SHABU-YO Japanese Restaurant in Sunday Velocity Mall, Cheras (Food Review)

SHABU-YO is a Japanese shabu-shabu and sukiyaki restaurant and it's their very first outlet in Malaysia. Located in Sunway Velocity Mall, they have opened for less than a month and I would say it's actually quite impressive that customers were filling up most of the seats during peak dinner hours.

Let's not waste our precious time and check out their interior and what are the food that they have to offer.

Just like many other Japanese restaurants, the wood elements are quite prominent in their interior and decorations. Simple yet elegant.

Let's check out the fresh vegetables section.

The sauce and condiments area are packed with different choices and customers are free to create their own combination of sauce with the condiments or you can try out the chef's recommendation too.

The homemade chilli sauce reminds me of the one I had with chicken rice and I like it. Hahaha... There's one thing that frustrates me here is the size or type of spoon that they provided. It's too small and not suitable to scoop up the sauces. It takes too long to fill up the saucer.

Customers are required to wear their face mask and gloves at the buffet line #kitajagakita.

If you 'die-die' must have rice or noodles, don't worry about it. They have all that covered. There's even Japanese curry and kimchi or 'kimuchi' in Japanese.

As for desserts, there's shaved ice, two flavour of ice-cream and we can also make our own waffles too.

Kids would definitely enjoy fried food especially French Fries and there's also the Takoyaki balls and chicken Karaage. The chicken Karaage is a must try.

All the drinks (except alcoholic beverages) are free flow!

If you are new to SHABU-YO, here's four steps on how to enjoy your meal there.

Firstly, we need to choose a course. There's 3 type of courses with different price range which we can opt for the Australian Wagyu, Pork and Chicken or Beef, Pork & Chicken or only Pork & Chicken. Prices starts from RM38.80++ (adult) and RM28.80++ (child) and the prices are different depending on the type of course, during weekdays and weekends as well as for lunch and dinner course.

Secondly, we can choose 2 soup flavors which from 5 different choices. You can refer the soup choices below:-

1. Chicken and Pork Soup
2. Yuzu Soup
3. Sukiyaki Soup
4. Japanese Amber Soup
5. Mala Soup

Thirdly, read the notes... there will be extra charges for alcoholic beverages (the rest are all free flow).

Lastly, enjoy the shabu-shabu. Additional meat and other items can be ordered through the tablet as you can see below here.

The main highlight is of course the Australian wagyu beef. Other than that, there's also the beef chuck roll, beef karubi, pork collar, pork belly, chicken, tsukune (a mixture of pork and beef) and dumpling.

As you can see here, SHABU-YO is still practicing social distancing for customer seatings apart from  wearing a face mask, gloves at the buffet line and temperature checking upon entering the outlet. I have chosen the Chicken and Pork soup and Japanese Amber soup. Personally I enjoyed both of this soup as the Chicken and Pork soup has a hint of herbal taste and the latter is quite flavorful.

My favorite Australian wagyu beef! Just look at the marbling on it.

The beef karubi is my second favorite after the wagyu. It has a stronger beef flavour in it.

The meat can easily be cooked in a matter of seconds if the soup is boiling hot.

Their dumpling is pretty good too with the soup bursting in every bite but I personally prefer that the skin could be a little thinner.

A surprising dish that I really enjoyed was the Tsukune, a really flavourful meat mixture of beef and chicken that goes really well with the chicken and pork soup.

Although I was super full towards the end of the review but there's definitely space for desserts. I made this Shaved Ice with lots of toppings and various type of syrup. I only hope that the syrup area would be more visible and convenient instead of hiding behind the ice-cream machine.

Overall, I really like the food variety and the two soup that I have tasted during this review. I'll try the other soup next time!

Do I recommend this place? Yes, especially if you love Japanese shabu-shabu with excellent meat choices. To make the best bang for your buck, it's best to visit SHABU-YO for their lunch course on weekdays (until 5pm). I wish they will open more outlets in Klang Valley soon!

SHABU-YO (Sunway Velocity Outlet)
Lot 3-58, Sunway Velocity Mall, Lingkaran SV, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
Tel: 03-9226 8018

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  1. OMG...wish I could enjoy this as well. :D

    1. You can too... just head over to their outlet soon! :)

  2. These hotpot places have taken over the country by storm, so many all over...even here. Not really a fan of such places, I'm afraid.

  3. I cant wait to try at this place after CMCO is over. Last time I did a project for a cafe and the cafe offer delicious food! I am offering restaurant painting services with the highest quality now. Click here to contact us!


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