THE DEACON Scotch Whisky is Officially Launched in Malaysia

Earlier this month, I was at the launch of a brand new Scotch Whisky – THE DEACON which took place on the 1st of November. The launch event to place at Skullduggery KL with a steampunk-inspired theme in keeping with the brand’s bold and imaginative nature.

THE DEACON is the result of Pernod Ricard’s collaboration with US-based Sovereign Brands

With its sweet and smokey flavours that make it both approachable and flavorful, THE DEACON is poised to upend the whisky market. The first product of Sovereign Brands' collaboration with Pernod Ricard, THE DEACON is also the brand's debut whisky release.

Following a sampling of the harmoniously sweet and smokey whisky, guests were treated to a Penicillin lesson, where they were able to fully appreciate THE DEACON's depth and character through a traditional cocktail that accentuates the whisky's unique flavour characteristics.

Brand ambassador Nicole Cruickshank introducing THE DEACON Scotch Whisky at the launch event

The exclusive blended Scotch whisky THE DEACON is created from carefully chosen whiskies, some of which come from Scotland's famed Speyside and Islay regions. The resulting product is a sophisticated blend of peaty, Islay malt whiskies and smokey mainland whiskies that makes THE DEACON a deep, rich, and powerful dram.

Juicy orange, subtle spice, and tart peat emerge from the aroma of charred orange, sweet malty biscuits, and woodsmoke. THE DEACON's peaty smoke flavour is derived from single malts sourced from Islay, while the Scotch's smoky, bonfire-like character comes from single malts sourced from the Scottish mainland. THE DEACON is a delicious option to sip neat or in your favourite cocktail. The result is a smoky, sweet, and peaty flavour with a lengthy and smooth finish. The final bottling strength is 40% ABV.

The exquisite vessel from THE DEACON is an elegant, embossed bottle with an eye-catching graphic label that looks like nothing else on the shelf or back-bar. The traditional copper pot stills used in the distillation process provide their trademark shine to the bottle. This whisky is distinct in both flavour and appearance. An inquisitive figure wearing a mask and goggles is shown on the label. Which Deacon is it? A "Deacon" is a skilled and knowledgeable master craftsman; the word is derived from Scots. THE DEACON's skilled distillers are a wonderful fit for the brand. The definition of a "Deacon" is the finest at what you do, and Brett and Brian Berish of Sovereign Brands instill this trait in each and every one of their brands.

“We’re not competing. We’re innovating,” Brett Berish, CEO and co-founder of Sovereign Brands explains. “We’ve lent our disruptive style to our first Scotch Whisky, creating a premium and compelling product that is like nothing else on the market. We’ve moved away from traditional labelling and bottle design with a metallic copper package and an unorthodox label. Most importantly, this is the most well-balanced, complex but drinkable taste profile. It is layered but smooth, making THE DEACON a whisky that is made to be enjoyed.”

At the launch event, the members of the media get to take part in THE DEACON Penicillin Masterclass to learn about the depth and character of The Deacon in a modern classic cocktail and create our very own variation of Penicillin.

At the end of the masterclass, we received a certificate and we get to enjoy our own Penicillin creation.
I personally enjoyed the subtle spicy and smokiness taste note from THE DEACON. The smokiness taste note is pretty well balanced and it did not overpower the overall taste of the whisky. I would say it's quite easy to drink and I definitely will recommend this to my drinking kakis.

Pernod Ricard first announced its partnership with Sovereign Brands back in 2021 and has since taken over the distribution of Sovereign’s smash-hit portfolio earlier this year as part of the long-term agreement.

If you're interested to try out THE DEACON, it is currently available in selected retail stores and outlets starting from RM355 (MSRP). To find out more info on THE DEACON Scotch Whisky, head on to their official website here.

As usual before I end my post, here's a reminder to all my readers – Remember to drink responsibly, please do not drink and drive. Grab an e-hailing ride or get a designated driver. Cheers!!!


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