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Do you enjoy shopping online and having the ease of browsing through all the assortment of goods on your fingertip? Well I do! On the 16th of December, I was invited to attend the official launch of TopzMall which took place at Sunway Resort Hotel in Petaling Jaya. At the launch, TopzMall has launched its “2022 CNY Goods Campaign” and has officially appointed Jeryl Lee Pei Ling as the campaign ambassador.

As for my readers whom are not familiar with Jeryl Lee, she is our very own Malaysian young singer from Penang who won the Watercube Singing Contest for Overseas Chinese Teenagers in Beijing at the age of 14, participated in the well known Sing! China show at the age of 16 and ranked among the top six finalists where she has impressed Chinese singers such as Na Ying, Jay Chou, Wang Fei and Harlem Yu. The appointment of Jeryl ought to be effectively boost the presence of Malaysian cultural products and TopzMall 2022 CNY Goods onto international platforms.

TopzMall provides a variety of sales strategies and training, including sales trainings, promotional videos with product highlights and a call to action (CTA) towards international users on trending social media platforms to motivate their buying desire. This training programmes are specially created for every merchant who joined TopzMall.

Aside from that, merchants will be able to enjoy access to free creative content services from TopzMall to promote their products and create a good e-commerce ecosystem. The marketplace will also help merchants export their products to China, Vietnam and Philippines. 

At the launch event, there are plenty of experience booths set up by some of the SMEs that have participated in the TopzMall e-commence platform. If you have seen those cute robot servers in restaurants, Keenon Robotics Malaysia is one of the company that provides food delivery robot, disinfection robot, hotel robot and many more.

One of my favourite courier company, J&T Express which is one of the delivery service provider in TopzMall. I am quite amazed with how they fast they have expand in Malaysia and I have used them to deliver parcel to Sabah and Sarawak as well!

Products such as foot patch, combated cream to treat skin infections and to healthy food supliments such as brown rice powder are also available on the platform.

For those who recognize our national men's double badminton player, Tan Boon Heong is the brand ambassador for Aik Cheong Coffee and yes, you can purchase them from the platform as well. #JgnGanjiong

I spotted blogger Eddie Rush, who was so interested to find out more information about this Biosilk ladies sanitary pad for his wife which contain herbal benefits that can reduce menstruation pain.

At the experience booths, they also showcase some herbal tea which is really good for current hot and raining weather, not to forget that we also need to keep wearing our face mask, sanitize our hands and disinfect all the surfaces that we will be touching to prevent the infection of Covid-19.

What's more interesting is the wide range of P'sang condom for the couples who actively enjoy their intimate session but always remember to have protection at all time! As for Jorayc products, they provides a wide range of products for those in need to use shampoo for sensitive scalp, scalp detoxification, therapy serum, mist and many more.

ASKPERT is an smartphone application that works as an review information hub that solve all questions before making a purchase decision. They have collaborated with TopzMall to provide consumers on the product reviews that can benefit both consumers and merchants. If you are someone who likes to review products that you have bought online, you can do it on ASKPERT and at the same time you can earn coins to redeem some attractive prizes. You can download the app on Google Playstore and Apple App Store now.

CEO of TopzMall Mr. Calvert Choo giving his speech at the launch event

TopzMall was established in 2020 in Malaysia and caters to small business owners and brand managers across Southeast Asia. The platform was established with an aim of creating an e-commerce mini programme to build up self-domain traffic and unlock sales channels, provide creative sales strategies to improve sales performance; adopt KOL marketing strategy to increase brand popularity, and offer one-to-one guide courses for Malaysia SMEs.

Mdm Carol Fung, Senior Manager, Partners Engagement at MDEC encourages SMEs to engage online platforms such as TopzMall to better promote their products

In support of the marketplace and the campaign, Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and Selangor Information Technology & Digital Economy Corporation (SIDEC) encourages all SMEs and traditional businesses in Malaysia to digitalise their businesses by joining platforms such as TopzMall to better promote their products.

Selangor Information Technology & Digital Economy Corporation (SIDEC) will help to promote the Selangor Digital Transformation Plan, cultivate Selangor’s digital talents, and narrow the digital gap; promote Selangor’s start-ups as regional technology symbols; empower Selangor SMEs in digitalisation; encourage Selangor’s digital and technology investment.

Jeryl Lee appointed as TopzMall 2022 CNY Goods Campaign Ambassador. At the launch event, she was asked about what's her favourite dish to enjoy during Chinese New Year and she replied that her favourite was steamboat where everyone can come together as a family to enjoy a heart warming dish.

Present at the event, Malaysian Celebrity Chef, Chef Ivan presented exclusive gifts, Poon Choi and Buddha Jumping Over The Wall to TopzMall Chief Executive Officer, Calvert Choo and TopzMall 2022 CNY Goods Campaign Ambassador Jeryl Lee Pei Ling. 

From left: Celebrity Chef Ivan, CEO of TopzMall Mr. Calvert Choo and TopzMall 2022 CNY Goods Campaign Ambassador Jeryl Lee (photo credit to TopzMall)

The Poon Choi and Buddha Jumping Over The Wall will also be listed on TopzMall as the main products of 2022 CNY Goods Campaign with special prices. 

From left: Mr. Ivan Tan - Ms. Shirley - Mr.Ahmad Salman Bin Ahmad Fua_ad- Madam Carol Fung- Mr. Calvert Choo - Ms. Jeryl Lee- Datuk Ringo Low- Mr. Simon Wong at the ice breaking ceremony.

Despite being a new player in the e-commerce market, the platform has managed a strong sales performance surpassing RM 16 million year over year and with strong support from well-known brands, TopzMall is determined to become one of the largest online shopping platforms in Asia.

For consumers, we can easily start shopping by following the three simple steps above. TopzMall also provides free listing services and sales courses for SMEs who are interested to join the platform.

I managed to take a quick photo with Jeryl Lee at the launch event. I have watched her on Youtube for so many years and finally I got to meet her in person. A little star-struck moment for me there!

Last but not least, do check out the Official Grand Launch of TopzMall video highlights below.

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You can download the app and start shopping on TopzMall today!

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  1. You should have set up your booth too, no? I mean this will be a good opportunity for you to brand your coffee.

    1. That's actually a good idea but I have not joined as merchant yet at that point of time. I'll consider to set up one in future! :)


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