Random Monday + Hong Peng's Samsung Beat DJ Review

Up for a random Monday.....
Here are some pictures we took during the Singapore River Fest 2009.

Mike: A new friend that I knew who is a dancer cum photographer... so cool!

It was a very interactive outing that night. The one that the baldy guy pointing (hehe~ sorry Kaizhi) , his name is Hong Peng.
Recently, he has posted up an interesting review about this new product from Samsung.

Okay thi is the latest product named as the Samsung Beat DJ. It doesn't look retarded at all and it is pretty solid looking although it does look like a shape of an egg. LoL~ Anyway it's a good music phone with a built in 3.2mgpxl crystal clear camera. What I like the most about this phone is the stereo sharp speaker,indeed it really has a very high quality of sound, even way better than my laptop speaker. It can also play HD videos very well with a built in software to make it happen. What I don't really fancy about this phone is the not-so-stylo menu display and the screen lag whenever you scroll from a picture to another picture. Of course it can't be compareable to Samsung Omnia or IPhone 3G. Anyway, its a very hip and affordable phone to buy especially for the youngsters. Retail priced at around $500-550. You can read about the rest of the reviews from Hong Peng, click here.

P/S: Credit to Sharon for helping me to create a simple water marks for my photos! Thank you very muchie!!! :D



  1. did you learn any dance moves? Show ya the next trip back!

  2. wah...doesnt look like a phone leh....but is cool design ler

  3. @eve: i go there not to learn how to dance lar... silly :p

    @via: yalor... but it looks like an old motorolla phone fogot the model... :p

    @elf: mana mana? tak nampak pun? lol

  4. Only 3.2 mega pixel?
    My phone's 8.1 man! HAHAAAAAA.

  5. @senghoo: bro, standard lar.. iphone oso 3megapixel oso now :p

  6. wow!!nice phone leh~~
    i wan i wan i wan!!
    it's suite gal leh~~~


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