UMAI Provides Free Contact Tracing Software to Restaurants for Social Distancing Measures

On May 4th 2020, the Malaysian government is allowing restaurants to open to dine-in customers if social distancing measures are in place and if they register the names of all customers coming in. UMAI is providing contact tracing software for free to all restaurants across Malaysia. Restaurant who don’t use an electronic system are left using pen and paper, which if misplaced could lead to punitive measures from the government. UMAI’s system provides military grade encryption and securely stores information in an online database. Restaurants may also use a free, built-in customer loyalty system to help bring their customers back more often. As fewer customers dine in, measures that help restaurants retain customers can have a significant impact on how that restaurant survives the crisis currently facing the industry.

The system both helps restaurants meet the government’s requirement of tracking everyone who enters a restaurant upon its reopening, and, with customer consent, helps the restaurant to market to these customers in the future to bring their customers back more often, or get them to order online more often.

“With fewer customers dining-in, it becomes increasingly important for restaurants to focus on loyalty and retention. The point at which you capture the customer’s information for contact tracing is also a great place to invite customers to sign up for your loyalty program,” says Alexander Small, co-Founder and Managing Director of UMAI Singapore. 

“We’re providing both systems at no cost to restaurants and getting them set up within 15 minutes over the phone. We want to help as many as possible to be able to meet what is required by the government to re-open on May 4th, and dramatically improve how they retain their customers.”

“The industry is in peril. Restaurants need to be living and breathing customer retention and pen and paper contact tracing doesn’t support this,” says Jonas Chelbat, co-Founder and Managing Director of UMAI Malaysia. “It would be a huge loss for any restaurant that doesn’t take this opportunity to also sign up customers for their loyalty system. We’re excited to be powering an exciting solution to the problem.”

The team in UMAI

Features and benefits of UMAI’s contact tracing system include:
  • Ability for customers to enter their name and information into an app on Android or iPhone phones and tablets, or laptop browser
  • Ability for the restaurant to offer cashback to customers who agree to join the restaurant’s loyalty program and receive marketing messages
  • Ability for the restaurant to market future promotions through SMS, and email. They can also send automatic promotions based on the customer’s behavior (if they haven’t visited in a certain number of days, have an upcoming birthday, etc.)
  • Integration with UMAI’s delivery and takeaway system (optional)
  • Integration with UMAI’s reservation and feedback management system (optional)
  • Integration with UMAI’s gift card and online voucher system (optional)

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