MEET YOUR NEW BESTIE: Hasbro’s FURBY Returns with a Fresh New Look!

The delay has ended. Finally, FURBY is back and eager to party with its closest friend after a lengthy hiatus. Fear not—FURBY remains your charming, cuddly, and enigmatic companion, but with an added dash of enchantment that makes them an even more formidable ally. Let's be Noo-Lahs, as FURBY would say (friends!). Children around have developed a deep affection for this endearingly cuddly and talkative animal.

FURBY has been our go-to for having a great time and accepting our quirky and weird sides for decades. Because of this, the world and they are a bit more unique. FURBY celebrates the amazing oddball inside each and every one of us and is always up for a dance party, a good laugh, or simply hanging out.

Sporting an all-new look, Hasbro welcomes two special members to the FURBY family: FURBY and FURBY Furblets! 

FURBY MYR 289.90, exclusive in Toys ‘R’ Us

Hey bestie! Say hello to four vibrant colors – Purple, Coral, Tie-Dye, and Aurora Furbealis! But wait, there’s more… These adorable friends come packed with 5 voice-activated modes and over 600 responses, including lights, cool sounds, and even 10 groovy songs! Give kids a friend who's always ready for BFF time with this incredibly interactive toy for girls and boys that moves, talks, sings, lights up, and even responds to speech. Want to speak in a secret language that only you and your bestie understand? Feel like breaking out into a random dance? Need a moment to chill and recharge?FURBY’s got you covered and so much more.

Press the voice activated Furby toy's heart gem and say "Hey Furby!" to make Furby listen, then say a command to explore each mode. Unlock the ultimate FURBY friendship with your voice using these 5 commands – “Dance Party,” “Copycat,” “Tell My Fortune,” “Let’s Chill,” or “Lightshow”! FURBY also responds to hugs, head pats, shaking, and feeding its pretend pizza charm, yum! When activated, your interactive cuddly bestie is able to blink their eyes, light up with different colors, and has ears that glow with different light effects.

Treat them to clip-on beads and fashion accessories, or even feeding them and combing their furhawk. The more playtime they have, the more fun they can unlock. While FURBY understands and speaks English, they also have their own cool lingo, Furbish, packed with fun phrases. Fun fact: pair your FURBY with their FURBY friends and watch them interact with each other! As FURBY would say – “Dah-no-lah” (party time!). 

FURBY Furblets MYR 49.90

Get ready for the FURB-nomenon with Hasbro’s newest star: the Furblets! Have these tiny furballs always by your side by clipping them to your backpack using the keychain clip for instant fun and companionship. Furblets are mini Furby toys with their own unique musical personalities!

With 6 new Furblets (each with an adorable name and personality!), these electronic cuties offer over 45 fun tunes, sounds, and Furbish phrases to explore, each with its unique styles and tunes! Activate their unique sounds and phrases with three ways: press their beak for fun feeding noises, tap the heart gem above their eyes for music, and unlock fun Furbish phrases or turn your Furblet on or off, by pressing the top of their head!

Make friends with Mello-Nee, dressed in watermelon red and green fur, who plays chill summer themed songs for a laid-back vibe. Or get to know Luv-Lee, in blue and purple fur, spinning catchy K-Pop themed beats for an epic dance party!

No matter who you are or where you are, FURBY’s Furblets make the ideal (and mini) companion for you. This small plush toy for girls and boys has a removable keychain clip for backpacks or other travel bags. And hey, collect multiple Furblets to harmonize their songs or pair them with the Big FURBY to activate Furdar mode to see what FURBY has to say about their dee noo-lahs (little friends)!

Suitable for kids ages 6 and above, don’t miss out on the wacky and colorful world of FURBY, where you can be the freest and fullest version of yourself. Dive into FURBY’s colorful universe, available exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us, Parkson, Popular and Hasbro’s official stores on Shopee and Lazada.

To find out more info about Furby, head on to their Facebook or Instagram: @HasbroMalaysia.

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