Laugh and Luxuriate to the Stars with Hennessy X.O

Imagine being feted to a private “by-invitation-only” virtual dessert-making session hosted by local comedy powerhouse Douglas Lim. Or perhaps, if preferred, luxuriating in a leather-craftsmanship session with Hong Kong icon Benjamin Yuen? 

World’s finest cognac presents The Odyssey Experience treating consumers to exclusive events with Douglas Lim and Benjamin Yuen

Even better, imagine being able to indulge in either one together with others, while savouring an exquisite glass of Hennessy X.O – arguably the world’s finest cognac - all within the comfort and safety of your own home.

Seems a little far-fetched and “out there”, perhaps. However, this is exactly what Malaysians will have the opportunity to experience this November. 

This comes thanks to The Odyssey Experience, Hennessy’s ongoing experiential campaign that seeks to engage its customers through an Odyssey of greatness that is Hennessy X.O. Consumers who purchase either a 35cl bottle of Hennessy X.O from the brand’s official online store on Shopee will be eligible to redeem an exclusive invitation from Inner Club to attend either event limited to 200 participants per session. That’s all there is to it – it’s really that simple.

Both the dessert and leather-craftsmanship sessions – all presented live via the Zoom virtual platform - are specially designed to showcase the depth and intricacy of Hennessy X.O. The former focusing on the Seven Worlds, alluding to the elixir’s Seven Tasting Notes – Sweet Note, Rising Heat, Spicy Edge, Flowing Flame, Chocolate Lull, Wood Crunches and Infinite Echo; while the latter draws a parallel between leathermaking and the cognac’s 250-year history of craftsmanship.

All participants will also receive a complimentary DIY Dessert Kit that emulates Hennessy X.O’s Seven Tasting Notes and a dish from one of the participating restaurants or a DIY Leather Kit for a key holder and card holder, depending on which event they choose to attend. 

Hennessy X.O was created upon the same foundations, as a request from Maurice Hennessy himself for an ‘Extra Old’ cognac to enjoy with his closest family and friends. At its core, Hennessy X.O is meant to be enjoyed with the people who matter. As a modern brand, we aim to go a step further by curating totally redefined and complementary experiences that create and strengthen bonds over a shared passion of Hennessy X.O, delving into its heritage and roots. These sessions in particular will host 200 participants each which provides the opportunity for more of our customers to embark on this eye-opening experience centered around the intricacy of Hennessy X.O,” said Thomas Bouleuc, Managing Director of Moet Hennessy Diageo (MHD) Malaysia and Singapore. 

An evening of dessert-making with comedian Douglas Lim and Shing Queen

If laughter is the best medicine, then this event will truly be a cure-all panacea. 

Hosted by local comedy powerhouse, Douglas Lim, this session will be held at 7.30pm on 11th and 12th November. Douglas will guide the participants in making their desserts while infusing his charm and wit to make it an insightful and enjoyable time. The DIY Dessert Kit will be sent to participants prior to the event and they will learn about the Seven Worlds of Hennessy X.O and how it’s incorporated into what they’re making.

It’s great that Hennessy is bringing people together albeit virtually. It’s an interesting concept that they’ve curated, I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it – a dessert making session with a comedian! I look forward to raising a glass with the attendees and having a memorable time,” said Douglas.

Douglas with the help of Shing Queen will be answering questions and letting the jokes fly all while guiding participants on a both luxurious and humorous journey to putting together their very own dessert. 

Consumers who purchase their Hennessy X.O bottles before 4th November will be eligible to participate in this event. 

Discover the finesse of leather craftsmanship with Benjamin Yuen and Zhu Ren 

This leather craftsmanship session will be held at 8.00pm on 19th and 20th November hosted by Zhu Ren. 

Also present will be Hong Kong icon, Benjamin Yuen who will perform a medley of songs for the participants. Benjamin is most known for winning the Mr Hong Kong Contest in 2007 starring in the hit TV series The Hippocratic Crush. The actor is a fan favourite in Malaysia having bagged six awards at the TVB Star Awards Malaysia over the course of his career.

I’m a big fan of Hennessy and am really excited to be part of this intimate experience with my Malaysian fans. I’ve never participated in a leathermaking session before so I’m eager to see what it’s all about. Glad that I get to be part of this and looking forward to performing some of my favourite tunes,” said Benjamin.

Participants will be sent their very own personalised DIY Leather Craftsmanship kits, with which they will experience firsthand a Leather Crafting workshop by Tyde Leather Goods, before being serenaded live by Benjamin Yuen himself. 

To be eligible to participate in this activity, participants will have to purchase their Hennessy X.O bottles by 7th November. 

Participants of both the dessert and leather craftsmanship events will also stand to win a number of attractive prizes in a lucky draw which will be held after every event. 

To sign up for either session, head on over to Hennessy Malaysia’s official online store on Shopee and purchase either a 35cl bottle of Hennessy X.O and redeem your invite on Hennessy’s Inner Club. For more information and to be amongst the first to find out the latest, exclusive updates, head over to Hennessy Malaysia’s Facebook Page.

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