Home Cinema Entertainment Brand JMGO Shapes the Future of Living Spaces with Innovative Design Thinking

Since 2011, JMGO has been transforming home projectors, which are traditionally thought to be in the consumer technology category, into a new kind of lifestyle product. Their relentless efforts to redefine the role of projectors, in relation to humans and the home environment, has been the bedrock for innovation. This revelation translates into a new design language that embraces a humanistic and life-centric principle that explores ideas of home, family, and togetherness.

JMGO U2, Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K Tri-color Laser Projector, which launched on Indiegogo on September 7, 2021 has raised over half a million dollars to date, which is 50 times their original fundraising goal. The project truly exemplifies the team’s adamant standard in creating that cinematic experience for everyone.

An ideal cinematic experience is a combination of three key components: 4K UHD big screen picture quality, premium acoustics audio, and striking industrial design. JMGO boasts a great projector experience through its strong team of in-house graphic experts, acoustics engineers and industrial designers with over 20 years in the field. The team balances rational and emotional perspectives. Product managers are responsible for equipping the product with the most competitive specs in the industry while acoustics engineers and industrial designers breathe life to the product from a humanistic perspective.

Providing an authentic big screen experience is the core value of U2. To make the 4K UHD quality picture even sharper, JMGO’s in-house graphic experts place further efforts in upgrading the performance of the high dynamic range (HDR) to bring more contrasts, depths and more details in pictures. The team will continue to make enhancements and deliver more upgrades via over-the-air programming (OTA).

When it comes to the exquisite, yet powerful, design of JMGO U2 - the craftsmanship of the product adopted a geometric and ornamental design to draw the eye to the speakers, which output mesmerizing sounds with a functional purpose. The design of premium speakers co-created with Dynaudio is commonly seen in high end speaker brands. The color, material, and finish (CMF) selected is an earthy silver tone that blends seamlessly into any interior decor. The durable aluminum of the inverted cone design amplifies the acoustics, and a matte finish gives extra polish to the sophistication of the product.

JMGO aims to breathe life into their projectors while blending seamlessly into every living space. With a strong belief that humans are at the core of the home, JMGO’s role is to develop technology that facilitates genuine and engaging interaction.

JMGO U2 is now available to worldwide customers at $2,099 USD on Indiegogo. Shipping has already begun as the campaign runs. JMGO is also offering accessories to complement the viewing experience, including multiple options of ambient light rejecting (ALR) screens to enjoy the optimal brightness (3600 ANSI Lumens) from in-house brand and other projector screens company, Elite Screen and Vividstorm, as well as the JMGO 3D glasses.

For more details, please visit the Indiegogo campaign page and JMGO’s social media accounts.

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