WIP Welcomes the Return of Dine-in Patrons with New Exciting Flavours

 Almost two years into the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants across the city continue to close or downsize, some because their concepts could not be adapted for takeout and delivery, but more often because their owners saw no other choice but to roll their shutters down. The SOULed OUT Group however has been able to persevere and continue to hold its presence as one of Kuala Lumpur’s leading F&B purveyors with its list of entertainment haunts.

Tomyam Fettuccine

Always ahead of the curve and prepped for action, Kuala Lumpur’s favourite happy hour hang-out, WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), welcomes the return of dine-in customers with open arms and an array of new dishes and beverages. Boasting over 80 different dishes, the refreshed menu reflects the brands vision of bringing scrumptious delicacies that tantalise tastebuds to its customers whilst simultaneously ensuring that it does not burn a hole in one’s pocket.

Black Angus Fried Kway Teow

Ranging from bar snacks, soups, salads and appetisers to Western, Asian, Indian and pasta and pizza mains, catered by four different kitchens, WIP BSC is poised to deliver meals made only with the freshest and finest ingredients. WIP Group Chef, Azlan Mansor has kept crowd pleasers such as the Coastal Aglio Olio, Slow Braised Mutton Varuval and Chicken Makanwala which have become permanent fixtures, whilst other menu items such as the Black Angus Fried Kway Teow have had a recipe make-over to cater to the more sophisticated palates of today’s food lover. 

Short Ribs Nasi Lemak

He has also added to the delectable range of unique entrées such as the Short Rib Nasi Lemak, Kashmiri Lamb Rack and the Seafood Tom Yum Fettuccine that infuses the best of both Asian and European cuisine, which are exclusively available only at WIP.

The beverage menu has also been elevated by the group’s new Bar Maestro, Alvin Au Yong. Having plied his trade in some of the best watering holes in the region, namely The Library (Singapore), Nutmeg & Clove (Singapore), Golden Monkey (Melbourne) and Baker Street Social (Bali), Alvin returns to his homeland with more than just bartending flair up his sleeve. Rendering new liquid specialities that veer towards new-age concoctions like Djinn & Tonic, Fresaquiri and Orientini, the latest beverage menu delivers an elegant selection made with all natural ingredients and the finest range of spirits.  

Alvin Au Yong - SOULed OUT Group Bar Maestro

“Encapsulating various elements of the city’s enchanting charm, from its colourful heritage to the plethora of cultures, our upcoming menu aims to transport guest’s taste buds back to the city that never sleeps. Our team have created a food and beverage menu that will see our guests eat and drink their way through the rich diversity of Malaysia’s local and international offerings, one bite and sip at a time,” said Nelson How, Group Marketing Head of SOULed OUT Group.

WIP Latest Cocktails

Stringent SOPs have also been put in place to ensure that guests enjoy peace of mind while dining out. With ample open-air dining for better ventilation, vaccinated staff are equipped with face shields, face masks and strict dine-in requirements which will enable customers to enjoy a day or night out without any qualms. 

With a stronghold on urban renewal, WIP will continue to embrace the new and bring exciting experiences to its patrons. Don’t forget to also keep watch on the new WIP opening in the heart of Kuala Lumpur this coming October.  

For more information, log onto: https://www.facebook.com/wip.kl/

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  1. I'm not into fusion but everything looks really good. I'd go for the Short Ribs Nasi Lemak - those short ribs sure look like a killer!!! Drool! Drool!!!

    1. Same here. I wouldn’t mind trying everything! Hehehe…


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