Open the Door to Limitless Possibilities at Restaurant ABSURDITIES

If it’s an outrageous dining experience you seek, look no further than Restaurant ABSURDITIES. The first of its kind in the world, ABSURDITIES offers an unthinkably absurd fun-dining experience designed to intrigue your every sense.

Expect the unexpected in ANDSOFORTH’s outrageous fun-dining experience.

Arriving at a centrally-located shophouse hidden from plain view, you’re encouraged to leave your inhibitions at the door and allow yourself to be transported to an alternate reality through the most absurdly mind-bending dishes that will knock your senses silly. Unlike typical restaurants, ABSURDITIES take diners on a literal gastronomic journey, as they physically travel through six unique rooms over the course of their meal. Each room is intricately designed to enhance and highlight the respective course served, where every little detail from the tableware to the menu is carefully tailored to create an immersive experience that brings out the sheer absurdity of the sensorial dining experience. 

Cereal not cereal

It is perhaps no surprise then that the idea for ABSURDITIES was born from the minds of creators Stuart Wee and Emily Png, best known as the founders of ANDSOFORTH. Fans of the company will already be familiar with their multi-room immersive dining experiences, such as the critically acclaimed Valhalla and the Chambers of Asgard (2019) and the Around The World In 80 Days Book Analysis Workshop (2020). 

The Kitchen

The idea to start a restaurant playing on the multi-room concept was born when Stuart and Emily began to grow tired of being stuck in Singapore over the last year. Both founders felt that they needed something drastically different from the traditional dining experience, something entirely novel to excite their senses and palates – as though they ‘travelled’ to another country or dimension. 

Black Dunes

“As Singaporeans, our undeniable love for food has brought us to some of the world's best restaurants. But when it comes down to the experience, we noticed that they were mostly similar. That’s something we wanted to redefine with ABSURDITIES,” explains Emily Png, co-founder of ANDSOFORTH. 

Wizard's Library

To turn ABSURDITIES into a reality, ANDSOFORTH knew they needed an A-Team they could trust to get the job done. Enter ABSURDITIES Head Chef Jason Ang, one of ANDSOFORTH’s most frequent collaborators and the brains behind their dinner menus. No stranger to coming up with fresh and intricate menu concepts, Chef Jason works closely with ANDSOFORTH to produce its novel line-up of dishes that promises to ignite all your senses. Based on the idea of ‘familiarity meets the unexpected’, these dishes will primarily be crafted from common ingredients, but astound with theatricality in their presentation and unexpected flavours, further enhancing the idea that anything is possible. 

Tree of Old

“We want to hear diners exclaim in surprise and be awestruck by the dishes in each room. After all, absurd times call for absurd experiences," says Stuart Wee, creative director and cofounder of ANDSOFORTH. 

The Library

As for the spatial design, ABSURDITIES will be delivering on the same high-production value which ANDSOFORTH has become synonymous with. Diners will begin at an unassuming speakeasy entrance, before traversing through an infinity mirror tunnel, which symbolises infinite possibilities. Thereafter, they’ll discover hidden doors transporting them to locales as far-flung as a mystical jungle, a suburban American kitchen from the ‘50s, a Moroccan tent in the middle of the desert, and even the cabin of a luxurious private jet. 

First Class Cabin

At restaurant ABSURDITIES, the only thing you should expect, is the unexpected. Step forth into a realm of infinite possibilities and prepare to be open-mouthed in wonder with each dazzling course, and a surprise on every corner. The only limit is your imagination. ABSURDITIES is housed at a secret location. They are open Thursdays to Saturdays, 6.30pm - 10.30pm. Entry is strictly via pre-booking, with tickets and more information available at

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  1. Singapore? Absurd is the word. Gimmick! I'm old school.
    Just give me a simple place with nice wholesome food, thank you very much. LOL!!!

    1. F&B is very competitive lately... a lot of things are being done to attract the younger generations and I see this as a good initiative


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