Warming Feast for a NEW New Year with Purple Cane Tea Restaurant's Ox-picious Reunion Sets

Are you still planning what to have for the upcoming Chinese New Year reunion dinner? No idea what to cook and lazy to go #kesanakesini just to get all the ingredients to cook at home? Don't worry, Purple Cane Tea Restaurant are now offering the Ox-picious Reunion Sets to make your life easier and the great thing is that it comes with FREE delivery as well!

Being Malaysia's First-Ever Fine Tea Restaurant, their dishes are uniquely prepared, tea infused to bring out the natural aroma and flavor of food. All of their dishes are low-salt, low-fat, and low-seasoning. So now you don't need to wear a larger pants for reunion dinner anymore. Haha!

The 4 Ox-picious Reunion Sets starting from RM368* that comes with free premium cooler bag, free delivery and free RM50 cash voucher as well. You might want to check out their pre-sales promo too where you can get a free Zheng He San Has Ripe Puer Tea Cake worth RM128. The pre-sales is available from 28 Dec 2020 until 24 January 2021. A few more days to go, so you better don't miss out!

Here are the dishes from the Joyfull Happiness Set (RM368) that I managed to try them at Purple Cane Tea Restaurant in The Gardens Mid Valley City before the government announced the MCO.

Health-Tea-Licious Abalone ''Yee Sang'' with Passion Fruit Sauce (Long Jing). One of the best yee sang that I have ever tasted. All the vegetables are incredibly fresh and a generous amount of abalone. It's refreshingly delicious and didn't taste too jelak after having a plate of it.

Sauteed Celery with Beech Mushroom, White Mushroom and Walnut (Tie Guan Yin) for those who enjoy crispy vegetables with the right savouriness from all the combinations of taste.

Sauteed Mongolian Style Prawn with Butter and Black Pepper (Lychee Black Tea) is probably my favourite. The size of the prawns were commendable and the sauce filled with incredible layers both in flavour and mouthfeel to the prawns, making it smell and taste heavenly. It taste very well with the Long Jing Green Tea Rice.

Next up is the Steamed Kampung Chicken with Dried Oysters and Fatt Choy (Oolong Tea). The chicken is soft and easy to eat despite being a kampung chicken. I could really taste the flavour of the dried oysters in the chicken itself.

The next main dish is the Steamed Sliced Grouper with Minced Pickle and Tea (Jasmine Tea) topped with coriander. I think for a fish dish to be infused with tea is pretty unique as we normally have a stronger steamed fish taste from the soy sauce and ginger. The fish is soft and cooked nicely.

Time for desserts! Deep Fried Golden Rice Cake (Green Tea). Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, filled with green tea glutinous paste. It suits my tastebud very well as it is not too sweet for me.

I really love having this Sweetened Peach Resin with Longan (Black Tea) to end the meal. Just the right dessert to cool down my body after a hearty meal. I wish that I could have more of it. Overall, it was a nice, healthy and very filling meal.

If you are interested on getting only the Health-Tea-Licious Abalone ''Yee Sang'' with Passion Fruit Sauce (Long Jing), you can grab it at RM138 and a free Clear Soup Abalone worth RM48 as you can see at the promotional poster below.

To order the Purple Cane Tea Restaurant's Ox-picious Reunion Sets, you contact them through the details below or you can check out their website for more information.

📍Shaw Parade | 邵氏广场 +603 2145 3090 / https://bit.ly/34NJk78
📍The Gardens, Mid Valley City | 谷中城 +603-2283 6090 / https://bit.ly/3mTQrkP
📍The KL & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall | 隆雪华堂 +603 2272 3090 / https://bit.ly/3prLyAX
Ox-Picious Reunion Set Menu: https://www.tearestaurant.com.my/cny-menu/

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  1. Replies
    1. Go ahead and order them now for your reunion dinner! :)

  2. Looks like an awesome feast!

    1. Indeed, any plan for CNY reunion dinner yet? Hehe...

  3. Beautiful promotions! For just RM368 with free goodies ad=nd RM50 Cash Voucher is a good bargain. Free delivery some more!! Huat Aarrrr!

    1. That's right. A good bargain must share with my blog reader mah...

  4. Purple Cane was one of the restaurants I most often frequented when I first moved to Malaysia nearly two decades ago!

    1. Wow! I only been in KL for 11 years and I only got to try out Purple Cane a few years ago...

  5. I have been cleaning my house for the whole day especially for sofa cleaning which took me a few hours and now I can't wait for the reunion dinner tonight. This set is so cheap and it will be in my list to try it out with my family in the next few days!


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