From Tank to Table Dining Experience of Pork-Free Chinese Cuisine in Oversea Seafood KL (Food Review)

Back in March, I visited the newly opened seafood restaurant in KL called the Oversea Seafood. I did not browse through their social media before heading there and so all I had in my mind is a typical chinese seafood restaurant just like any other.

Oversea Seafood is run by Oversea Group of Restaurants which is famous for their Chinese cuisine and now making their wave into wide selection of seafood offerings and it's pork-free. Having said that, their food is at a level where I expected it to be better than average since Oversea has been around for many decades but that's not the only main highlight here.

Upon entering the premise, I was amazed by its interior. It is confusing to me as I wonder if I'm at the right place or I've entered a sea aquarium or an amusement park. I was greeted by this wooden ship that function as stairs that infested by giant octopus and on top of it, mount a huge display with sea life swimming across it. That ain't so typical isn't it?

As for the seatings, there are rooms for private dinings as well as a banquet hall that caters for individual tables as well.  There is a large screen across the hall with sea life moving around giving me the impression that I am dining under the sea.

Meanwhile, there are different designs for all 28 private rooms but my favourite one is definitely this with a large window to look at the greeneries out there. You won't be seeing anything out there at night though so afternoon or early evening dining will be a better choice.

Aside from that, they also have a room full of wide selections of wine and liquor. They have red, white, rose as well as those fine, rare and unique wine if you're willing to splurge to pair it with their seafood.

Oversea Seafood focused dishes meticulously crafted by master chefs and delivered fresh through innovative conveyor belt technology, ensuring a seamless 'From Tank to Table' seafood experience. You can watch the Instagram reel video at the end of this post to watch how they transfer the seafood right to the kitchen seamlessly.

Double Boiled Village Chicken with Dried Scallop Soup (RM86 per pot)

We started the course with the Double Boiled Village Chicken with Dried Scallop Soup. It's thick, warming and packed with ingredients. A dash of black vinegar brings out the flavour more especially from the scallop.

Steamed Japanese Scallop with Garlic and Vermicelli

This Steamed Japanese Scallop with Garlic and Vermicelli can be a great starter. The scallop is sweet, nice texture, not rubbery at all and the garlic did not overpower the scallop. The vermicelli has a clean taste and easy to slurped down with the scallop.

House Special Giant Freshwater Prawn

The House Special Giant Freshwater Prawn are huge and taste quite well the sweet sauce. The prawn texture is quite similar to lobster and the heads were really juicy too. To some, they might find the sauce to be too sweet for their liking but it's just nice for me.

Steamed French Turbot Fish with Chili and Superior Soy Sauce

I am not quite sure but I think this was my first time eating a French Turbot Fish. It is steamed with chili and superior soy sauce, topped with a good amount of garlic, scallion and chili padi. Perfectly cooked , I don't taste any fishiness from the firm white flesh, it's sweet and sauvory from the soy sauce.

Indonesian Mud Crab with Chili

The Indonesian Mud Crab is one of my favourite dish through out the review. The crabs were cooked nicely, the meat was sweet, fresh and had a good mouthfeel. The Chili sauce was not too spicy, it's enjoyable and not jelak at all. It is served along with mini croissant.

The mud crab is served with mini croissant

These mini croissant taste heavenly with the mud crab gravy. The croissant is flaky and buttery on its own but a spoon of the gravy, it taste came together savoury, seafoody and I can't stop with just one croissant. Definitely overtook the deep fried mantou or white bread that most restaurants are serving.

Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables with Belacan (RM45/medium)

I think out of all the dishes I had, this is the one I consider the most ordinary. Don't get me wrong, it's still a good dish, decent belacan sauce but you won't find this anything special and I think they should chop the cabagge into slightly smaller size perhaps so that it's easier to eat.

Black True Fried Rice with Japanese Scallop (RM52)

I was at about 85% full when they served this Black Truffle Fried Rice with Japanese Scallop. Aside from those on its name, there were chunks of prawn meat and also fish roe. I usually don't eat a lot of rice at the end of the course but not this time. I kept scooping the rice after emptying my bowl. I was delighted with black truffle taste combined with the rice and the other seafood in a single bite. I just can't stop eating. 10 out of 10, I will recommend everyone to order this dish.

Chilled Citron Tea with Snow Fungus and Peach Resin (RM15)

After the heavy meal, this Chilled Citron Tea dessert washes down refreshingly. I like that it's citrusy and the snow fungus can clear the heat. Sweetness is okay although I prefer it to be less sweet but that's just my personal preference.

Overall, I will give a rating of 8 out of 10 stars for the food taste and the interior of the restaurant. I enjoyed all the seafood dishes especially the mud crab with mini croissant and the one that surprised me the most was the fried rice. Will I go back again? Yes, for special family occasion. Price wise I can't comment much at the moment since the food I had is on their trial run menu and all the seafood is based on seasonal price. You may want to contact them directly for the current pricing.

Don't forget to also visit their ocean theme washrooms when you're there. I think this female washroom looks more epic than the male washroom. They also have baby room for parents who needs it.

Address: 436, Jln Tun Razak, Kelab Golf di Raja Selangor,
55000 Kuala Lumpur (Right next to Spark KL)

Tel: +6010 303 2200
Operational Hours: 
Monday – Sunday 11.30am – 3.00pm / 6.00pm – 10.00pm

For more info, you can check out their official website at or their Facebook and Instagram page.