Chivas ‘I Rise, We Rise’ with Collaboration between Chivas and LISA in Sentul Depot, KL

 Last month, I was invited to Chivas ‘I Rise, We Rise’ media event which happened on the 27th of October. As a fan of scotch whisky and the world famous K-POP group – Blackpink, I was more than happy to find out that Lisa has become the brand ambassador of Chivas Regal since March this year.

Dollar bills, dollar bills. Keep on falling for me, I love the way it feels!

The brand took over Sentul Depot from 28 to 29 October to bring the ‘I Rise, We Rise’ movement to life. The event was a toast to the new generation of scotch whisky drinkers and hustlers who forge their own paths and aim to elevate themselves as well as the people around them. Across the two days, the Chivas ‘I Rise, We Rise’ event welcomed over 3,000 guests.

Chivas ‘I Rise, We Rise’ event at Sentul Depot, KL

The new Chivas 12 bottle

The word ‘RISE’ was erected to offer four specially-curated rooms that showcase a blend of fashion, art, music and drinks in the world of Chivas. On top of that, Chivas teamed up with four personalities – the Hero Risers — from different industries to showcase their talents and share their passion for what they do.

As part of the art collaboration, Architectural Designer, Pamela Tan shared her interpretation of ‘I Rise, We Rise’ through a unique installation created especially for the event. Designed to sit within the letter ‘I’, Tan and her team built a colourful tunnel inspired by the sunrise and the gold liquid of Chivas. The uplifting message of ‘I Rise, We Rise’ comes to life as guests are invited to walk towards a literal “light at the end of the tunnel”, signifying the journey towards success that we all celebrate and share in together.

“Light at the end of the tunnel”

Guests were also encouraged to express themselves and leave their mark on graffiti walls featuring a colourful mural created by artists Wong Ming Hao, Wong Chee Hwa, and Jason Teo. The semi-realistic painting combined with a more comic style drawing was conceptualised by the three artists to convey the idea of breaking boundaries and creating endless possibilities, an idea that Chivas continues to inspire across the globe.

The 'S' Room - Street Regal

Chivas also collaborated with the renowned streetwear label founded by Hero Riser Ronald Chew, to unveil a pair of limited-edition jerseys designed by NERDUNIT that combines the luxury of Chivas with the cool, contemporary designs of the label – all in time for the upcoming FIFA World Cup tournament. These limited-edition jerseys are now available through NERDUNIT in-store or online for RM409.

Fahrenheit by Karl Too (Happy Stan)

Saffron Blossom by Jon Lee

Still Nuts After 12 Years by Shawn Chong (Bar Mizukami)

Hero Riser Jon Lee of Penrose KL took to the bartending stage alongside his peers – Shawn Chong (Bar Mizukami), Karl Too (Happy Stan), Julian Brigget (Bar Trigona), Affie Adut (Here & Now), and Mel John Chavez (Smoke & Mirrors, Singapore). Each night featured a different combination of bartenders, each of whom created a special cocktail for the evening using Chivas 12. Lee’s cocktail in particular, the Saffron Blossom, blended Asian elements to bring out the sweeter honey notes of the Chivas 12.

At the main stage, an explosive back-to-back line-up of DJs led by DJ Reeve and his DJs Playground collective, playing to the immense energy of the crowd on each night. On top of the Playground sessions, the line-up included local favourites DJ Pennie, Ramsey Westwood and BATE, alongside international acts such as DJ Pei Pei (Taiwan), SCNDL (Australia) and Roxy June (Thailand) - with MC Vibe hosting and hyping up the crowd throughout the night.

The new Chivas 12 bottle design unveiled at the 'I Rise, We Rise' event

The Chivas ‘I Rise, We Rise’ event also saw the launch of the new Chivas 12 bottle, a bold, contemporary exterior to complement a timeless liquid and symbolise a new generation of Scotch Whisky drinkers. The redesign sees the iconic Chivas 12 bottle reshaped and elongated to stand taller and prouder while still retaining its recognisable rounded shoulders. A redesigned crest shines a light on the beating heart of Chivas –the ‘luckenbooth’, a symbol embodying the Chivas values of ambition, generosity and unapologetic success.

Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia, Benny Tsang said: “It has been a long while since we've been able to gather on such a large scale, so it was exhilarating to see so many in attendance, celebrating not just our Hero Risers and the brand’s new direction, but their own 'hustle' as well. We believe this generation of scotch whisky drinkers definitely resonate with the message of ‘I Rise, We Rise’ that inspires success by your own terms and raising the community around you. The team here at Chivas Malaysia look forward to continuing to excite and empower this generation forward in pioneering their own paths to success, especially with an icon like LISA as the face of the movement.”


Chivas also took the opportunity to tease the limited-edition Chivas 18 bottle designed in collaboration with its new Asia Brand Ambassador and music icon, LISA. To celebrate the occasion, attendees were invited to participate in a lucky draw for a chance to win VVIP access to a virtual event on 27 November featuring LISA herself. These lucky winners will have exclusive access to the event, during which they’ll be able to create avatars of themselves and interact with the global music icon. Fans of LISA and Chivas will still be able to tune in to a livestream of the event on the Chivas Instagram page and YouTube channel on 27 November at 9:30 PM local time.

LISA’s limited edition bottle, perfectly complements Chivas 18’s luxuriously rich and complex taste that masterfully blends malt and grain whiskies from distilleries all over Scotland. To celebrate the ongoing collaboration between Chivas and LISA, a specially tailored cocktail recipe, ‘Pink Spice’ has been developed by the brand in partnership with the musician. The recipe blends notes of tea, citrus and spice inspired by the LISA’s Asian heritage alongside Chivas 18’s elegantly layered blend.

LISA commented: “I had so much fun working with the team at Chivas on this limited-edition bottle. The bottle is typical LISA - bright, bold, and unique – and I’m so excited for everyone to finally see it. It is amazing to now have my own bottle – and cocktail too!”

The limited-edition bottle is the next move in Chivas’ partnership with LISA, who earlier this year was announced as the first female face of the brand in Asia. The partnership comes under the global ‘I Rise, We Rise’ platform which demonstrates Chivas’ continued commitment to celebrate and elevate the next generation of hustlers who are forging their own paths to success.

The Chivas 18 LISA Limited Edition bottle will be available in Malaysia soon. Stay tuned to the Chivas Malaysia Facebook page or the Pernod Ricard Malaysia Official Shopee Store for more information.


In embracing a contemporary new era for the brand, Chivas aims to inspire a new generation of Scotch whisky drinkers who are thirsty for new experiences and brands that share their drive for success. The ‘I Rise, We Rise’ campaign was created for the HUSTLE generation – those who forge their own paths and elevate themselves as well as others around them. And who better to champion a movement that celebrates the hustle and the success that comes with it than the iconic LISA.

LISA’s success is undeniable; her achievements and style have transcended music and cemented her firmly as a leader in self-confidence, empowerment, and breaking down boundaries within culture. Her own personal story - moving from Thailand to pursue her dreams, to being part of one of the world’s biggest groups, to breaking international records in her solo career - demonstrates how she has successfully elevated herself through hard work and determination. LISA continues to carve her own path, inspiring those around her along the way, and acting as a role model to inspire many people across the globe. LISA’s story blends success and hustle, fully embodying Chivas’ ethos, while appealing to a new generation of Scotch drinkers in Asia.

With my drinking kaki, Taufulou and Mistahfong

I went back to the final night of the event and I really enjoyed my time with the drinks and DJ performanceS. I was really amazed with the interactive set up done by the event team and I would say that this one is definitely the party of the year that I did not expect.

To find out more information on Chivas and upcoming events, visit their website and follow Chivas Malaysia on Facebook.

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