IFOOD Expo x IVege Market Happening at Pavilion Bukit Jalil Exhibition Centre from 30 June to 2 July!

iFood Expo is back again with another exciting exhibition in Kuala Lumpur! This time it's the iFood Expo x iVege Market which is happening this weekend from 30th of June (Friday) until 2nd of July (Sunday). It is grandly held in Pavilion Bukit Jalil Exhibition Centre from 11am until 10pm.

If you're a vegetarian or a huge fan of vegetarian food, this is an exhibition you wouldn't want to miss! The iFood Expo x iVege Market has gathered 211 booths and this time around with the additional of iVege Market, it gained more than 100 vegetarian booths. 

This encourages more and more food lovers to enjoy more meatless options and enjoy healthier food as well! There will be food and drinks from our local brands and also international brand too. Let's check out some of the booths that are available at the iFood Expo x iVege Market.

Promotion: Cereal drinks combo for only RM150 at booth F01.

CoffeePii from Japan with premium organic coffee bean at booth F01.
Promotion: Buy 4 bags free 1 bag at RM30 each for 180gm pack.

Just look at this cute tiny coffee bean candy which is sugar free and 10 of this equal to 1 cup of coffee.

Frozen vegetarian food products are spotted at booth F18 and F19. I've tried a few samples of them and for someone who prefer meat over vegetarian, I did enjoy it. So if you're looking for some vegetarian gooding, you can give them a try!

Mr. Yeoh Teik Beng invested his fortune in manufacturing of round shape soy bean skin, Chai Tan (i.e. Soya Egg) and tofu products. Later, he invested in manufacturing soy bean related vegetarian food products such as Chai Gor, Vegetarian Salted Fish, Vegetarian Drumstick etc. His famous Chai Gor is so delicious that until today it is still the best selling product in the market.

I tasted these Chao Sua Thailand rice crackers with pork floss at booth C40 and my favourite is the one with seaweed! Very yummy and addictive. I can easily finish the whole bag while watching my favourite drama.
Promotion: RM10/pack – Buy 5 Free 1 Free 1 Spicy Pork Floss.

Fatimas range of breads can be found at the exhibition booth A03. My sister's family are buying and eating these bread diligently.

Natural ingredients such as sourdough, germinated whole-wheat and wheat flour are used to make their bread. Their bread is high in Protein, Fibre, and Calcium. If you're looking for a healthier bread alternative, you gotta try it!

Try your luck to win their lucky draw by spending RM30 and above by buying Fatimas' product at the exhibition.

The next one is quite exciting which is the blind grabbing RM10 for 6 items at booth F09!
Get 1 more item if you download and register 下载与登记 app.

Kids and adults too can have fun trying to blind grabbing the items that they want.

Some soup spice bags are available at booth C01 and C02 Yew Chian How.
I've tasted it myself and I can say that it brings back a very home cooked taste in it. Definitely a must have for a simple soup dishes at home especially during rainy days.

At booth C05 & C06 Sparrow Wing, I found these instant coffee. I've been told that these coffee are quite popular in Penang and they are here in KL for us. 
Promotion: Buy 2 Free 1.

JiuJi Gong Ginger Tea – Brown Sugar Tea at booth B45. Delicious, not too sweat and good for our body. This tea is good for cold prevention, regulation menstruation and relieving pain for the women, and also regulation the vital energy and blood circulation.
Promotion: 1 box for RM80 and 5 boxes for RM290.

Carlos Newfood Snacks spotted at booth B36.
It is proudly and freshly made in our homeland Malaysia. These fishskin chips come in different flavour such as Original, Salted Egg, Seven Chilies, Creamy Cheese and Seaweed Wasabi! They are selling at RM18 a pack except for the original flavour at RM10 only!

At the same booth, this Cheong Sau Min 长寿面 Longevity Mee Vermicelli packaging looks very nice and definitely a good gift for our elderly family and friends. Price is at RM38 each.

For those who prefer healthier cooking oil, can check out these variety of cooking oil at booth B30 Greenlove. The peanut cooking oil is very interesting to me. Its high smoke point makes it a versatile all-purpose cooking oil suitable for all types of cooking, even deep-frying. It adds an authentic nutty flavour to your dishes.

Currently they are running the above promotions exclusively at the exhibition. 

Some lovely butter cookies at booth B31 Greenlove.
Promotion: RM14.90/tin and RM20.00 for 2 tins.

This viral douyin frog was spotted at the exhibition!

Aside from all the delicious food, drinks and products that you can find at the iFood Expo x iVege Market exhibition, there will also be lucky draw to give away 3 exciting iPads. If the total amount exceeds RM100, you can participate in the lucky draw, subject to the terms and conditions. 

iFood Expo x iVege Market also provides a thoughtful and exclusive porter delivery service, directly delivering the goodies to the parking lot, allowing customers to shop easily.

This exhibition is opened to the public and entrance is free of charge. Many booths are running plenty of attractive promotions and discounts. So there's no excuse for you not to drop by when you're at Pavilion Bukit Jalil. Just make sure that you bring along a shopping trolley or plenty of shopping bags. Don't say I didn't warn you! Haha...

Jom borong!! Last day on 2nd July, don't miss out!

Last but not least, there will also be a variety of exciting activities to interact with the public, bao eating challenge and many more! To find out more information about iFood Expo x iVege Market, to check out their website and social media pages below:-

Website: www.ifoodexpo.com.my
iFood Expo FB: fb.com/ifoodexpomalaysia
iVege Market FB: fb.com/ivegemarket

.: Peace Out :.