The Launch of Midori Market, Featuring Plant-based Food and Eco-friendly Products by Local Vendors

Last Saturday, I was invited to the launch of Midori Market which was held at KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall in Kepong. The event which took place for two days on 29th and 30th of October saw 33 brands of plant-based food and eco-friendly products by local vendors. This market is organised by a group of environmental-conscious undergraduate students from the Tzu Chi KL & Selangor Collegiate Youth Association, a non-profit association that brings together tertiary students to care for humanity and the environment.

Chris Choo, the Midori Market coordinator giving a speech at the launch event

In line with the goal to increase plant-based diet penetration and reduce carbon footprint, especially among the youth, all participating brands are implementing a zero-waste plan, while visitors and buyers are required to bring their own reusable bags, lunch boxes, water bottles/cups and cutleries. Besides delicious plant-based food, visitors can also find eco-friendly products, handicrafts, as well as talks and family-friendly workshops (e.g. decoupage, wagashi, mochi, and blue dye) at the event.

The launch of Midori Market at KL Tzu-Chi Jing Si Hall

Seems like a nice day to take a stroll around Midori Market

There are over 30 brands of plant-based food and eco-friendly products.

Fancy some stinky tofu?

Some handmade zero waste products sold by Papago and they are collaborating with OPACK to provide container rental service to reduce single-use container.

Handcrafted products done by the person who has autistic.

Some plants for sale too! Look at those wonderful colours of succulent!

The line-up of guest speakers includes Khor Sue Yee, co-founder of Zero Waste Malaysia; raw vegan chef, Yin; MMA fighter, Colleen Augustin; and vegan KOLS, Yee Huan and James. They will share their views and insights on a low-carbon lifestyle as well as their transitions to veganism.

Some goodies to be claimed at Midori Market by simply liking and sharing on social media.

Guest can take a rest or enjoy their food at this picnic spot.

If you forgot to bring along a bag or ran out of it, you can get one from this paper bag station prepared by the organizer. How thoughtful!

Liveband entertaining the crowd throughout the day with popular songs.

Chris Choo, the Midori Market coordinator, stated that “The plant-based community needs a safe space to share and exchange their views. The Midori Market will act as a community engagement platform, both providing and receiving support from one another. We assembled over 100 Tzu Chi collegiate youths from varsities around the Klang Valley to organise and promote this event, with hope to attract 5,000 youths to visit the market. We also integrate Japanese minimalism concepts in the market’s design to establish a chic and welcoming atmosphere that encourages teenagers and millennials to connect with the plant-based community.”

I wanted to grab this mango smoothie but the waiting time was around 1 hour. They are really popular it seems.

I decided to try this Acai bowl from Acai Lab. Their Acai Berry is imported from Wild Brazil and they don't use powdered or processed acai berries. Taste really good and super refreshing!

I do wish that more events such as this would be more streamlined and welcomed by all walks of life. I love my meat but I don't mind cutting meat for a day or two like 'Meatless Monday' and gradually becoming a vegetarian someday? Maybe not a vegan since I love my cheese and eggs. As for zero waste, yes, I am 100% with it. I really glad that the organizer encourage the visitors to bring their own bags, cutleries, bottles and food containers and at the same time still providing reusable paper bags at the location. Well, I don't see why we should buy new bags anymore especially single use bags cause frankly speaking I have tons of it at home.

Last but not least, I do hope that this Midori Market will be a weekly affair or probably monthly so that the awareness will continue to spread from time to time. If you would like to find out more information and future update on Midori Market, you can visit

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