Tommy Thongchai at The Square, Jaya One (Food Review)

For those who are familiar with PJ, I am sure that Jaya One is no stranger to you. Having said that, the newly re-opened The Square in Jaya One has been building up quite some good food scene in that area and one of it is Tommy Thongchai.

It is a Thai fusion restaurant and bar which is named according to the famous Thai Scottish singer and actor known as Bird ThongChai. Being a huge fan of the singer, the owner decided to use the last name and add in an English name at the front, hence the name Tommy Thongcai was born.

Enough with a brief introduction, we shall head straight to the food and drinks offered in Tommy Thongcai.

First, we had the Thongchai Mango Salsa Nachos for appetizer. Not the typical nachos as per described on its name. It's actually wonton skin topped with mango salsa, coriander aioli.
RM16 (medium)/ RM28 (large).

Next, it's the Kale Salad with a Crunch (RM22). A bowl of fresh kale, Thongchai kale dressing and Thai chilli flakes. For something light, delicious and healthy, I would recommend this.

For something more unique, you should try the Yum Sum '0' – Thai Pomelo Salad (RM26). Every single bite is burst with flavours and consist of white prawns, imported Thai Pomelo, yum som-o dressing. Thumbs up from me! :) That's all for the appetizers, now let's check out the mains.

First, we had the Pan Seared Salmon Trout with Mango Salsa (RM 59). Interesting flavour combination of sweet and savoury. The salmon was nicely done and I like the smokiness too.

Next, for those who fancy a good cut of steak, you can go for the Black Angus Steak Fries (RM127) for 285g. It os grain fed black Angus ribeye, Thai Isaan marinate or Thongchai’s dry rub charcoal grilled, Thongchai fries. Yummilicious! :)

If you really want a true Thai-American fusion dish, the Thongchai Chili Dog (RM28) is the one to go for. Filled with a huge and thick Chiangmai sausage, pork ragout & Thongchai fries. Growing up eating corney dog at A&W, I was really expecting something more westernized flavour but this dish was nicely executed with a well-balanced taste of Chiangmai sausage in a bun.

The Tomyum Bolognese with Meatball (RM23) consist of tomyum pork ragout, homemade meat balls and spaghetti.

If you don't really fancy pasta, you can try their Fried Mama Noodle with delicious prawns, lime and fresh coriander.

The Thongchai Baked Mac & Cheese (RM35) consist of krapao pork, mozzarella cheese and macaroni. Delicious and cheeselicious!

The next dish is one of my favorite in Tommy Thongchai, it's the Pork Trotter Rice (RM 21). Taste pretty authentic I must say and on par with the one I had in Thailand.

If you must order a burger, this one is worth recommending. The Krapao Pork Burger (RM28) consist of krapao pork patty, fried egg and Thongchai fries.

This is the Fried Chicken Som Tam Burger (RM 28) and look at that size of the fried chicken. Order this if you're really really hungry.

Thongchai's Sizzling Caesar Salad (RM26) consist of mixed salad of romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes and corn topped with spam, croutons and onsen egg in Thongchai's caesar dressing.

A fragrant and flavourful plate of Pineapple Fried Rice with Charcoal Grilled Pork Belly.

Dining with a group? Try the Tommy’s Platter (extra Large size - RM85), consist of fried calamari, fried pork belly, fried pork rib-lets, Chiang Mai sausage, pulled pork fries, Thongchai’s Nachos, luncheon meat fries, moo ping skewers would be an ideal platter. An ideal dish to go with a few glasses of cold beer! Burrppp~!

Aside from that, you can also order the individual charcoal skewers range between RM5 to RM19 per stick. There's Pork Belly, Chicken Thigh, Australian Lamb Shoulder, Australian Beef Tongue, Moo Ping, Pork Intestines and Laarb Moo Tod (Thai Minced Pork Balls).

I find this cocktai an interesting one, it's the Thong Kao (RM38) consist of mango juice, lime, cinnamon, star anise, Mekhong rum, sambuca and Angustura Bitters. Hipster cocktail anyone?

Perhaps something that look more traditional? The Tom Kha Cocktail (RM35) consist of vodka infuse with chilli, coconut milk, fresh milk , lemongrass and lime.

Thaiga Punch (RM12) is a mixture of Tiger beer with apple juice. Quite refreshing and the apple juice toned down the bitterness of the beer.

If your family member or friends are having a birthday, you can order their signature Tommy Lava (RM42) that comes with a pretty fire showcase by the staff there.

Overall, the food at Tommy Thongchai was up to my expectation and I will visit them again soon.

Halloween was just a day before this food review and I like the simple yet spooky decoration there.

Tommy Thongchai @ Jaya One
No. 72, Jalan Universiti, Seksyen 13,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Opening hours: 11.30AM to 12.00PM (daily)
RSVP: +60 12-901 2848.

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  1. The Thai food looks very appetising and yummy to attract me. Having grown up in Thailand, I was also a fan of Bird Thongchai during his peak. I will visit this restaurant to try.

    1. You grew up in Thailand? Wow, that's something new to me. Yes, you should visit the restaurant soon! :)

  2. Name sounds like Thai. This looks like a fusion place to me.

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