Our youngest Timeline Studio's crew birthday celebration! :D

***Unrelated: It's been a really tiring weekend and so many things happened. It was a fun outing to Putrajaya to see the hot air balloon and congratulation to Nicol David (MAS) for winning the CIMB KL Open Squash Competition on Saturday. I saw the match live in Berjaya Times Square. My 1st time experience watching Nicol David play in person and not watching it from television! :D

Last Thursday, my partner's family and a few friends celebrated our youngest Timeline Studio's crew birthday celebration! :D Happy sweet 17th to him! We know this year he won't enjoy much as this is his final secondary school year which means SPM year for him! Gambate bro!

We had a simple celebration at home.
We ordered Domino's Pizza.

Sorry we were too hungry that I didn't remember to snap the pizzas. Anyway we ordered 2 large and 2 regular pizzas plus a set of chicken wings. Total damage: RM100 only

I didn't get to post this on my previous post about Domino's Pizza.
I like the Chilli Flakes!

The birthday cake. Can you guess what flavor is it?

My partner, lights up the candle for his brother...

All the candle was lite up and ready to be blow!

Birthday boy is trying to blow off the candle... attempt no.99... LOL

Finally, face full of satisfaction cutting the cake!

For those who got flying colours in their recent SPM results, congratulation... for those who failed, world is not ending yet because you have the power whether to making it happen or to stop it from happening!

Seriously, I miss my secondary school years by the way, so many great memories especially the struggling process and friendship as well.

"Life is just like a piece of cake. It looks nice and delicious from its appearance but one shall not had too much of it or he/she will be bored of it. That is why birthdays are meant to be celebrate every year to appreciate the existence of our love ones in our life."

That's all for now, I had a tiring weekend.
Hope everyone had a fruitful one.