I Tried SHABU-YO's Seafood Course at LaLaport Bukit Bintang City Centre

I'm back again at SHABU-YO but this time I am at their LaLaport outlet. Previously I talked about their all-you-can-eat sushi at Setia City Mall outlet and it was only for RM53.90++. This time I will be tasting their Seafood Course which is only available at LaLaport and Sunway Velocity Mall outlet.

I am very happy to be born without allergy of seafood and having to enjoy it is definitely a pleasure in life. SHABU-YO is currently promoting the Seafood Course from 7th until 21st of March, 2024. In additional of the usual lunch and dinner course, just by adding RM20 onward which is RM73.90++ and we will get to enjoy these additional fresh seafood items:-

    Peeled Prawn
•    Baby Octopus
•    Dory Fish

Here are the full details on the pricing:-

I really enjoyed the seafood especially the prawn since peeling the shell has always been a hassle to me but not this time. I get to enjoy it hassle-free and just need to cook it in the soup base. 

As for the soup base, the staff recommended me the Japanese Amber Soup which I personally like it. It's packed with umami, goes very well with the seafood and meat too. That's my next favourite soup base after the limited edition soup, Golden Soup.

The baby octopus and dory fish were quite fresh too. The fish is quite thick but soft in every bite. For the octopus, it can be quite chewy if you cook it too long so don't overlook it. Dip it into the customized sauce in condiments and the taste is even better!

If you're a fan of wagyu beef, you can opt for the Wagyu & Seafood Course which I did. It's definitely more worth it since I get to experience the soft and delicate taste of wagyu beef... as much as I can fill in my stomach!

For lunch, usually you get to enjoy the shabu-shabu for 90 minutes at a lower price but for this 120 minutes dinner course, you get to enjoy Wagyu & Seafood Course at the same price. More eating time at the same value. More wagyu beef please!

There are ready to eat dishes too such as Karaage Chicken, Takoyaki and French Fries.

You can take a look at my Instagram reel video below:-

So for those who are interested to try out their Seafood Course, you can go to their LaLaport and Sunway Velocity Mall outlet before 21st of March. 

To find out more info and the latest SHABU-YO promotion, you can check out their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/ShabuYo.


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