Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with DIY Mooncake Premix from Bake With Yen

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming in less than a month and I've seen so many mooncakes being sold at the retail stores. If you want to try something different this year, perhaps you can make your own mooncake for your own consumption or even as a gift for your family and friends. On the 26th of July, I was invited to Bake With Yen's Mooncake Workshop which was held at Bake With Yen Superstore located in TTDI, KL. 

In Malaysia, mooncakes have gone from traditional lotus seed and red bean-filled ones to today becoming culinary works of art, with traditional flavours served alongside more exotic fillings like cheese, chocolate, matcha, coffee, as well as a myriad of nuts and dried fruit.

Bake With Yen, the nation’s largest baking supplies network, is helping bakers come up with even more interesting and innovative mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival, with its range of mooncake making essentials which includes easy-to-use premixes, a variety of interesting fillings, and a special collection of packaging items. 

Bake With Yen's Group CEO Alexandre Rosso At The New Taman Megah Superstore

BWY Group Chief Executive Officer Alexandre Rosso said “At Bake With Yen, we believe that baking should be easy, affordable and enjoyable. Our three Mooncake premixes - the Traditional, Shanghai and Snowskin variants - are testament to that; they provide bakers with a fast yet tasty solution to making these traditional favourites. Our mooncake premixes and ready-to-use fillings make it easy for someone who is just starting on their mooncake baking journey, and convenient for professional bakers who are looking to innovate a basic recipe and elevate the flavours with a signature twist. 

“We are also aware that this is a time when the public is very conscious about spending, and need to find value in every ringgit. Which is why our premixes also offer great value. It’s what Bake With Yen is all about - our goal is to help Malaysians deliver their best bakes cost-efficiently to their customers, family and friends without compromising on quality,” added Rosso.

Speaking to members of the media at one such workshop was Dr Florence Kuek, from the Chinese Studies Department, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Universiti Malaya and Head of the Malaysian Chinese Language Writers Association, who shared interesting insights around the origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the traditions around making and sharing mooncakes, mooncake gifting etiquette as well as some of the myths, legends, song and poems around the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Chef Adam Shafiq, guiding us through out the workshop on how to bake the snow skin mooncake with real fruit fillings from Fruttose Premium Pie Filling & Topping.

The Fruttose Premium Pie Filling & Topping available in 4 types of fruits which are Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry and Mango.

Here's my DIY mooncake kit prepared by the team at Bake With Yen

Note to self: Do not add Koh Fun into the Premix.

Chef Adam Shafiq preparing the filling for the snow skin mooncake.

Mooncake workshop by Chef Jun Huat Teoh, who has 11 years of working experience as a 5 stars hotel chef.

Here are the final products of the snow skin mooncake done by me! They don't look great (it's my first time doing it) but it taste delicious! :D

The workshop featured mooncake making skills training and demonstrations using a variety of different fillings, so that participants could learn to make simple mooncakes that they could share with family and friends. These workshops are part of Bake With Yen’s efforts to help promote baking as an essential life skill while educating the public on the cultures and traditions of the food enjoyed by Malaysians. 

The Bake With Yen Shanghai Mooncake Premix retails at RM7.90 and yields 15 mooncakes, while the Traditional Mooncake Premix retails at RM8.90 and yields 16 mooncakes. The popular no-bake Snowskin Mooncake Premix, which consumers find easiest to make as it is served chilled, is RM9.90 per pack, and yields 18 mooncakes. 

To find out more information on BWY’s premixes as well as other ongoing promotions and offers, follow Bake With Yen on Instagram and Facebook, or check out the website at www.bakewithyen.my.

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