Mama San Kuala Lumpur at Suria KLCC (Food Review)

If you are familiar around Suria KLCC especially the Esplanade Lake Symphony area, you would definitely notice Mama San. This restaurant which also function as a bar lounge, offers Southeast Asian cuisine that explores the region's diverse culinary flavours and reinterprets them with a unique charm that is slightly exotic yet strangely familiar.

The Mama San is a well-known character. A strict but at times indulgent madam of authority in an Asian gentlemen’s club. She takes care of her girls with affection.
Mama San is good for groups or parties and they have a wide selection of food and drinks to choose from. Let's get straight to the food review. Here are some of the signature and recommended dishes at Mama San.

For starters, I had the Pomelo Salad with Dried Shrimp, Coconut, Peanuts and Tamarind. This dish was quite refreshing and easily a good way to warm up our palate.

The next starter is the Crispy Sotong with Chilli Jam. Interesting flavor altogether in this dish and the squid was nicely cooked. Not too chewy, just the way I like it.

The Butter Chicken Cooked in Tomato Cashew Nut and Kasoori is their fans favorite and customers kept coming back this dish. It goes very well with Garlic Naan or Cheese Naan. I can say that their claim is 100% accurate and I did enjoy this dish as well.

Next up is the "Dendeng Balado" Beef with Kaffir Lime Chilli and Lemon Basil. The beef is superbly tender and packed with multiple flavor in a single bite.

Just look at this piece of "Dendeng Balado" Beef, delicious and currently my number 1 dish at Mama San.

We were served with two seafood dishes, one of them is the Butter Prawn Cooked with Egg Yolk, Chilli and Curry Leaf. The size of the prawns were adequate to my liking and this dish reminds me of the one I had in Chinese seafood restaurant in a good way.

Enjoy our fresh Sweet & Sour Crispy Whole Fish with Ginger Flower and Chilli, perfect to pair with Jasmine Rice. I just can't stop eating the fish and this is also a signature dish at Mama San.

For individual serving, there's a couple of dishes and one of them is the Lontong Special with Prawn and Serunding. I had the traditional lontong not too long ago and this was very similar to its original taste.

One of the main highlight at Mama San is their cute looking Cekodok Pisang. Although this was intended for sharing purposes but I could easily finish this all by myself.

I also get to sample the Durian Crepe Cake, a perfect way to end my meal.

Some shots of the drinks that were specially crafted at Mama San.

Some alcoholic drinks and the one in the metal tiffin carrier looks really unique to me.

Mama San is mainly influenced by the design concept of her elder sister's ambiance of colonial times in Shanghai during the 1920s. There's the portrait of Mama San in all her glory benevolently looking down at her patrons as you can see in the first image in this review.

Overall, the food and drinks that I had were quite up to my expectation and I would visit them again on special occasions.

Mama San Kuala Lumpur
Suria Klcc, Lot G-46, 
Ground Floor, Jalan Ampang, 
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: 
Mon-Fri (8am – 11pm) Sat-Sun (8am – 12am)

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  1. Food looks good, butter chicken looks gorgeous and I like how the dendeng balado is so moist - the one I had here was hard and dry. :(

    1. Too bad for you... If you're in KL, you must check out Mama San then.

  2. food looks good, maybe can consider going with colleagues for work lunch :D

    1. You work nearby right? Let me know after you've tried it!

  3. Wahhh I love that interior background image and food looks delicious. Ahhhhh wantttt.

    1. Same here... the food was seriously delicious eh!

  4. The first 4 dish are quite interesting and special.

  5. They have nice food and nice environment. I just finished my restaurant renovation similar to the restaurant Mama san. Check them out if you are looking for services like this too. Thanks for the detailed food review. Great blog with great post!


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