Renowned Chefs & Food Establishments at Guinness Flavour by Fire in Sentul Depot KL

 Late last month, I had the opportunity to attend the Media Masterclass and Sneak Taste Preview with Chef Sherson Lian by Guinness Malaysia. The sneak taste preview is part of the upcoming festival Guinness Flavour by Fire which will be happening soon at Sentul Depot, Kuala Lumpur.

The preview took place at Gasket Alley's Makhan @ Kitchen Mafia on the 27th July, 2023 and attended by media and KOLs. I was happy to see many familiar faces at the event aside from the delicious food which they have prepared for us.

A short welcome speech by Shaun Lim, Marketing Manager of Guinness Malaysia.

It was indeed a pleasure to learn from the passionate Chef Sherson Lian on how to prepare fire grilled and pan grilled lamb and beef steak.

Chef Sherson guides the member of media and KOLs at the fire grill

Here's the steak cooked on a pan to let us try the different taste compared to the fire grilled version

Chef Sherson explaining the Maillard effect that produces an extraordinary taste experience at upcoming Guinness Flavour by Fire.

Both pan grilled and fire grilled were good but I personally prefer the fire grilled steak as it has more depth into the flavour with a nice smokiness taste and slightly charred. 

Three dishes were prepared for us other than the lamb and beef steak. The first one is the Guinness infused chicken char siew to be sacoured only at Flavour by Fire festival by Makhan by Kitchen Mafia. I really enjoyed the sauce on the chicken char siew that went very well with the chilly dipping sauce.

Next, we had the Guinness infused lamb ribs. Lamb ribs lover will definitely enjoy this. It's incredibly flavourful and the meat falls off the bone super easily.

Last but not least, we had a sweet ending of the Guinness-infused cream with flourless chocolate cake. Probably I enjoyed this the most since I am a dessert lover, it's not too sweet and the saltiness from the cream really elevate the overall taste of this cake!

At the festival, the chefs' command of fire and culinary prowess are showcased. Beyond the ordinary, they will prepare a variety of inventive meals with Guinness infusions, bringing out strong tastes that will tantalise the palate.

Chef Sherson Lian sharing his inspiration for his Guinness infused flame cooked check and lamb ribs for the Guinness Flavour by Fire Festival

Here's what to expect at Guinness Flavour by Fire:-

Discover the enchantment of Arthur's Storehouse, the flagship partner location for Guinness Malaysia. For all festival-goers, Chef Franky and the colleagues have created a nutritious cuisine. Watch out for their famous Guinness BBQ ribs and Guinness Irish stew, a traditional Irish staple!

Johnny Fua and Sherson Lian of Kitchen Mafia, two rock and roll celebrity chefs, are no strangers to Guinness and Flavour By Fire. They're back with a tantalising menu that includes a brand-new signature dish called Guinness Sticky Lamb Ribs, along with a few more surprises!

Chef Navin Karu's Big Boyz Barbecue focuses in grilling gourmet cuisine free of artificial ingredients, preservatives, and additives. What's being grilled, exactly? - a delectable and thrilling combination of "Burgers & Dawgs" laced with Guinness, a few other Guinness dishes, and other must-try delicacies.

Yat Sing Smokehouse offers smoked meats prepared in the American way and cooked slowly. What to watch out for: Guinness-flavored and infused bacon mashed potatoes, pulled pork sliders, and smoked spare ribs!

The astonishing selection of meat skewers served by Kao BBQ, experts in open-flame grilled meats, are all spiced to please the Asian palette. Watch out for their Guinness-infused Korean Dakkochi, trademark Lamb skewers, and Korean Pork skewers.

The sister firm of Southern Rock Seafood, Shucked Oysters & Seafood Bar, will serve two Guinness-infused dishes: flame-grilled fish and grilled tiger prawns. Oysters, of which there will be a selection of five different varieties, are of course what they are most well-known for in the area.

Nobody does pork quite like Tipsy Boar's Chef Suren! Three distinct Guinness-infused dishes, including the must-try slow-roasted pig belly porchetta with Guinness chilli kicap, will be prepared by him.

With its creative yet simple menu, Undisclosed Location honours the blending of Asian and Mexican flavours. A Guinness Chocolate Fudge Cake will be served as dessert, along with a flame-cooked roast beef taco with Guinness Marmite sauce.

TNR by Sean & Angie will do just that during our festival as they are on a mission to elevate char siew. With a Guinness infusion and a complementing Guinness sauce to finish this mouthwatering dish, their classic char siew dish elevates the bar.

Watch out for our can't-miss delectable desserts as well, including two versions of Guinness bacon popcorn and Guinness chocolate cookies from Bacon It, as well as Guinness chocolate fudge and Guinness Magyum ice cream from Undisclosed Location and Caketella, respectively.

The festival will also feature live music performances over the 3-day festival in Kuala Lumpur by a$ix, RESORT, Lost spaces, Talitha Tan, Darren Ashley, Samantha Diana, CLAUDIA, MASIA ONE
K-town Clan featuring Jerryca Misty & DJ Yauzzy, SAINT KYLO, STREETCODE, Skies Are Red, Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men, Blister and last but not least, 9 Lives Band featuring Joy Victor & Muzza. 

Festival dates:-
18th to 20th August at Sentul Depot, Kuala Lumpur 
2nd to 3rd September at Fort Cornwallis, Penang

For more info and update on Guinness Flavour by Fire, please head on to their website at I can't wait to check out all the delicious food at the festival and paired it with a refreshing glass of Guinness! See you at the festival.

As usual before I end my post, here's a reminder to all my readers – Remember to always drink responsibly, please don't drink and drive. Grab an e-hailing ride or get a designated driver. Cheers!!!

.: Peace Out :.


  1. Wow, it sounds like you had an amazing time at the Media Masterclass and Sneak Taste Preview with Chef Sherson Lian by Guinness Malaysia! 🎉 The event seems like a food lover’s dream come true, with all those delicious dishes prepared for you. I can almost taste the fire grilled and pan grilled lamb and beef steak just by reading about it! 😋

    It’s great that you got to learn from Chef Sherson Lian himself and witness his culinary expertise in action. The Maillard effect sounds intriguing, and I bet it added that extra special touch to the upcoming Guinness Flavour by Fire festival. 🔥

  2. The Guinness-infused chicken char siew, lamb ribs, and cream with flourless chocolate cake all sound absolutely divine! 🍗🍖🍰 It’s wonderful that they offered a variety of dishes to satisfy different tastes, and it’s fantastic to hear that you enjoyed the Guinness-infused cream with the saltiness elevating the overall taste of the cake. As a fellow dessert lover, I can totally relate to your excitement! 😍

    Thanks for sharing what to expect at the Guinness Flavour by Fire festival. The tantalizing menus from Kitchen Mafia, Big Boyz Barbecue, Kao BBQ, Shucked Oysters & Seafood Bar, Tipsy Boar, Undisclosed Location, TNR by Sean & Angie, Bacon It, and Caketella have got my taste buds tingling already! 🍔🌭🥩🍤🍖🌮 And with live music performances by talented artists like a$ix, RESORT, Talitha Tan, and many more, it’s going to be a feast for the senses. 🎶🎤


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