Mad Hatter @ Zouk

***Unrelated: Thanks to Shazfx for the invite to witness the launch of the 1st ever in the world Samsung 3D LED TV. I like the 3D effects a lot especially when I'm watching Alien VS Monster! Anyway, I might be away this weekend as I'm planning to go to Ipoh with my dad.

Last Friday, I was invited by Krazygal to Mad Hatter's party at Zouk since she got an extra invitation. I was allowed to bring one person so I decided to bring my cousin!

We were a bit late to the tea party so I didn't get to feel what's happening during the tea party, but I do know there was a very big crowd during the free flow of drinks and I didn't even have a chance to grab one. Still, the fun was not over yet. There's a lot of things happening such as the magic show, free flow of gelato and lucky draws...

The decorations outside the main entrance of Zouk.  
Till now I have not watch Alice in the Wonderland the movie.

Free flow of gelato! I had two of these! :D
Facts: Gelato is a type of ice-cream origin from Italy. It is not hard when it's frozen and it takes longer time to melt.

This is the person who have invited me to the Mad Hatter's party, Krazygal... also know as the Red Queen Wannabe... LOL

We felt bored, so we snap a more photos around before joining her friend's group.
Kawaii-neh? LOL

Krazygal with my cousin, Ah Mun... still single and available! 
Contact me if interested! ;D

The biggest hat around, how big is it?
See the picture below.

Ever seen a car wearing a hat? LOL
Thanks Krazygal for the modeling attempt! :P

Then I saw this fella... Mad Hatter? U gotta be kidding me... haha~

This is the drink that my cousin and I ordered, 2 glass cost RM100! It's super big! The 1st moment you tasted it, it's like ordinary ice lemon tea but the more you drink, the more you will feel the 'highness' of it! I barely finished it but lucky I was very thirsty after the dance session... :)

The dance scene in Zouk.
Can you see as if the blue light ray was cutting through the guy's head? LOL

Thanks again to Krazygal for inviting me. The only clubbing moments for the month of March.

 I like the expressions made by everyone of them!

...and I get to meet some new friends in the club, till then