10 Cafes and Coffee Shops That You Must Try in Selangor

 If you're into cafe hopping, here are some of the recommendation that you can visit around Selangor. Whether you are seeking a peaceful spot for some soul-searching or a lively scene to socialise, Selangor’s array of cafes and coffee shops cater to every mood and taste. 

From the bustling streets of Petaling Jaya to the serene landscape of Sekinchan, let us guide you through 10 of the new coffee destinations to try for cafe enthusiasts!


An outdoor cafe surrounded by coconut trees with elements of camping. Ye Ecogarden cafe in Sekinchan is perfect for cafe hunters and lovers who want to experience a different dining setting. With many outdoor seatings and activities to explore, such as an outdoor archery, swings and a small petting zoo, customers will not be bored. 

The environment of the cafe is very serene with many shades provided. Some of their main dishes are local favourites, such as Butterfly Pea Nasi Lemak, Coconut Tom Yum, and Cendol Gula Melaka. When you stop by, do not forget to try their fresh coconut shakes to quench your thirst.

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A small coffeeshop built from a container, surrounded by tranquil nature and the sound of the river, is the perfect way to enjoy a sip of your selected brew. Hab’s Coffee in Taman Keris, Kuala Selangor, uses premium coffee beans and high-quality ingredients made by experienced baristas that will surely make your taste buds happy. 

Some of their specialties are Rose Latte, Black Mango, Mint Mocha and more. Adding to that, the baristas will also write kind quotes on customers’ drinks that will surely make your day better and brighter.

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An aesthetic cafe is on the rise and getting much attention from cafe lovers and coffee enthusiasts. With two new locations opened in Klang and Shah Alam, Hulu Cafe has been getting support from many locals and visitors. Japanese and Western infused dishes with elements of local delights are what make this cafe unique. 

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Moreover, many of their special beverages and desserts are made from matcha with unique twists, such as the signature Matcha Noir Crossaint, Handcrafted Matcha Tiramisu Platter, Hulu Ichiko Matcha Misu drink and other delicious matcha flavours that will surely make you want more.

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A small and quaint coffee shop located in the heart of the town that locals go to for their cup of joe. Take Five Coffee Brewers in Shah Alam is a cozy space perfect for relaxing and catching up with friends and family. Take Five serves good quality coffee and milkshakes, along with fresh bagels such as the famous Steak and Cheese, Smoked Salmon, Bacon Rocket and more. The bagels are crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside - perfect pairing with a cup of coffee.

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A lively and vibrant cafe that serves freshly made pizza, pasta and coffee. Mokky’s Pizza in Bukit Jelutong is quickly rising to the top among the locals and visitors as their go-to cafe, offering one-of-a-kind dishes that customers will not taste anywhere else. 

Their vast and unique selection of western cuisine, such as Smoking Olio Pasta, Buff Wing, Hot One’s Burger, Chick Peach Pizza and Duck-Ah! Pizza, is what drives customers back for more. Serving hot and fresh food in big slices and portions, Mokky’s Pizza rarely leaves any customers unsatisfied.

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Located among the serene nature lies a garden cafe with kampung vibes that serves simple yet local delights that can put a smile on anyone’s face. Kebun Puisi Cafe in Bangi welcomes their customers with many places to sit, They also provide mats to be spread out on the ground for anyone who would like to experience something different. Every angle of the garden cafe are instagram-worthy for customers who would like to take their OOTD pictures. Customers are able to indulge in some of their finest coffee, such as the Kopi Surat Cinta, Kopi Terbahagia, Kopi Hari Minggu, Kopi Santan and Kopi Mantan. A part from that, Kebun Puisi Cafe provides poem recitation sessions for anyone who would like to share their art in writing while sipping some good coffee.

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A cafe that serves local foods with modern twists. Pejam Mata Cafe in Bangi is the perfect cafe for both food-lovers and Instagram enthusiasts; with aesthetic decoration and ambience at every angle of the cafe along with wide selections of dishes and beverages to try like the Smoked Duck Masak Lemak Pasta, Mee Bandung, Sirloin Steak and more. However, they are most famous for their instagrammable and delicious desserts that will surely fit the locals’ tastebuds, such as the Pandan Gula Melaka Cheesecake, Teh Tarik Creme Brulee and Strawberry Trifle. With large portions served, customers will want to come back for more.

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Looking for an outdoor cafe that provides a lot of natural and aesthetic atmosphere during this hot weather? The Botanist in Cyberjaya is surrounded by forest greenery that will make the customers feel calm and stress-free. 

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They serve a large portion of mouth-watering meals that can be shared with companions, such as the Shashouka, BreadDips and famous Bao Burgers, which will leave customers wanting more. A part from that, a wide variety of good quality coffees are served to any caffeine-lovers who would like to try them, such as the Piccolo Latte, Zesty Black, Dirty Chai and more. From the greenery decoration, unique food selections and instagrammable spots at every corner, customers will leave the cafe feeling satisfied.

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A must-stop cafe restaurant with an eye-catching exterior and relaxed interior that will always attract locals, tourists and passersby. Qidot Cafe in Banting has a blend of local flavours and international dishes that serve a delicious, one-of-a-kind taste and has a vast selection of delicious food on the menu for customers to try and taste, such as the Crispy Seabass Fish & Chips, Lamb Fried Rice and more. Other than that, many locals and visitors would come to the cafe for its selections of good quality brew and sweet delights. From iced frappes to creamy yogurt smoothies, customers are lavished with the selection of beverages offered.

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A small and cozy coffeeshop that serves high quality coffee at a reasonable local price range. Hayaso Coffee and Pancake serves good quality caffeinated brew that attracts many locals and visitors in the area. 

Houjicha Latte, Hayaso Iced Coffee, Irish Mocha Shaken, Pecan Praline, and Red Velvet Latte are some of the unique beverages they serve, along with some freshly made baby pancakes and waffles that will definitely create symphonies in your mouth.

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Whether you are a coffee addict looking for a place to try new caffeinated beverages or a social media user looking for a new OOTD spot for your Instagram, Selangor has multiple unique new cafes and coffee shops to try and visit that will give you different experiences. 

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