The Music Run by CIMB Returns with 20,000 Participants Running for Sustainability

I finally did my first 5km run ever since MCO started and it was FUN! I joined The Music Run by CIMB located at Technology Park Malaysia (TPM), Bukit Jalil on the 3rd Dec 2022.

CIMB Group (CIMB) has returned as the Presenting Partner for the second time, The Music Run by CIMB continues its mission to champion innovation for sustainability to leave a long-lasting positive impact on the environment, economy and society.

This year’s event was organised in collaboration with YTL-SV Carbon, which successfully offset CO2 emissions through close monitoring and tracking of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from various on-ground sustainability initiatives, making it Malaysia’s largest carbon-neutral event.

I'm trying my best to act natural and try not to look at the camera. Failed big time! HAHA

Run with friends lagi best!

With its Live The Beat philosophy, The Music Run by CIMB encouraged participants to live in the present to the fullest and lead a more active lifestyle for both physical and mental wellbeing, in addition to playing a collective role for a sustainable future.

“We are pleased to bring back The Music Run by CIMB, a unique event that connects people who share the same passion for running and music. Additionally, as a purpose-driven Group, we also understand the importance of embedding sustainability in everything that we do, to create positive impacts across the business ecosystem, as well as the community. The event was able to realise that through various on-ground initiatives, reinforcing our collective shared values to adopt best sustainability practices in our everyday lives. We hope participants enjoyed the event and created fun memories, while doing their part for the benefit of future generations,” said Dato’ Abdul Rahman Ahmad, Group Chief Executive Officer of CIMB.

“Participants were especially eager to return after a three-year hiatus. This was apparent from the record-breaking ticket sales which saw over 6,000 tickets being sold in the first 24 hours! This year, we could clearly see how experience seekers and avid runners from diverse backgrounds united under shared collective values towards sustainability,” said Callum Meehan, Event Director of Fresh Events Asia.

Jeffrey Ross, General Manager of Fresh Events Asia, added “we are absolutely delighted to see so many young Malaysians attending an event that champions both health and sustainability. The Music Run by CIMB is known as Asia’s Fittest Party and everybody certainly entered into the spirit of the event and had a fantastic time! Our thanks to CIMB for partnering with us again to produce this amazing experience. We look forward to seeing everybody again in 2023!”

The music-infused running event is known for its “Sound Track'' with over 100 speakers lined up along the 5KM running track, which saw 20,000 participants crossing the finishing line. The run ended with an energetic Live The Beat festival, a one-of-a-kind party for all participants to enjoy a fun, safe and healthy experience. The 2100-square-foot stage welcomed back international performers Sam Withers and Jesse Lawrence from Australia, as well as rising local artists Saint Kylo, Airliftz and Aida Azrin.

I managed to snap some pics with Airliftz. Been listening to his music for a couple of years now. Please go check him out on Spotify!

The women’s champion of the Timed Run, Penny Loh shared "It was my very first time participating in The Music Run by CIMB and to place first in the timed run is another achievement I am proud to have under my belt as an avid runner. The Music Run was an enjoyable and very unique experience. The energy from the running track was just contagious, coming from the speakers playing the music and from my fellow runners. Congratulations to all participants who took part in this year’s The Music Run by CIMB and I look forward to the next one!”

Professional runners!?

Congratulations to the winners!

Inspired by the Bank’s mascot, Octo, CIMB created OctoCity, an immersive experience in the form of a life-size Monopoly board game for participants to experience fun sustainable activities at each station. Starting at the “GO'' station, participants were able to journey through OctoPark, OctoBoutique, OctoKitchen, OctoWall, OctoField and the OctoShop before arriving at the Food Village.

CIMB recognises the importance of adopting sustainable ways of living across all aspects of life. The Music Run by CIMB partnered with ASASRAMA, a renewable plastic manufacturer which collected all recyclables throughout the event to be processed and repurposed into high quality reusable resin pellets. Apart from that, fashion also plays a role in sustainable living through responsible consumption and production of fashion apparels. Several brands showcased their apparels at the OctoBoutique, such as Kloth Circularity, Snugswear and Kualesa which are made of sustainable textiles to minimise environmental impacts and offset carbon emissions.

Hello OCTO!

In support of reducing food waste and providing aid to those in need, participants also have the opportunity to raise funds for responsible consumption via a fundraising platform, Simply Giving to benefit four non-profit organisations (NGOs), namely Food Aid Foundation, Kechara Soup Kitchen, Kembara Kitchen, and The Lost Food Project. In addition, CIMB Foundation also committed to donate RM200,000 to the four NGOs involved to support the cause. Further adding to these efforts was GroundControl, which redistributed and composted all food waste from the event.

To find out more information and future events on The Music Run, please visit their website here.

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