LEGO® Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES) 71374 – Price and Availability in Malaysia

The LEGO Group has announced a LEGO® Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES) Building Kit for adults, letting grown-up fans create their own NES console with LEGO bricks. The new kit, the latest product of the LEGO Group and Nintendo partnership, offers a brick-built NES model packed with realistic details, including the accompanying 1980’s style LEGO television set, so nostalgic gamers and LEGO fans can recreate their favorite Super Mario Bros.™ childhood experiences. 

This announcement will let adult fans take a trip down memory-lane by building a mechanically functional version of an all-time favourite console with LEGO bricks. The new NES Building Kit will include a controller with a connecting cable and plug, as well as an opening slot for the Game Pak with a locking feature. The console also comes with a buildable retro TV, featuring a flat 8-bit Mario figure on the scrolling screen. Fans can scan an action-included brick with LEGO® Mario™ from the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course, so he reacts to on-screen enemies, obstacles and power-ups just as he would have in the iconic Super Mario Bros. game. 

“Super Mario has been a cherished figure in the gaming world for over thirty years now,” said Maarten Simons, Creative Lead on LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System™, the LEGO Group. “Many adults still fondly remember that first time they saw Mario leap across the small screen, even if the graphics were a lot simpler than they are today. With the LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System, we’re letting them truly indulge in that nostalgia, recreating one of the most-loved consoles of all time so they can see the Super Mario from their childhoods once again – and share the experience of gaming in the 1980s with their own children.” 

The LEGO Group and Nintendo announced their partnership earlier this year, bringing a fun-packed LEGO Super Mario universe to life through a Super Mario Starter Course set that exclusively features a LEGO Mario figure who displays a wide variety of instant reactions to movement, color and various action bricks. This entry point set was followed up on in May with a series of Power-Up Packs and in June with the announcement of a range of Expansion Sets and collectible Character Packs. All have been designed to build out the world of LEGO Super Mario, letting players unleash their creativity by building exactly the levels and challenges they want to see LEGO Mario and friends compete in. 

This highly collectible NES building set is part of a range of inspirational LEGO models designed for discerning hobbyists, as they look for their next immersive challenge. The LEGO NES will be available exclusively from LEGO Certified Stores and LEGOLAND in Malaysia from August 1st. All purchases of the NES Building Kit will receive a LEGO brick based boxed set as a gift with purchase, while stocks last. 

The full LEGO Super Mario product line also launches on August 1st and will be available directly from LEGO Brand Retail Stores, LEGO Certified Stores and LEGOLAND in Malaysia. The LEGO® Nintendo Entertainment System™ (NES) (71374) set will be selling at RRP of RM949.90 and it's suitable for age 18 and above. I am really interested with this set and can't wait to see it for myself. What do you think of this set? Will you get it too? Let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. This is really dope to say the least. A collector's item. :D

    1. Yes definitely! Are you planning to get one for yourself too?

  2. Oh my this brings back a lot of memory.

    1. Yeah man... I remember playing it when I was a little boy in my cousin's room. That's my first time experiencing a game consol

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