Exciting MLBB and PUBG Esports Announcements and Partnership by Yoodo

In this day and age, no matter if you're young or old, mobile gaming is easily accessible. It has become more and more eminent with the high graphic supported smartphones as well as high speed internet. Recently, one of the telco player in Malaysia namely Yoodo has announced the new partnerships with Moonton and RSG MY, new esports teams, new tournament sponsorships and refreshed Yoodo Gank roster. So many exciting announcements right?!

My all time favorite MOBA genre mobile game – MLBB

Yoodo being the Malaysia’s first truly customisable and 100% digital mobile service has recommence its successful collaboration with Moonton – the popular video-game developer and publisher of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), and forge new ventures with RSG MY – Southeast Asia’s premier esports organisation. 

At this very moment, my top mobile game is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) and although I am not a professional gamer but I can consider it to be highly addictive and easily complete a game within 15-20 minutes. I do enjoyed playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) MOBILE as well since my laptop could not support the PC version.

With the desire to conquer all of esports, Yoodo also announced partnerships with two new esports teams and announced a roster refresh for popular (PUBG) MOBILE esports team – Yoodo Gank. 

“From the very beginning Yoodo has been passionate about esports and today we’ve taken that passion to the next level with these announcements,” said Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo. “With these new partnerships, an exciting line-up of tournaments and skilful teams unveiled, there is no denying that we are the most dominant and committed Telco when it comes to esports.”

(L-R) 1st row from the top:  Azim Ikromi (Draxx); Agusalim Amran (Hahagus); Lokman Hakim (Bravo). 2nd row: Arvin Danial (Yoodo Esports, Sports & Events); Chow Tuck Mun (Head of Yoodo); Kevin Wong (Yoodo Gank Manager & CEO of Wulf Esports). 3rd row: Melvyn Lim (Yoodo Esports); Aiman Amirul (ManParang); Fairul Iskandar Putra (Putra)

Unlocking MLBB Action with Moonton 

During the event, Yoodo announced an industry shaping partnership with Moonton to bring to life an array of MLBB focused tournaments across the whole of 2021. This epic team up will begin with the upcoming MLBB Pro League (MPL) Season 7, which for the very first time will feature a dedicated league for Malaysia. 

Yoodo is proud to announce they are now the Official Digital Telco for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. 

This will then be followed by a special invitational tournament before marching on to MPL Season 8. The partnership with culminate in the grandest fashion with the MLBB M3 World Championships in late 2021. 

(L-R) Michael Lin, Esports Business Development and Marketing Manager for MPL MY; Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo, take a photo at Yoodo’s 2021 esports announcement virtual event. 

“We recognise that the Malaysian market for MLBB is booming! There are many talented players and a growing base of passionate fans looking for great MLBB action. We are excited to be partnering with Yoodo to satisfy both professional players and fans alike with a line-up of incredible tournaments all throughout 2021,” said Michael Lin, Esports Business Development and Marketing Manager for MPL MY.  

Owning the Competition with RSG – MLBB & Call of Duty: Mobile  

Yoodo also announced a strategic partnership with RSG MY which sees the announcement of a brand-new MLBB esports team, Yoodo RSG MLBB, a new challenger in the MLBB competitive arena.

The team features Logan – Abdul Wandi, Tank/Support; Leixia - Ahmad Ali Huzaifi, Mid/Core; Zaraki – Jamil, Offlane; Rush – Herwin, Tank; Kaizer – Isme Haqeem, Offlane; Lolealz – Ealtond Rayner, Offlane; and Syno – Mohamad Amir Afdhal.

The new collaboration also sees the Telco expanding a stronger presence in Call of Duty: Mobile as the partnership also sees the announcement of the brand-new Yoodo RSG CODM team. 

The team will be led by the highly talented Yoodo RanGer Abdul Hakiem, who has been prolific at winning international and national tournaments over the past three years. He will be joined by Edz – Farris Rauf, AlphaRe – Muhammad Azri, Raven – Ameer Imran and Derp – Muhammad Irfan Danial. Further details on the team can be found in supplementary factsheet. 

The two teams with RSG MY and Yoodo personal at the virtual announcement event

Commenting on the partnership Aiman Wafiy, Operations Manager at RSG MY said, “We are all about connecting with the esports community in unique ways to create champions in all competitions. When it came to expanding our presence in Malaysia, it was clear from the get-go that – with their passion for esports, Yoodo would be the perfect partner. Now we are excited to see how this partnership can take our talented players further.”

New Warriors Enter the Battlefield 

Yoodo also unveiled a refreshed roster for their highly popular and successful PUBG MOBILE esports team – Yoodo Gank. The new line-up sees Wrydep – Azim Haris, Entry Fragger; Putra – Fairul Iskandar Putra, Rusher/Fragger; and Bravo – Lokman Hakim, Rusher/Fragger join mainstays Draxx – Abdul Azim Ikromi, Sniper and team captain ManParang – Aiman Amirul.

“We’re extremely happy to welcome Wrydep, Putra, and Bravo onboard Yoodo Gank,” shared Kevin Wong, Yoodo Gank Team Manager and CEO of Wulf Esports. “These skilled players have already shown tremendous commitment to the team and they are working very hard under the watchful eyes of our coach Hahagus to develop good chemistry among them and the existing players, Draxx and Manparang. I would say Yoodo Gank is wholly geared up and ready to bring us some great winning moments this year!” 

“Yoodo Gank has been one of the most successful PUBG MOBILE teams in Malaysia and with this new roster we believe the team will only continue to set new records and build upon their legacy. We look forward to the exciting dynamic that the new players will bring with them and wish the team the best of luck!” added Tuck Mun.

For events and updates of Yoodo's esports news, head to their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/yoodoMY/

For Yoodo telco plans and offerings, you can check it out at their official website: https://www.yoodo.com.my/

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  1. I love playing mobile legends a lot...the only downside...is when you get terrible teammates...

    1. Yeah, really need to get someone who can play as a team and non toxic!

  2. My nephews play them all the time and they often had verbal wars instead. The youngsters are scary.

    1. Yeah... the players can be very toxic, I play it on a daily basis but I am immune to it and don't bother at all. Hahaha


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