appetizers, we had the Trio Mushroom Bruschetta. The taste was so so and the bruschettas were a bit hard but that's probably my least favourite dish on that evening.

Virgin Lamb Brasato. The lamb was nicely cooked and not too gamy for my liking.

Mac & Blue Cheese. The blue cheese taste was not too intense but definitely adds a good flavour dimension into it and not the typical mac & cheese that we usually have.

Shroom & Beef Lasagne. Braised mushroom and beef in demi-glace with layered b├ęchamel and topped with gratinate cheese. This one was not bad and it has a very rich taste into it which I like.

Naughty Carbonara served with poached egg which I quite enjoyed it.

Basil Almond Pesto, a must have for those who like almond!

Sicilian Aglio Olio. This one I think it's just alright since I'm not a big fan of aglio olio.

The one thing that I want to comment about their pasta is that the sauce base for all of them except for the Virgin Lamb Brasato were quite similar in a way it's different.

Italian Nachos, a very yummy and addictive snack to have while chilling out with family and friends.

The Naughty Italian stall which used to be located at Mainroad, Jalan Ampang and they operated daily from 4PM until 12AM.

Overall, the food was pretty decent and the prices were quite affordable for Western/Italian food. I also like the vibe at Mainroad with buskers performance and a great place to hang out. Hopefully Naughty Italian will make a comeback soon in future.

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