Hennessy Presents a Personalized Journey with InnerClub

Once again, Hennessy Malaysia demonstrates their brand leadership through the curation of an immersive journey of self-discovery. In an intimate dining affair at Malaysia’s Hong Kong style cuisine that specialises in premium live seafood and hotpot delicacies, the brand taps on Fu Pot, Kuala Lumpur - a location that boasts a lavish atmosphere of its stylish interior design, providing a breathtaking view of KL City - to host a selected group of cognac connoisseurs.

Beyond Hennessy X.O and Paradis, guests can look forward to the inclusion of Hennessy V.S.O.P on InnerClub that will be introduced in 2023

InnerClub is an exclusive loyalty program for Hennessy drinkers to fully enjoy the benefits where they can indulge in specially curated rewards in addition to a personal concierge dedicated to helping our consumers. Each guest was provided a hands-on experience to navigate through the webapp ensuring that they get the best interaction whilst indulging in an extravagant selection of hotpot delights.

A selection of Hennessy X.O cocktails and drinks were prepared on-site for guests to indulge in - consisting of a special Hennessy X.O cocktail blend, Sweet Notes, On 3 Rocks, On A Rock, and Over Ice

Each glass of Hennessy X.O emanates a powerful statement yet brings forth an unexpected finesse, and guests were able to personalise their dining experience in a way that best suits their palate. InnerClub members can redeem many types of rewards using the points that they have collected. Members are spoilt for choice with limited edition bottles, dinner for two at participating restaurants, an exclusive table with a bottle of X.O at partnering bars and even lifestyle products such as speakers, headphones & other audio products from Charlie Care.

The launch of Hennessy InnerClub was held at the premium Hong Kong cuisine restaurant, Fu Pot at TS Law Tower, where guests were greeted by a lavish atmosphere that boasts a remarkably stylish interior design.

Fu Pot features private rooms that are designed to provide guests with an exclusive experience where they can enjoy a delectable selection of fresh seafood and hotpot.

Hennessy strives to provide that personal discovery for everyone and encourages more consumers to explore the potential of every exceptional dine-in experience available to them through InnerClub. Each reward gifted to users through InnerClub is specially curated to bring to life a unique experience brought to you with Hennessy by your side, and now with the new inclusion of Hennessy V.S.O.P in 2023, there will be greater rewards to look forward to.

[In picture: Lizzy] Hennessy aims to provide personal discovery for their consumers - InnerClub, an exclusive loyalty programme for Hennessy drinkers to fully enjoy the benefits; and Ambroise, Hennessy's personal concierge via WhatsApp to optimise and explore Hennessy's loyalty programme.

Hennessy celebrates moments -  a food blogger, Bok beaming away whilst enjoying Hennessy X.O cocktails and drinks.

Presented to provide an interactive experience, get in touch with Ambroise, Hennessy’s personal concierge via WhatsApp to customise and explore Hennessy’s loyalty program in a way that is unique to you. Featuring a personalised customer service to answer any questions, book a meal or holiday at any of the partnering lifestyle experiences that you can find on InnerClub, you can start your seamless journey on the Ambroise WhatsApp link.

Handmade Shrimp Ball, Handmade Mentaiko Squid Ball, Pork and Mushroom Ball, and Handmade Chicken Ball were among the hotpot delights served. These were carefully cooked in a delicious seafood broth.

A culinary pleasure - The Black Pepper Fried Wagyu, a premium dish that provided an explosion of flavours, being one of the guests' favourites paired together with Hennessy X.O cocktails and drinks.

The exclusive launch led guests through an exceptional passage of culinary delight through Ambroise. At the Eastern & Oriental booth, guests were able to interact through Ambroise, by ordering a Hennessy X.O drink at the bar, checking out the available rewards and participating in the social media contest to stand a chance to win a 3 Days 2 Nights epicurean journey at Eastern & Oriental for 2 pax.

The HK Style Truffle Lobster Noodle was one of the highlights presented to guests, being one of the known specialties of Fu Pot, igniting the delightful palate of guests when paired perfectly with Hennessy X.O cocktails and drinks.

The final dish served was the Sea Coconut dessert, which provided guests with a sweet ending to the fruitful event. 

Hennessy enthusiasts were given the opportunity to discover the Best of Malaysia resorts and hotels with a curated experience by Hennessy Paradis, where the extraordinary experience will see a mix of culinary scenes and lifestyle featuring a range of Mo√ęt Hennessy top shelf brands, delivering a transcendental experience of new sensorial depth, with Hennessy.

Hennessy provides a personalised experience of discovery and exploration through this dine-in experience - Guests savoured the delectable and scrumptious food prepared by Fu Pot, as well as the perfect pairing of Hennessy cocktails and drinks. 

More experiences are provided on InnerClub where users will be eligible to enjoy the Platinum edition Best of Malaysia experience with a purchase of 4 bottles of Paradis, and the Diamond edition Best of Malaysia with a purchase of 8 bottles of Paradis. With the Platinum edition, users are eligible to redeem a prestigious experience at Eastern & Oriental, Penang or Westin Desaru, Johor, and with the Diamond edition, a luxury experience at The Datai Langkawi, Anantara Desaru, Johor or W Hotel, KL

Redeem a luxury experience with Hennessy by joining InnerClub and purchasing bottles of Hennessy X.O 70cl and Hennessy Paradis to receive points. Similarly, when users scan the QR code located at the back of the bottle, it will lead them to InnerClub where they can input the code & receive points. Beyond Hennessy X.O and Paradis, look forward to the inclusion of Hennessy V.S.O.P on InnerClub that will be introduced in 2023.

To find out more, visit Hennessy InnerClub page or connect with Hennessy through Hennessy Malaysia’s Facebook page

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