Creative Lab and Loob Holding Puts the “Tea” in Team Nearly 130 Loob Holding Outlets to be “Creative Lab-ed” by end-2021

Niro Ceramic Creative Lab Sdn Bhd (Creative Lab) and Loob Holding Sdn Bhd have officially entered into a partnership today which will see Creative Lab as the official design consultant for all Loob Holding owned and affiliated brands and outlets. Creative Lab will not only provide aesthetic enhancements, but also ergonomic improvements. The partnership which initially began with just 27 outlets, will be extended to an additional 100 before the end of 2021. 

(From left) Keith Loh, Chief Retail Officer of Creative Lab and Bryan Loo of Loob Holding announcing Creative Lab as the Design Consultant for 130 Loob Holding outlets by end of 2021 

Creative Lab is an innovative retail home design service currently operating 37 branches nationwide under tile industry leader, Niro Ceramic Group – a brand drawing on a rich heritage and legacy spanning over 40 years. Meanwhile, Loob Holding is a food and beverage specialist in the premium quick serve segment, famed for its bubble tea brand, Tealive. 

“Although Creative Lab and Loob Holding come from seemingly different backgrounds, both entities are homegrown Malaysian success stories in their own right. We actually have a lot in common. Having gained popularity in traditional industries – tea and tiling – both our companies utilise creativity and innovation to develop within our respective business verticals,” said Keith Loh, Chief Retail Officer of Creative Lab. 

“More than that, Creative Lab and Loob share similar values and philosophies. This naturally led to the advancement of this partnership to the next level. I am truly excited to see the growth of our collaboration, which I am sure, will be mutually beneficial for both of our organisations. We certainly have a lot of good things to look forward to as we embark on this next phase of our journey with Loob,” Loh added. 

Echoing Loh’s sentiments, Bryan Loo, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Loob Holding said it was a collaboration whose time has come as Tealive unveiled its new look and feel stores. “We are glad this collaboration is both timely and fruitful as we now offer Tealive 3.0 to take modern tea culture to the next level.”

(From left) Keith Loh, Chief Retail Officer of Creative Lab and Bryan Loo, Chief Executive Officer of Loob Holding at the partnership signing ceremony

True to its brand promise of “Always More Than Tea”, Tealive Eats range of hot snacks and finger food was extended to Deli Bakes, a new line of baked snacks and merchandise for the modern grab-and-go crowd.

“With these innovations, Tealive 3.0 is able to draw our customers from early morning to late night as we have a variety of offerings for them. These Tealive 3.0 concept stores feature a dedicated ‘Bakery Corner’ and a Self-Order standee at the entrance. Our designers, working in collaboration with Creative Lab, have also infused more yellow to accentuate our primary purple tone so the entire look-and-feel of Tealive 3.0 is a lot more inviting, a lot more comfortable, for our customers to chill and even to work from our tables. Moving forward, all our outlets will be guided by Creative Lab’s consulting team and fitted with their tiles, walls and floor coverings. Loob is certainly happy with the outcome and we look forward to more exciting results from this collaboration,” Loo said.

As a gesture of goodwill, Creative Lab has sponsored the tiling for one of Loob Holding’s flagship stores - Define: Food in Mid Valley Megamall. In return, Define: Food has featured a “Creative Lab” branded corner within the outlet.  

In celebration of this partnership, Creative Lab will be giving out discounts of up to 20% to Tealive customers who present their Tealive membership cards at any Creative Lab outlet from the 7th to the 20th of December 2020.  

(From left) Keith Loh, Chief Retail Officer, Creative Lab and Bryan Loo, Chief Executive Officer, Loob Holding at Tealive Sri Muda in Shah Alam

As a true innovator, Creative Lab provides free 3D renderings of the intended retiling area with the entire process done in real-time. Customers can take charge of their design through working with Creative Lab’s experienced in-house designers. Changes and modifications are rendered instantly until the customer is satisfied. Having been conceptualised only two years ago, Creative Lab has helped thousands of homeowners consider the best options to reinvigorate their home with award-winning Niro Granite tiles and fittings, which are produced under stringent Swiss quality standards. 

Niro Granite also offers ORIN, a premium sanitary ware brand equipped with innovative technology which complements their tiles. Creative Lab also has a presence in Indonesia, Vietnam and China; and aims to grow its regional presence even further in the next two years.  

For more information on Creative Lab and their unique solutions, visit their website at

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  1. Knowing TeaLive is a miracle that they are still around amidst some controversial issues.

    1. Well, what doesn't kill them makes them stronger!

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    1. Thanks for your comment and will call your if I require your service, Adrian.

  3. Honestly, I still prefer to drink this Tealive brand for the tastes that pleases me and the price.

    1. Yeah they are sort of the more affordable options now and there's always buy 1 free 1! HAHA


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