Common Man Coffee Roasters TTDI New All-Day Menu (Food Review)

It was a beautiful morning on the last day of the month back in June. I was invited to a tasting session at Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR). Located strategically at one of the familiar landmark in Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) which occupied the ground floor of Plaza Vads. Originated from Singapore, CMCR has been opened since 2016. Although they have been opened for about six years now, I have not gotten any chance to try out their coffee and food yet.

As you read through my review, I will try my best to mention as much details as possible and my own personal thoughts. They are showcasing three new menu items and four existing menu items on their all-day menu. I have also tried two different coffee at CMRC although I wished that I could try more but I know my body wouldn't react well to too much caffeine consumed on a single day. Haha!!

Umami Mushroom Avocado Toast (RM32)

Let's go through what's new at CMCR first. To begin with, the first new menu item is the Umami Mushroom Avocado Toast. The main ingredients here are the sautéed mixed wild mushrooms on top of toasted sourdough focaccia. The focaccia slices were spread with avocado season and lemon juice. There were also some red onion pickle, young pea shoots and herb oil added. I found out from the press release that the herb oil is made from fresh herb trimmings left from herbs used for garnishing to minimise food wastage. That's actually pretty nice I would say. 

As someone who loves wild mushroom and avocado, I really enjoyed the taste of this dish. It taste healthy but the umami really hits me at the right spot. Will I be full having just this as my main course? Maybe not. I would probably order this as a side dish for sharing.

Common Man Caesar Salad (RM33)

The second new menu item is the Common Man Caesar Salad. This bowl of salad consist of butterhead lettuce, grilled brussel sprouts, creamy stracciatella cheese, chicken breast, focaccia croutons & manchego cheese caesar dressing. This salad is somehow familiar but at the same time new to me because the grill the brussel sprouts which gives it a slight charred taste to it and the manchego cheese makes it more buttery in comparison to the parmesan which is usually used on the classic Caesar salad. Do I like it? Yes, absolutely.

Smashed Burger (RM45)

The last new menu item is the Smashed Burger which is made from their house-made beef patties, cheddar cheese, onion jam, lettuce, beetroot BBQ sauce and herb fries. I like the flavour of this American style burger that has a good balance of sweet and tangy beetroot BBQ sauce. It's flavourful, the greens were fresh and the toasted brioche bun were excellent. The only let down was the patty itself was on the dry side, probably overcooked. I can only imagine if it was perfectly timed, it could have been crispy on the outside and really juicy on the inside. By the way, the herb fries were great.

Common Man Full Breakfast (RM43)

I would always go for big breakfast whenever I am having brunch with my family or friends and CMCR's version is called Common Man Full Breakfast. It comes with two free range organic eggs in any style (above is the scrambled version), served with streaky beef, chicken herb sausage, herbed roma tomatoes, housemade hash browns, portobello mushrooms, house-made beans (cannellini beans are slow cooked with tomato, and chicken ham) and wholemeal sourdough toast. I like every single item on this plate but the one that gave me the deepest impression were the chicken herb sausage and portobello mushrooms. The sausage was flavourful but not too salty for my liking and the mushroom has a deep earthy flavour to it.

Turkish Common Man Breakfast (RM39)

One of the unique menu item which I found in CMCR is the Turkish Common Man Breakfast. Phyllo wrapped soft boiled egg, crispy feta, pumpkin hummus, fresh cucumber, pomegranate and fresh herbs salsa, pita bread and honey. I like how the runny egg is wrapped in the net of crispy deep fried phyllo. According to the press release, it is an organic egg from... NZ (New Zealand?). It's probably cause Malaysia is still having chicken and eggs shortage, that's why we import the eggs from there. I don't know, I am just joking here. The balance between sweet and savoury of this dish and the freshness of the herbs made it unexpectedly appetizing.

Chilli Chicken (RM41)

Last but not least, we had the Chilli Chicken. The chicken breast is marinated with chilli, lemon, garlic and herbs, then grilled to perfection. It's served with avocado salsa, crushed sweet potato, burnt lemon, harissa and a rocket salad. The chicken breast did not feel dry at all but it was tender and juicy. The chicken has a low to middle level of spiciness and easily toned down with the excellent avocado salsa.

Flat White (RM13)

As for the coffee, I ordered their flat white. It's something that I will always order if I see it listed on the menu in any cafe. Looking at the visual, the microfoam steamed milk was nicely done. I did taste the smoothness of the milk combined with the medium dark roasted coffee extracted from their espresso machine. It did has a slight acidity aftertaste to it but I am totally fine with that.

Cold Brew (RM16)

The second coffee that I had to wash down the food is their Cold Brew. This felt a little underwhelming to me because I thought it will come in a bottle where I can top up the glass on my own. It's visually attractive to look at with the huge ball of ice and dried citrus fruit as garnish but the downside of this is, the coffee taste will soon be diluted. That's why I personally prefer to top up my cold brew myself from the bottle instead. Well, that's a good lesson for me to learn if I want to order cold brew the next time. CMCR's cold brew is leaning towards the sourish side which I am not a fan of.

My conclusion: There are some nice choices of food to have in CMCR with different complexity of flavour on different type of dishes. The prices are a bit on the higher side but I think the good level of comfort, ambiance and efficient service provided by the staff is also what we are also paying for. Umami Mushroom Avocado Toast and Chilli Chicken are my two favourite dishes at the tasting session. The staff are also well trained and knowledgeable on coffee, so I might go back and try out their other coffee next time.

Do click on the menu above to view in larger size.

Common Man Coffee Roasters @ TTDI (Pork free)
Plaza Vads, A-G-1 New Podium, 1, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, 60000 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours:
8am to 5pm on weekdays 
8am to 6pm on weekends
(Opens daily)

Telephone no.: 03-77317095

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  1. That's a lot of food, did you eat all that? haha

    1. For sharing ma. We finished everything! Haha


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