IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards: Celebrating Children and Youths for Championing Sustainability Through Green Solutions

On the 10th of March, I was at IPC Shopping Centre for the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards award presentation ceremony. As some of you might know, IPC Shopping Centre has been very committed with its Recycling & Buy-Back Centre and I have sending my recyclables over for years. So this is another campaign by IPC Shopping Centre to solve environmental challenges.

IPC Shopping Centre and Alliance Bank sees 40 ideas to combat environmental issues brought to life through functional or non-functional prototypes

The 40 finalists of the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards were honoured for their devotion and creative "green creations" by the IPC Shopping Centre and Alliance Bank. Twenty winners were declared in the individual and group categories for elementary and secondary schools during the prize award ceremony. Every little eco-hero received recognition as a champion for their exceptional inventiveness, pragmatism, originality, beauty, and steadfast dedication to sustainability.

The development of eco-friendly conceptual housing with ICT elements represents a forward-thinking approach to addressing environmental challenges while simultaneously improving the quality of life for residents and fostering innovation in the housing sector.

Since its introduction in November 2023, the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards saw 151 submissions from children and youths eager to showcase their innovative, eco-friendly ideas to solve environmental challenges. 40 of these ideas were then brought to life through either functional or non-functional prototypes made of recycled or recyclable materials and displayed at the gallery located at the Atrium behind its Concourse, Level G from 1 – 10 March and were open to public votes.

The Water Filtration Dispenser, crafted from recycled materials, is designed to furnish clean and safe drinking water to those in need, all while championing environmental sustainability. This initiative features a filtration system capable of eliminating suspended solid particles from water, yielding purified water that's fit for consumption.

To further elevate this event, visitors of all ages were also invited to pledge to be Guardians of The Planet and engage in exciting activities including a Recyclable Rescuer Race, Super Recycle Bowl, and Recycling Ranger Challenge at the Concourse set-up. This unique approach not only offered an enriching edutainment experience for all during the school holiday period but also encouraged visitors to explore waste repurposing and recycling concepts. Participants who successfully navigated the sustainability-themed obstacle course were also treated with enticing, rewards including 100 Tack Points and tote bags sponsored by Alliance Bank.

Recyclable Rescuer Race

Recycling Ranger Challenge

Super Recycle Bowl

Ms Karyn Lim, General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre, said, “Since the first day of our operations 20 years ago, IPC Shopping Centre has always been about living sustainably and giving back to our planet. Beyond incorporating green practices into our daily operations, we aspire to inspire and enable the community around us to embrace their responsibility for the environment. We upgraded our Recycling & Buy-Back Centre (RBBC) in 2022 and introduced our EV charging stations last year to make it easier for our visitors to make eco-friendly choices. When the many people come together to do their parts, the results can be astounding. That is why we are always excited to join hands with partners such as Alliance Bank who share the same passion towards sustainability to drive initiatives such as the Little Eco-Heroes Awards. It is truly inspiring to see so many children and youths coming together to explore ways to make a real difference in sustainability and community well-being. As we wrap up our Little Eco-Heroes Awards, we hope that this would be the beginning of a journey to a greener future.”

Speech by Karyn Lim, General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre

Dr Aaron Sum, Group Chief Strategy, Marketing & Business Development Officer of Alliance Bank added “We recognise that as a bank, our responsibility extends beyond traditional banking services. In line with our renewed brand purpose ‘The Bank for Life’, we aspire to be a bank that truly engages and serves the communities in which we operate. One significant way we demonstrate this commitment is by providing platforms like the Little Eco Heroes Awards, that encourages the young generation to actively participate in contributing to the betterment of the community or leaving a positive impact on our environment. We are proud to be part of this meaningful initiative that enables both children and youth a stage to shine, inspiring them to become ambassadors of change.”

Speech by Dr Aaron Sum, Group Chief Strategy, Marketing & Business Development Officer of Alliance Bank 

The IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards featured 5 award categories, each celebrating a different aspect of young eco-innovation. Beyond the personalized certificates and unique trophies crafted from recycled materials, the winning teams and individuals were granted Tack Points (120,000 valued at RM1,000 for the group category and 30,000 valued at RM500 for the individual category). Additionally, cash rewards were deposited into their Alliance Bank accounts, with RM500 for the group category – one recipient per team, and RM200 for the individual category, adding a tangible recognition to their remarkable achievements.

 Top 10 winners of the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards Primary School Individual & Group Category with Dr Aaron Sum, Group Chief Strategy, Marketing & Business Development Officer of Alliance Bank (left) and Karyn Lim, General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre (right)

Top 10 winners of the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards Secondary School Individual & Group Category with Dr Aaron Sum, Group Chief Strategy, Marketing & Business Development Officer of Alliance Bank (left) and Karyn Lim, General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre (right)

IPC Green Tenants Awards

Beyond its shoppers, IPC Shopping Centre also celebrated tenants who demonstrated effective waste segregation practices within the outlets and sending them to the Recycling & Buy-Back Centre (RBBC) for proper waste disposal through the IPC Green Tenants Awards.

Winners of the IPC Green Tenant Awards 2023
From left to right:
• LC Waikiki;
• Crocs;
• Little World;
• Toys “R” Us;
• Popular & Urban White, winner of the Silver Award;
• Mark Tan, Deputy General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre;
• Karyn Lim, General Manager of IPC Shopping Centre;
• Spotlight, winner of the Gold Award;
• Signature;
• Poney, winner of the Bronze Award;
• Skechers;
• De Rayyan's Café; winner of F&B category
• Happikiddo

During the prize ceremony at the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards, Spotlight bagged the prestigious Gold Award with an outstanding 89% recycling rate, making an impactful contribution of 17,216kgs to the RBBC in 2023. Popular & Urban White as well as Poney achieved an impressive 86% recycling rate, securing the Silver and Bronze Award respectively. Special recognition was extended to F&B tenant, De Rayyan's Café for their outstanding recycling practice with a 78% recycling rate, contributing to 7,597kgs of recyclables, including food waste to RBBC in 2023. These top performing tenants were not only honoured with IPC’s Green Certification of Waste Handling Excellence, they also received a half-month rent rebate on service charges and a cash rewards of RM2,500 which is to be distributed among retail staff.

Other winners of the award who saw more than 75% recycling rates include Sketchers, LC Waikiki, Toys “R” Us, Happikiddo, Little World, Signature, and Crocs. These tenants were presented with IPC’s Green Certification of Waste Handling Excellence during the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards prize ceremony.

Visit ipc.com.my/littleheroes for further details on the IPC Little Eco-Heroes Awards and Green Tenants Award.


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