Rich and Creamy European Butter, Mega Food Butter Launched in Malaysia

Hey guys, recently I was invited to attend the launch of the latest Danish butter by Mega Food. The launch event took place in PC Cooking Studio at Petaling Jaya and attended by members of the media, bloggers and KOLs as well.

Rich and creamy European Mega Food Butter contains more than 80% butter fat making it perfect for all your kitchen adventures.

Mega Food, part of SCC Marketing has announced its newest Mega Food Butter as a price-conscious alternative for discerning Malaysians who do not compromise on taste and quality. Established in 2003, SCC Marketing is one of Malaysia’s market leaders for FMCG products such as Bundaberg, CED, Mega Fresh, Selva and more.

Some information about types of butter presented during the launch event

Originating from Denmark, Mega Food Butter stands out amongst other brands with its desirable trait of containing over 80% pure butter fat content. Mega Food Butter’s high butterfat content in milk has a softer, smoother, melt-in-your-mouth texture without feeling greasy.

This butter is made from pure cream of fresh cow’s milk and it is a creamery butter free from flavouring and the fermentation process of lactic butter, which contains lactic acid and a tangy flavour. Its rich golden colour is free from preservatives and colourings, making it nutritious, natural and healthy. In addition, its high butter fat content means it cuts clean when sliced, whereas compared to other brands with lower butterfat, butters often crumble. Mega Food Butter also contains vitamin D, a vital nutrient for bone growth and development. It also has calcium, which is essential for bone strength.

At the event, in-house Chef Edward Chui performed a live cooking demonstration using the Mega Food Butter. Below are some of the dishes done by Chef Edward Chui:-

Mushroom Bruschetta

Apple Strudel

Ham and Cheese Toast

Grilled Salmon with Butter Rice

A recent taste test (source: internal survey conducted with 50 blind taste testers in April 2022) showed almost 80% of the tasters preferred the richer flavour and price of the Mega Food Butter over competitors. “Chefs, avid or new, home cooks can look forward to highly moist butter, which allows for smoother incorporation of flavours in cooking recipes and a milky, sweet flavour that enhances baking recipes or when used on its own as a spread,” says Brian Chan, Head of Food Service, SCC Marketing.

Chef Edward Chui posing with his dishes

He adds, “Mega Food Butter is perfect for any occasion in the kitchen, from baking to cooking, as a spread or just about anything you want to make in the kitchen.” The market for dairy products, such as butter, has increased with the growing number of bakers, chefs, and businesses who have sprung up cooking during the lockdown. With a marked increase in consumer awareness, with more than 70% (source: of Malaysian families paying more attention to the amount spent on food, Mega Food Butter is responding to the market's rising demand for premium dairy products at affordable prices.

Mega Food Butter has a wide range of versatility which is suitable for many dishes or even simply spreading it on a slice of toast.

As part of Mega Food's growth expansion plan to increase its market share for its dairy product line established in 2019, Mega Food Butter is one of the first few products in its “Own Brand” line. With a forecasted growth of at least 25% in the next three months, consumers can look forward to more product rollouts. Currently, Mega Food also distributes Mega Food Australian Cheddar Sliced Cheese.

KOL Chef Azirah Alyanie also did a live cooking demonstration at the launch

"We are pleased to introduce Mega Food’s creamery butter to Malaysians because we believe anyone should be able to cook with the best ingredients and not be limited by cost. With this in mind, we set out to source from reputable farms and firms across the globe who share the same business philosophies and values - helping and inspiring Malaysians to get more out of life without the hefty price tag,” says Mr Ong Wui Chuan, Sales Director, SCC Marketing.

From left: Mr Ong Wui Chuan (Sales Director), Ms Looi Hooi Chin (Trade Marketing Manager), Ms Ann Lee Chooi Kin (Food Service Manager), Mr Brian Chan Lai Kian (Head of Food Service)

You can purchase this Mega Food Butter from beginning of June 2022 onward and it will be available in salted and unsalted versions in 250g in the butter aisle throughout the country at major supermarkets at the recommended price of RM12.50.

To find out more information, recipes and cooking tips related to Mega Food Butter, head on to their website at

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  1. RM12.50 is not too bad. Wouldn't mind giving it a try if it is available here. I always buy Australian or New Zealand butter.

    1. The other brand I always buy has increased their price so now this is the lowest in the market. Huhuhu


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