Royal Canin Malaysia Amps Up Partnership with to Promote Adoption of Cats and Dogs

While an enormous number of human lives have been severely affected since COVID-19 reared its head more than a year ago, the pandemic has also taken attention away from another group of creatures that are in need of urgent attention. Every day across Malaysia, hundreds of abandoned and stray dogs and cats are in need of good homes and “parents” to care for these “fur babies”. 

Realising this serious plight, Royal Canin Malaysia, a leading brand in health and nutrition for cats and dogs, has embarked on a partnership with, a digital web portal dedicated to finding homes for stray, abandoned and rescued dogs and cats. Since the partnership began in June 2020, Royal Canin and have found permanent, loving homes for more than 900 animals throughout the country. 

Following the programme’s initial success, Royal Canin Malaysia and have augmented their collaboration through a number of initiatives to improve efficacy and promote a higher level of quality care for adopted pets, while continuing to rehome cats and dogs from rescuers and shelters. 

“At Royal Canin, we are convinced that the Pets make a better world for humans and it’s the reason why our mission is to make a better world for them!” said Francois-Regis Poncon, General Manager at Royal Canin Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. “Being a pet owner is far more than just providing shelter and food for them. For us, it is important that these pets live in a safe, healthy and happy environment. Looking after a pet is a long-term commitment and responsibility. We actively advocate for responsible pet ownership to our customers and pet owners so that they understand the importance of the health and wellbeing of their pets. “

“Strays and abandoned cats and dogs, in particular, truly deserve a home where they can live with the best care they deserve. This is why we strongly promote pet adoption and embarked on this partnership with – the first of its kind for us. After yielding positive results since we set out on this journey last June, we have decided to take this meaningful collaboration up a notch to provide a better experience for adopters at while finding more loving homes for cats and dogs,” he added. 

Pet lovers who adopt pets from will receive a pet care starter pack, containing a bag of pet food and accessories, with the opportunity to become members of the Royal Canin Club. Launched in August 2020, the club is designed to educate and guide pet owners in Malaysia through a proprietary mobile Application about the best practices of pet care through informative and engaging content on topics such as diet and nutrition, digestive health, neonatal and ageing care, skin and coat care, pet training and behaviours, and the general wellbeing of dogs and cats. 

"We are immensely grateful to Royal Canin Malaysia for upping the ante with this enhanced Starter Pack programme, which is even more attractive and intuitive. Thousands of homeless animals were rewarded with increased awareness and adoptions, and we are optimistic that this renewed effort would bring forth even more happy stories and healthy pets; as well as inspire more creative collaborations between compassionate corporations, animal welfare organisations and pet lovers," said Andy Koh,’s Founder.

I adopted Glen when he was a few months old, he grew up to be such a big boy and has been a very loyal companion.

Through the app, adopters will also receive Health Check Vouchers, to encourage owners to bring their adopted pets in for regular, periodic health checks at registered veterinary clinics. The app will also give Royal Canin Club members the opportunity to earn points which they can use towards the redemption of Royal Canin pet food and premia for their adopted pets.

Royal Canin is also leveraging on its position as an advocate for the welfare and wellbeing of pets by improving its dedicated “You Must Know” section on containing vital information on the rescue of strays, as well as crucial care guidelines for caring for dogs and cats. The quarterly updated section also features “Jom Talk Pets!”, a podcast series specially created by Royal Canin, to further guide adopters through their journey into “pet parenthood”. 

These efforts, which will be promoted by Royal Canin through various media platforms and social media channels, will be further boosted by periodic events and webinars for adopters and pet owners organised by Royal Canin to provide essential care tips further drive home the importance of responsible pet care and ownership.

“It is our hope that through these efforts together with, there will be more awareness on the importance stepping up to care for stray and abandoned cats and dogs and welcoming them into their homes,” said Francois. 

I adopted my 2nd cat Bailey a few years ago and she has been the "queen" in my humble abode. She's wearing a pillow collar because she has a skin problem on her back.

He added that although the initial Movement Control Order period which began in March last year saw a rise in cases of pet abandonment, the collaboration with saw an increase in cat adoption since January 2021. However, he noted there was a marked decline in dog adoption. 

“This is rather sad to see. People are more inclined to adopt cats, probably due to their smaller size, as well as ease and affordability of care, as compared to dogs. There is also the negative perception of mongrels and local dog breeds which are neglected within many communities. However, in actuality, they are as great and loveable as purebreds, if not more.  We sincerely hope that those looking to adopt a dog would consider doing so. We implore those who are ready and have the means to help – especially if you do not have any living space limitations – to adopt and open your home to these stray dogs,” he explained. 

Potential adopters can head to to find out more. Those who are unable to adopt can still support the initiative by referring to the stray rescue booklet at to discover the many options they have to help within their limits. 

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