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I wished that I can go back 20 years younger when I still can stay up till late at night playing games or watching my favourite show on TV and still able to be energetic the next day with only a few hours of sleep. The reality is, we can't do that and the older we get, the long recovery time we need for our body especially when we are having a tiring and full day at work. Due to the nature of my work as a graphic designer, working late night to complete my job assignments are very common in my industry.

A friend of mine who is slightly older than me but I am always curious on how she can look so energetic like a young person through out the day even though she is in her 40's. So I made up my mind to ask her how she managed to do that and she told me that she has been using supplement products from Wright Life. When I heard about the brand, it sounded familiar to me and after doing a couple of searches on the internet, I finally realised that it has been used by many famous celebrities oversea.

One of them is Charlene Choi from the girl group from Hong Kong called Twins. If you have heard about the group before, I am very sure you knew that she's a famous singer and actress who is now the brand spokesperson for Wright Life too.

Let's talk about Wright Life. It is a popular supplement brand from Hong Kong. So in order to improve the health of modern lifestyle, Wright Life was established, adhering to the brand tenet of "global quality, maintaining health", to create high-quality global high-quality nutritional health care products and proprietary Chinese medicines and one of the best product from Wright Life is NMN that help us to achieve a healthier body and younger look.

One of the product that my friend recommended is Wright Life NMN15000 supplements and she told me that after trying it for a period of time, it actually helps her in terms of better sleep quality and also not feeling tired after waking up to go to work.

Well of course I couldn't just take her word for it and so I have done my research on the internet to find out if there's really a scientific study about the effectiveness of NMN from reputable websites. 

From the science perspective, NMN is actually a very useful element. NMN is known as β-Nicotinamide mononucleotide ia an anti-aging supplements that keep or repair our cells by boosting NAD+ levels. This support a longer healthier life. The NMN molecule easily pass through our cell membrane and enter the cell. When 2 molecules combine to form a NAD+ molecule and repair our damage DNA and anti-aging. This is proven and recognised by the scientific community such as Harvard University, Keio University and University of Washington. 

A test has been done this premise, scientists used a chemical compound called NMN, a NAD+ precursor, previously shown to play a role in repairing cellular DNA and maintaining cell vitality.
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There is also an article written by the National Library of Medicine regarding NMN.

So here are the top 5 main functions for NMN:-
  • Improved physical functions
  • Increased NAD+
  • DNA protection
  • Delay aging
  • Longevity

For Wright Life NMN15000, it can increases NAD+ levels in my body to improve health and to slow down ageing. A lot of our body organs and functions will be improved if we can increase our NAD+ as you can see from the diagram above.

I've been constantly taking both supplements for almost 3 weeks now and let me tell you some of the results that I've experienced. It helps to repair my cellular systems and at the same time repair the cellular aging. So it's a perfect anti-aging supplement overall. I would be so delighted if I can maintain my look when I reach 50 years old! Haha...

I took 2 capsules daily after my dinner and the next day I can feel that I am more well rested, easier to fall asleep at night and also wake up without feeling so tired. Well of course, you can only feel the result after a prolong usage of it for a better result.

Now let's talk about the Wright Life Milk Thistle Extreme. Milk Thistle can enhance our liver function and repair damaged liver cells. Milk Thistle also recommend for those that live in stressful lifestyle, heavy drinkers and smokers, who are lethargic, with reduced liver function or who are frequently exposed to toxins and contaminants.

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Seven science-based benefits of Milk Thistle include:-
  • Protects our liver
  • Help prevent age related decline in brain function
  • Improve cancer treatment
  • Boost breast milk production
  • Help to treat acne
  • Lower blood sugar level for those who have diabetes
Not only that, there are many scientific research done on Milk Thistle by researchers and doctors all over the world. As you can see below, by consuming Milk Thistle, health related to our body organs will be improved. Hence, it's a good herbal treatment solution for those who have jaundice.

As you all might know, I love drinking alcohol and social with friends and also to meet new friends. Beer, whiskey, gin, cocktail, you name it! I have a high tolerance to alcohol but that means my liver will be heavily processing all the alcohol that I am consuming. So in order to protect my liver and still able to continue my lifestyle, it makes a lot of sense for me to consume Wright Life Milk Thistle Extreme daily. I took 2 capsules daily after meal as well.

It maintains healthy liver, helps to break down alcohol and serves as detoxify all the bad things that come with it, supports liver function and last but not least reduces fat deposition in our live. The good news is, this product also contains NMN which I have explained the benefits earlier on.

You can take a look at the video below for a brief product explanation below:

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Are you intrigued to be trying these Wright Life supplements soon? Do let me know your thoughts in the comment section down.

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