Aussie Meat Academy Ultimate Young Butchers Challenge at Culinaire Malaysia, FHM 2023

On 20th September, I was invited to check out Aussie Meat Academy’s Ultimate Young Butchers Challenge which took place at Culinaire Malaysia, at Food & Hotel Malaysia 2023 (FHM). It was my first time attending FHM and I was excited to witness the challenge at the exhibition.

Winners of Aussie Meat Academy’s Ultimate Young Butchers Challenge group photo

The nation is witnessing the decline of the profession of professional butchery. In order to safeguard the future of the retail and foodservice industries in Malaysia, the Aussie Meat Academy has implemented programmes under the direction of Meat & Livestock Australia to update and develop skilled and knowledgeable young butchers.

Professional butchery involves more than just cutting meat; it also displays the butcher's aptitude for deboning, dissecting primals into a variety of cuts for grilling or pan-frying, stir-frying, curing, producing burgers and sausages, marinating, and adding value. Retail butchers would need to arrange and display meat at meat chiller counters in an appealing manner, apply price tag labelling, reduce meat wastages, increase yields, and most significantly, provide consumers with convenient and useful meat products.

Due to increased prices, the hotel business is not hiring many butchers for foodservice. Butchers will be expected to possess abilities such meat cutting, deboning, marinating, manufacturing sausage, dry ageing, and preparation for oven roasts, grills, and inventive cooking if a hotel has numerous restaurants to serve. Making ensuring the meat is sliced and ready for the chefs to cook with accuracy, tenderness, and customer satisfaction is the main objective.


These butchering abilities were put to the test at the Aussie Meat Academy's Ultimate Young Butchers Competition at Culinaire Malaysia 2023. The butchery event was a component of FHM 2023, which took place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from September 19 to 22.

The tournament promoted the butchery profession, a sense of professionalism, and support for the foodservice and retail industries. It also encouraged participants and set new standards.

Although the majority of people would believe there is no future for butchers, several of them have gone on to become Executive Chefs and Store Managers. The skillset required for butchery is identifiable, and there is a considerable demand for butchers, particularly in the retail sector. Neighbouring nations like Singapore are continuously looking for skilled butchers.

Lai deboning Lamb leg

There were 24 competitors from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Taiwan who were all under the age of 38 and had at least one year of butchery experience.

Judges evaluating Liao

The contestant must show as part of the competition by dividing a primal Australian lamb and beef cut into various sub-primal cuts and presenting concepts within the allotted time frame that are suitable to foodservice or/and retail requirements. In addition to other requirements, participants must also prepare a western-style main dish or an Asian main dish.

Liao with judges

The competition was in four sessions over two days, with the winners disclosed on 22 September, the last day of FHM 2023 during the FHM Closing dinner. The butchery champion Liao Ci-Hong of Yun Chang Beef Restaurant, Taiwan received RM3,000 and a trophy. The first runner-up Lai Chih Lun of Gourmet’s Partner, Taiwan won RM2,000 and a trophy, and the second runner-up Mohd Zamri Bin Mohd Ramli of TFP Retail Sdn Bhd, Malaysia received RM1,000 and a trophy.

Zamri competition dish

“The competition is to promote butchery as a profession,” said Rose Yong, Malaysia Country Representative, Meat & Livestock Australia. “It’s a good career, working in big supermarkets and hotels. Some big hotels hire butchers not only to cut meat but also to make sausages, roast meat in a combi oven, do sous vide and smoking.”

Champion Winner Liao Ci-Hong

As a result, the butcher's competence, adaptability, and talents are vital in the foodservice sector. The tournament serves as a baseline for butchers by showcasing useful concepts, efficiency, and skill. Following the competition, Meat & Livestock Australia will carry on improving the abilities and expertise of butchers through specialised instruction provided inside the Aussie Meat Academy framework.

Together with newly authorised Australian beef and sheep meat exporters Beaufort River Meats, Midfield Commodities, Midfield Meat International, and Stella Foods Australia, Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) displayed at the Food & Hotel Malaysia 2023.

Under the FHM Trend Talks series, show visitors joined two of MLA’s engaging panel discussions on “Embracing Sustainability: Australian Red Meat Industry Revolution” and “How to achieve Profitability with Secondary Meat Cuts”.

To find out more info on Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), head on to their website at

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  1. There will always be huge future for the F&B industry. Everyone needs to eat and more wealthy diners are born daily. I wish I could be a butcher, chef or even a good baker.


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