The Launching of Samsung 3D LED TV

***Unrelated: I just came back from Sg. Siput yesterday. Feeling really tired and a lot of things happened... bad things... I hope it will be better soon! Have a nice day guys! :D

The 1st ever in the world...
a classic tag line but yet  still has a very big influence for the media.

Enter a new dimension in TV and Home Entertainment with Samsung 3D TV. Experience cinematic-quality 3D entertainment in the comfort of your living room. Samsung 3D* is a truly immersive viewing experience, with the power to fill your room with images you can almost touch.

The launch took place in KL Convention Center last week.
Bloggers and the press media are invited for the this very special event.

 The bloggers and media registration.

The launch hall. I like the Purple theme :)

 The beautiful emcee for the day...

 Samsung Managing Director,  Mr. Yu Jai Sul trying on the Samsung's sleek Active Glasses

 The Samsung Marketing Director has given a speech about the grown of LED TV demand especially for Samsung last year and the year before.

The very wide range that offered by Samsung for the new 3D technology, from TV to Blueray Disc Player.

The 3D Gaming experience with the Samsung 3D LED TV & Active 3D Glasses no matter if it's XBOX or PS3.

 Our eyes are spaced apart from each other, which means our left and right retinas see objects at slightly different angles. In real life, the brain merges these two images into a single three-dimensional image. To recreate this experience of depth on television, a 3D TV will display two separate but overlapping images of the same scene simultaneously, and at slightly different angles as well. One image is intended for the left eye, the other for the right. A pair of Active Glasses helps viewers perceive the two 2D images as one 3D image.

 The very 1st time meeting Ching Yih. He is a very fun person and big MU fan! HAHA!
He said that the 3D effects was not really obvious until he watched Alien VS Monster.
I myself was amazed with the quality of the Samsung 3D LED TV!

 Q&A session
The Samsung 3D LED TV was featured on the page of The Star.

 3 lucky winners won Samsung Corby PRO!

Buffet lunch treat by Samsun. (Sorry for the blur image)

 My lunch of the day! Yummy! :D

 I think the technology of the Samsung 3D LED TV is a very good innovative for the media industry but still I think it may be a competitive market soon when other Brand company rise up for the same technology as well. Then it might be a good time to get one! :)