My Trip to Kundasang, Sabah

My friend and I went for a 24hours trip to visit some of the tourist point around Kundasang area and Ranau as well. I still remember it was raining pretty heavy that day but miraculously we managed to reach Kundasang safely and the rain stopped. Well here are some snap shots I made through out the visit. So I hope you guys can be patient as the pictures will take a little time to load. Enjoy!

Our first tourist point of the day, Kundasang War Memorial for those British-Australians army that had sacrificed their lifes during the World War 2 against the forces of the Japanese army.

Some newspaper cut out and items from the war history and you can actually see the Astro decoder among the displayed things.... aiyo they already have Astro that at time ar? LoL

The black and white effect of the cracked photo frame makes the picture capture a thousand meanings behind its age and looks more nostalgic.

I think this is a store room to keep their gardening equipments, but the way they camouflage it is so cool!

The sky was too cloudy and we can only see the tip of the mountain.

This yellow flowers look like chrysanthemum to me.
Below are some of the Mount Kinabalu pictures that I took. Focusing was a bit out and the white balance was not appropriate. The mountain looked bluish at the 1st picture. Sorry bout that -_-"

We Sabahan are so proud of our mountains. Do you know why? Let me tell you why!

Because it is taller than me and it is the tallest mountain in the whole South East Asia :)

.....and the moutains are so wide that from the end of my finger to another end couldn't measure the wideness of the mountains :p

Picture was taken early in the morning in Kinabalu Pine Resort, we missed the sunrise. Will try my best to wake up earlier next time~
Now it's time for the flowers to perform!

Comment and critics are most welcome!

My favourite shot for this blog post :)

After the boring Kinabalu Park and Sabah Tea Garden, we went for a fish massage and I was in shock because the fishes were humoungously BIG!
I thought the fishes were just as big as I saw those in the fish massage at those shopping malls.


EH? They have icy cool Rock Pool as well! It was pretty refreshing after a soak in the hot tub.
Well, thumbs up for the adventure!
Will love to go again next time! :D



  1. I like the yellow flower pic! The one that looks like it's standing up. Dang nice!

  2. Nice tour around the place. It is beautiful

  3. waaahhh... you really hav fun in photography la.. hehe... nice snaps....

  4. wah.. I can get famous thru your blog ah... lol.... The flowers looked so pretty. Loved the one with rose.

  5. aiyooooo don't seduce meeeeeeee...... climbing the mount KK is 1 of my dreamsssssssssss............ wah so nice the mountain......

  6. wow... cool,nice,beautiful pictures everywhere!!! your talent is really overwhelming! nvr had that much fun looking at photography!

  7. @mabel: yeah, it looks so fresh to me!

    @borneo falcon: you must go and try it urself as well, as mentioned on ur nick the 'borneo falcon'...haha!

    @cham: yupz thanks!

    @eve: u r so famous now and how would u like to thank me? 3days 2nites in korea? hahaa...yeah the rose is everyone's favourite :D

    @ashleyteng: go for it! dont wait until it gets too expensive to climb!

    @tricia: thanks for ur encouragement sis, my aim is to tell stories behind every snap of my pictures :)

  8. thank you ... sure... is a must.. after I collect royalty for my legs and finger at your favourite shot... lol

  9. @eve: so the trip is on lar? let me look at my schedule 1st then i'll let u know when to book the ticket for me... return one ok? not one way! lol~


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