Vietnamese Cuisine at Rasa Viet, The Sphere (Food Review)

I have never considered Vietnamese cuisine as one of my top five favourite cuisine. Ever since then I had a pleasant experience with Vietnamese food back in 2015 during my trip to Melbourne, I started to enjoy it more and often craving for it now. In this post, I will be reviewing one of the Vietnamese restaurant situated at The Sphere, Bangsar South.

Although I love drinking coffee, I did underestimated the strength of Vietnamese coffee when I had it many years ago. It is definitely not something that a normal coffee drinker should gulp it down but I still always look forward to having it when I have Vietnamese food.

Vietnamese Milk Drip Coffee (Hot/Cold) RM9.90

You can order this Vietnamese coffee in black or with milk which is the sweetened condensed milk. The dark roasted coffee slowly dripped through the metal filter (phin) and it has a strong and intense coffee flavour. I tasted an aromatic and rich coffee flavour that has a hint of chocolaty and vanilla-ish after taste. I personally prefer to drink it cold instead of hot due to the potentness of both coffee and milk.

Salty Plum Soda with Sprite (RM8.90)

While waiting for the food to arrive, I also tried the Salty Plum Soda with Sprite. It's refreshing, not overly salty and great as a thirst quencher on a blazing day.

Assorted Spring Roll (RM25.90)

Next, let's begin with the food that Rasa Viet has to offer. For the first dish, I had the Assorted Spring Roll which is an assortment of Classic Summer Roll, Fried Roll, Mayo Prawn Netted Roll and Veg Sweet Yam Netted Roll. They do sell them individually but if you are just like me who like to try different items, you can order this. I would really recommend that you try their Veg Sweet Yam Netted Roll. It's packed with the softness of sweet yam and the nice mouthfeel from the crispiness of the netted skin. The Classic Summer Roll which is also known as Vietnamese Spring Roll were good as well. It is filled with fresh ingredients, compact but very easy to eat.

Sizzling Pancake (RM25.90)

Next up, I had something unique which I had never tried before. It's the Sizzling Pancake that comes together with various fresh vegetables, mint leaves and rice paper. We can request for them to wrap it for us but what's the fun of it? It will definitely taste better if get our hands to assemble our food!

This looks unglamorous but do not let the visual fool you. My verdict: Fun, healthy and delicious! If you're on a diet, this is something that you should order.

Dry Vermicelli Salad with Fried Roll (RM21.90

It's time for the main courses. I had this last time during Covid-19 lockdown but with the grilled chicken instead. Just like before, the combination of the sauce with the dry vermicelli, crispiness of the fried roll and fresh vegetables go very well together but I personally prefer it with the grilled chicken as I fancy protein more.

Rice Noodle Soup (Phở) with Smoked Duck (RM20.40

Aside from beef phở, I usually don't order it with protein such as chicken or pork aside from that one time when I had chicken drumstick phở in Melbourne. So it was rather a surprise for me to have this with smoked duck. 

Despite the fact that it was my first time trying this noodle with smoked duck and I absolutely love it. The soup was infused with the flavour from the smokiness of the duck slices which add a level of taste complexity into it. I first drank the soup without any additional sauce and the zest of lime, it was hearty and warms my body. After adding sauce and lime, it heightened the layer of taste before that. A little hint of spiciness, sweet and sour made the noodle really appetizing and I was actually quite sad that I had to share it. Hahaha...

Curry Prawn Baguette (RM23.90)

The final main dish is the Curry Prawn Baguette served on the claypot and a plate of baguette on the side. The baguette as many of you may know is the same one Vietnamese use for their bánh mì (submarine sandwich). The thing I didn't enjoy most on a bánh mì is that sometimes the bread can be a little too dry and tough to bite. Well, this was not the case here. The baguette dipped in the curry prawn can easily soften its texture and at the same time soaking all the goodness from the broth. Kinda reminds me of the famous chilli crab from Singapore but this is with prawn instead. The amount and the size of the prawns were adequate at that price. The curry broth had a good spicy kick into it infused with the ''oceany" flavour from the prawn juice. I would simply be happy if I have a bowl of white rice to eat with the broth.

Classic Caramel Pudding (RM5.90)

It's time for some sweet ending... dessert! This classic Caramel Pudding reminded me of the famous caramel pudding which I had in Thean Chun Coffee Shop in Ipoh. Soft, sweet and simple. I don't need to travel all the way to Ipoh if I have a sudden crave for this anymore! :D

Fried Cempedak with Coconut Ice-cream (RM10.90)

Then, I also had the Fried Cempedak with Coconut Ice-cream. Even though at that particular moment my stomach was already full from all the dishes, I wouldn't want to miss trying this as I like fried cempedak a lot! Not gonna say much here but I enjoyed this. Just that the price for this dessert can be slightly on the higher side but fried cempedak selling by the roadside isn't cheap too!

Above is the interior of Rasa Viet which has a simple vintage rustic feel into it. You can also do al fresco dining if you don't mind the heat in this kind of tropical weather.

Conclusion: I enjoyed all the food that were prepared for this review. All of them were pretty good choices but I strongly recommend the Rice Noodle Soup with Smoked Duck and Curry Prawn Baguette. The service was quite good and all the food came out at a decent speed. I would drop by again if I'm nearby Bangsar South area and they do have another outlet in Damansara Kim too. All prices mentioned in this post came with tax but excluding service fee.

Rasa Viet

Unit No. G-3A, Level Ground, The Sphere, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Opening hours: 11am to 4pm, 5pm to 10pm (Daily)

Tel:  03-2242 1880


(Pork-free / Muslim friendly restaurant)

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  1. Never had pho with duck breast before, does look interesting.

  2. I love Vietnamese! I prefer these ASEAN cuisines to all the western ones...or the Japanese and Korean. So exotic, bursting with flavours, so much nicer!!!

    1. For me, it really depends on my mood. Sometimes I don't mind munching on a nice burger or enjoy a steak. I guess that Western food is more accessible than Vietnamese food but I do have my own favourite spot nearby for it :)


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